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President Trump is proposing changes to Medicare Part D that include more choice of plans, free generic drugs for low income people, lower out-of-pocket expenses and improved protections for patients entering the catastrophic phase of the benefit. What do you think of his proposal?

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Brian B

The pharmaceutical lobbies have a chokehold on government sponsored Healthcare. They favor Socialized Medicine, and they routinely support the Socialist Governments that keep them in business. Drug companies overwhelmingly supported the implementation of Obamacare. They reward doctors who prescribe their medicines, and have corrupted the entire Healthcare Industry. Obama obediently looked the other way as the opioid epidemic destroyed tens of thousands of lives.
If President Trump has found a way to break the chokehold of the pharmaceutical companies and make Government Healthcare more economically sustainable, he is truly David standing against Goliath. The Swamp needs draining. And Big-Pharma is one of the sponsors of the Deep State that likes the status quo.


I wish that people on SS did not have to pay taxes on the SS income due to the fact that taxes have already been paid, I believe they call that double taxation.

Linda M

The best avenue for dealing with high prescription costs is through the pharmaceutical companies as they are rich, aggressive and greedy. Having worked as a sales rep in the industry and being a health care professional, I have knowledge of their strategies. I support President Trump in looking at avenues to make solid changes, but big pharma is a problem.


In general, President Trump is trying to keep his campaign promises as best as he can given the fact that most of Congress, both Democrats and RINO’s, are dedicated to preserving the status quo. So he is trying to come up with viable options that he can carry out via executive orders and changes to existing regulatory mechanisms. When we get more details about the overall plan over the next few days to a week, we will be better able to make an assessment of the plan. Until then, this survey is premature.

Have a great weekend and celebrate Mother’s Day.

Elizabeth L. Sears

As a blessed individual, age 87, I use my Medicare benefit rarely – however, I have witnessed what has happened to many of my friends. With everything our President has done so far I would trust him with his proposal. God Bless our President

Laurie M

Dear President Trump,
My situation is: I HAVE to pay $20.40 a month premium a month (lowest one available) with $405 deductible for a prescription I can purchase cheaper myself.
Government SHOULD NOT FORCE anyone to purchase anything PERIOD.

American Believer

Not the question that needs to be addressed! Washington Bureaucrats already accept enough lobbying money from the big drug companies to allow all of us to enjoy lower drug costs. The real problem is massive government involvement within the drug industry, both here and abroad. Stiffen our patent law, eliminate lobbyists and don’t allow the government to profit from the industry.


How about “What non-socialist options could we try?”

Stephen Pettise

He sure is listening to the people


I am encouraged by the President’s ideas., though he needs to go further in his efforts. Because of big Pharma, Americans have the mind-set that drugs are the only solution to healthcare. I would like to see plans in place that while offering options to purchase drugs if that is your mindset, to also offer options where supplements and other healthy alternatives can be purchased. Physicians are trained in only drug therapy which manages symptoms. To have true healthcare we’ need to go a more holistic approach which people would follow if given that option. To me, I think it is criminal that a senior has to choose between eating or purchasing drugs or having to pay for a drug plan when you would rather purchase supplements or going to a holistic practioner . If we can somehow bring these options together than we might have true healthcare reform.

Beth Ann Hooper

This is the most hard at work for the people, President, I have evet seen since President Reagan. May God bless him and his family, all people of power who are doing right by the people of these beautiful United States of America.

Carol fazio

The cost of medications as we age is costly and pharmaceutical companies need to be controlled

Irving Tiffany

Currently, Medicare is prohibited from negotiating drug prices, which is a huge gift from Congress to their drug company contributors. The VA is now allowed to negotiate drug prices. Give Medicare the authority to negotiate drug prices!

Dan W.

If you are on Medicare, you have seen how much a doctor bill is reduced by Medicare before your 20% share of the reduced amount is calculated.

Now, imagine how much of your prescription drug charges could be reduced if Medicare was allowed to negotiate drug prices with the big drug manufacturers. Change the law that prohibits Medicare from negotiating drug prices with the big drug manufacturers and watch the savings roll in for all Medicare participants.


What I would like to know is why when you get on Medicare, they can deny meds you’ve been taking for years? I’ve been forced to pay out of pocket for meds Medicare will not pay for.


the pharmaceuticals and the administrative medical control this problem ! until we get universal cost on them it will never be solved . my blood pressure meds cost at one drug store 185.35 ,the other store in town 118.47 with my old insurance i paid 65.00 the new insurance 15.00 .the hospital charged me 5300.00 for hernia surgery with out insurance 8 months later with insurance the same procedure cost 800.00 in investigating i could get my medicine in next town with out insurance for 5.00 and surgery would have been 1165.00 until we can get every one on same page with charges nothing will change

Bud Russell

Of course more choices and lowering costs is good. But, I have been a licensed life and health agent for 42 years. Until drug costs are under some type of control in the USA the problem will continue. An example ; 4 ML of Jublia, a new treatment for nail fungus where patients apply to nail surface themselves, as opposed to the old way of surgery, is very effective. It costs over 500.00 ( with discount) for 4 MLs. That is about a months supply and treatment course is around one year. I can send my prescription to Canada and get 12 MLs shipped to my home from a distributor in the US ( to make it legal) for less than 200.00, a 3 month supply. Same brand name by same manufacturer. It would cost 1500.00 for the same thing here with a discount! And, they are still making a… Read more »

Georgia Maklakiewicz

Just what is proposed is better than what is currently on the books.


A great choice of plans should include Holistic health remedies that actually help the body heal not the garbage sold by Big pharm that has more dangerous side effects and adds to the cost of their toxic poison. Corruption controls the so called Health industry. with big payoffs by Big Parma racketeers to the Doctors and politicians. Health Care is an illusion.

Avery Brinkley Jr.

I am a 66 yr old MD recently retired and on MCR, supplement F and Part D. Big pharma and hospital charge masters are THE problems which Congress will not address due to lobbyists—I doubt Trump alone can change any of this in spite of his word appeal to the electorate. However, If VA can negotiate rock bottom pricing with big pharma, why can’t MCR do the same?! Insurance companies do have allowables which vary widely but plans are numerous and vary widely creating chaos in the minds of those trying to choose. It should be simpler, and in no situation should Americans have to pay more than those in other nations (big pharma loves to use that R&D excuse). It is shameful that Congress and/or federal agencies will not address problems facing a majority of seniors when the private sector fails them. Mark that up to lobbyists which Trump… Read more »