Does the media’s coverage of President Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels change your opinion of him?

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Brian B
2 years ago

I’m still looking for the perfect president. I don’t expect to ever find one. But I don’t remember ever being as impressed with the accomplishments of any president more than I am with President Trump. Ronald Reagan was the first President I ever respected. Donald Trump is the second. Whatever mistakes he has made in the past are minimal compared to the intentional nefarious conspiracies of the previous administration. The allegations against President Trump are just part of a myriad of distractions that the mainstream media invents to avoid telling the truth. The President isn’t perfect, but he’s the best… Read more »

David Knowles
2 years ago

Just think of the results if the MSM put this much effort into the investigation of Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, Bill’s trips to Lolita Island, the murder of Seth Rich, etc,etc,etc (one could go on for days).

2 years ago

Why doesn’t the media also add in Lyndon Baines Johnson’s affairs and racial slurs during his Presidency. Additionally, how about John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe or Billy Jeff Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? The Media seems to be very selective what they report and only for their political purpose.

Darrell Howard
2 years ago

I wish the President would have used better judgment. That being said, I am tired of hearing about it. If it is true, than it was done prior to him becoming president. At this point, it should be between him and his family. Even though he was not my first choice I have been impressed at what he has accomplished as president. Just imagine what could have been done if he would have had the full backing of the Republicans and even a partial backing from the defeatist left.

Jim S
2 years ago

Considering the President has lowered unemployment, lowered taxes, cut regulations, improved border security,is going after MS13, is bringing manufacturing back home, is making progress with North Korea, is seeking fair trade deals, got NATO members to pony up more dollars, doesn’t tolerate the use of chemical weapons and kicked ISIS in the butt, I don’t care if he had a one nighter with a porn star/extortionist 12 yrs. ago.

2 years ago

Whoever is without sin, cast the first stone.

2 years ago

I would rather have an effective President who lacks a moral compass in his personal life than a weak, feckless President who would befriend our enemies and offend our allies. Trump needs more time and more Republicans in Congress to fix 8 years of destructive policies from the minds of academia. You MUST vote in November to build a stronger majority in the Senate and maintain the majority in the House. Losing either will render the Republican agenda DOA for the next two years. 8 years of Republican leadership is required to avoid continuing on a path to Socialism.

Walter Wegloski
2 years ago

Who has not made poor choices in there life? He was not President when this occurred. I would be more concerned if this were happening now.

Richard Zuber
2 years ago

if fooling around is a legal crime most of the senate and congressional sessions would be held from Leavenworth. I don’t like that moral part of the “fooling” around but if that is a crime all political officials need to be investigated and prosecuted

Michael Duarte
2 years ago

The media has lost all credibility with me. There used to be a time when journalism was a noble profession as the watchdog of government but most of the media has devolved into partisan political hacks playing gotcha with anyone they dislike and treat others with kid gloves.

2 years ago

At least this President isn’t a traitor to the country like the previous administration was.

2 years ago

This is the same Media that
Lionized Senator Ted Kennedy. AKA the Cap Cod Orca.

Linda Rizzo
2 years ago

Who cares who the man may or may not have had sex with. He wasn’t in office then he wasn’t in office he wasn’t president he wasn’t even thinking about being president so it really doesn’t make any difference if it did we should be going after the Kennedys and the clintons and who knows who else was having Affairs while in the White House Trump did nothing he did nothing illegal he did nothing wrong he’s just being persecuted because he’s president and the left hates him

Ray Robinson
2 years ago

I voted for him for president, not pastor. If the personal lives of his detractors were scrutenized they would probably come off much worse. And I might note, if the allegations are true his indiscression was before he held public office and with a bueatiful woman. Bill Clinton missed the mark of both counts but got a pass from the left wing liars.

Doug Lantz
2 years ago

Old, non-story – I wished the national media would cover important events that affect most working and retired US Citizens !

I can see tabloid journalism at the checkout line !

Mary L
2 years ago

If the situation was reversed, and it was a democrat, the media would do everything it could to either cover it up, under report it. They are cruel and malicious in selectively trying to undermine a person, and i have never seen such dispect for our preaident, whether you agree with him or not. Lets look at the the real crooks, the Clintons and their “lily white lives.” The media in general has reverted back to yellow journalism.

Charles McPherson
2 years ago

He might not be very moral but that had nothing to do with why I voted for him. Doing one of the best jobs ever.

John D
2 years ago

The president should be held to higher standards ! You know like the ones set by The low life Bill Clinton or even that the highly esteemed JFK with his escapades with miss Monroe.
At least George Washington was up front with the quote ” Washington Slept Here ”
The media should be rounded up and taken to a land fill
I’m sure I’m miss quoting the bible verse – whoever is without sin cast the first stone

Ed Wilson
2 years ago

Why doesn’t the press ever mention Clinton’s perverted sexual adventures while he was PresidenT? I’ll tell youwhy, BIAS,Plain and simple.

Jean R.
2 years ago

I have never prayed as much for a president and his family, as I have for President Trump. I agree that we will never find a perfect leader. I love my President.

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