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Should President Trump subject himself to sit for an interview with Special Prosecutor Mueller?

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Brian B

I feel inclined to agree with President Trump that Mueller is on a witch hunt to undermine his Presidency. Mueller has already extended his investigation far beyond the original mandate. He should have concluded his investigation months ago and presented his findings to congress.
At present, Mueller’s investigation has all the markings of entrapment. There has clearly been no collusion between Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and the Russians.
Mueller’s “investigation” now seems to be nothing more than an effort by the Liberal Left to continuously cast doubt on the President and his team by feeding a hostile MSM suggestions of misconduct in the Trump Presidency. It’s time to quit wasting taxpayer’s money on this ill-conceived witch hunt.

The Freezing Senior

The only thing POTUS should tell Mueller is … YOU’RE FIRED ! ?


The ONLY purpose of the Mueller investigation is to find a way (perjury trap is how Mueller intends to do it) to impeach President Trump and get him out of office ASAP. Remember, impeachment is not a criminal charge. It is a political means to remove an elected official from office. So all Mueller has to do is get Trump under oath, than ask him a bunch of questions and then claim he lied under oath. The Dems are counting on winning the House in the 2018 mid-terms, which means Pelosi would then immediately start impeachment proceedings based on the Mueller claim that Trump lied under oath. That will be the sole focus the House should the Dems win back control in 2018. Which is why everyone has to get out and vote in November to keep the House under Republican control. Impeachment of President Trump has been the sole… Read more »


I hope President Trump doesn’t fall into the trap set by the media and his other opponents, whose only purpose is to catch him in a “gotcha” moment.

William J McConnell Sr

No I would waste nor give mueller the time of day. He is a first rate idiot and should be in jail for wasting taxpayers money on this phony crap. Wm


Actually, Muller should have ended his “investigation” as soon as they realized it was based on fraudulent, fabricated evidence.

Then he should have opened up investigations on all of the people who really did collude with the Russians to effect the outcome of an election, and the people who fabricated evidence to the judges.

My take on this is that even the hacking that did occur (to the DNC) was arranged by the Dems. I hope everyone will give that some thought – with your investigative thinking hats on. This whole production was put on by the Hildabeast.


This investigation is a farce. Muller and his crooks are no longer looking for Russian interference (if they ever were) It is well past time to end this waste of money.

Bruce LaRocca

President Trump should give Mueller a deadline of August 31st to end the investigation and lay his cards on the table. This “investigation” has cost American tax payers dearly. Enough is enough!


This so called investigation they are doing is going off the rails.They have nothing except what they fabricated in the beginning to get warrants falsely.These so called prosecutors should be investigated and removed from office and their law licenses removed also along with the Judge who approved the false warrants.
If Trump talks to the prosecuter they will take his every word and their connotation and twist it beyond recognition.

Charles Bowers

Trump colluding with the Russians is FICTION. This conspiracy these airhead Democrats have nursed shows they have nothing to offer but stupidly.

Dan W.

The President should take his attorneys’ advice and not testify and Mueller should wrap up his investigation and issue a final report as soon as possible.

Chris Nicholas

Mr Trump is entitled to all the protections given to every citizen under the Constitution. And as a Constitutional Office Holder, he is entitled to the protections given the President under Article 2 of the Constitution. Mr Trump is being tried in the media and they are, as they always have and will be, biased in their positions. He’s the poster boy for all the progressive liberals say is wrong with America and that is why he is attacked. He’s strong and he has the backing of a thoughtful people and nation. I don’t always agree with his media messaging, but I understand it. He uses Tweets to show the nation how unhinged the liberal press is and the lengths they will go to undermine conservative principles and initiatives. If Establishment Republicans like McConnell and Ryan would trust Trump political instincts more than they trust lobbyists and pollsters, we could… Read more »

D in Connecticut

Remember Liberals have a mental disorder and have become unhinged because Very Crooked Comrade Hilary lost! Lock Her up!!!

Marie Oser

I would like to think that there are enough people in this Country who would agree to stand behind our President if he had mueller fired and then sued for wasting all that time and taxpayer money on his phoney charges. Is there no end to this stupid, disastrous, unbelievable charade?


I think Muller is trying to set a trap for the President. Please, Mr. President, stay away. Don’t even do written questions/answers.


Trump needs to stay focused on his current path and Make America Great Again. Trump needs to ignore the media and dumocrats and stop responding to their every lie. They are self destructing and Trump can do little to accelerate or slow their self destruction.

Chuck Collier

Absolutely not! There is no pleasing the liberal left.

ronald smith

how ever it goes thee media will have a field day of warping the truth. I so disgusted with the media and it seems they are responsible to slander all. Maybe we should go after them and clean this up to. Media should be unbias!


End this witch hunt Herman Munster! Enough already of wasting tax payer money!! We elected him not the Russians. Seriously, what a bunch of gools.


Obama was never been hunted like President Trump is by Medias. I believe President Trump Lawyers should charged & take actions against all people in Medias & other Organizations who are diminishing publicly His authority as our President