Pollsters, pundits, and so-called “experts” could not have been more wrong on the election outcome. Which explains that best in your view? Please choose two.

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Tall Texan
1 year ago

I do not respond to polls. I have no idea who may be at the other end of the phone line. When they ask if I’m going to vote or who for it’s basically none if their business. With all the scamming going on right now anyone in their right mind will not respond to a poll.

Single herblady
1 year ago

I don’t believe Biden/Harris won, I’d said weeks before election, Trump/Pence would win at landslide numbers. Trump did win, the issue now on 11/22/20 is the Courts with liberal Judges refusing to see the facts of the Election Fraud literally making a ruling on self beliefs and no semblance to the states constitutions and election laws.

Charles Rezner, Ph.D.
1 year ago

I had thought for Years that Trump would win with a landslide because of all his accomplishments. The thing not taken into consideration besides Democrat cheating was Never Trumpers and Deep State. Unfortunately some people care more about his flamboyance, winning style, and pre-election image than what he has actually done for America and the world.

1 year ago

I am so disgusted with the media in this country. I am sick of the Dems for thinking that the coasts should decide the president and their lack of morality. Anyone that can vote to kill babies is disgusting. These people are totally disgusting. I would never vote for another Democrat!

Saundra Perkins
1 year ago

Being a believer in our great Heavenly Father, and fully aware of the temporary power of our enemy, Satan, it is easy to see his influence on the Democrats, who will quickly turn our great country into a socialist nation if given the chance. Pray harder than ever that our good President Trump will be reelected. If that doesn’t happen, we had better pray that Jesus Christ returns soon, because life in the good USA will never be the same again.

1 year ago

My heartfelt feelings go out to President Trump. History will show that he was the best president we ever had. Biden is a demented, corrupt, lying, plagiarizing hasbeen who has nothing substantial to show for his 47 years in politics. He and his son Hunter should have gone to jail a long time ago. Trump is the first president who disrupted the swamp of comfortable lying politicians in Washington. D.C. and they don’t like it! He exposed the corruption that the swamp has been covering up from Americans for decades. I feel strongly that no matter what the election results prove, they will not be true. We Republicans have trouble trying to compete with the likes of multi billionaires like Soros, Bloomberg and Styers who have been feeding millions of dollars to Biden and the Dem party. We should all pray for a miracle for President Trump.

Thaddeus Speed
1 year ago

It takes time to develop a criminal case – time the Democrats know the Republicans will be short on between election day and the call for concession and of course, the innaugoration of a president for the 2021-2024 term. By promoting false polls, the Democrats hopped to lessen Republican turnout. But they also hopped to conceal Democrat vote padding via multiple means – after all, a lot of Democrat votes were predicted in the polls right?

Bruce Kemmet
1 year ago

I recommend AMAC use Parler as their primary social media.

1 year ago

Polls are just a part of the narrative they were crafting to make the fraudulent result seem plausible.

1 year ago

I voted in person but was only required to have my voter ID number. I was taken back that they didn’t require seeing my ID or my voter card. Fortunately I live in a state that voted republican all the way.

Deploreable Sam
1 year ago

Not to change the subject here but, and go ahead and call this my conspiracy theory:
First, Fauci, head of CDC or whatever agency it is and also being a demo shill
Second, what was that story about Fauci and the CDC trying to develop a virus like this, then being shutdown by Homeland, only to export the research to China on the taxpayers’ dime?
Finally, and this is the kicker, I have not heard of anyone running the numbers on how much money the SSA has quit having to pay out in Social Security benefits to all the victims.
As a side thought, how many of those victims voted democrat this election cycle?
Y’all think about it and have a nice day.

Deploreable Sam
1 year ago

Anyone want to bet the demo inspired kungflu will MAGICALLY disappear by mid February should biden succeed in stealing the election?

Jeffry Fanok
1 year ago

I always ask what the reason for taking political polls are. Answer, A. to try and sway the election by both discouraging people not to vote because their candidate is so far behind, and B. to tell the politicians what lies they have to tell to get your vote. I say all poll taking before an election should be outlawed.

Alicia Eckert
1 year ago

Lies lies lies! Tired of being treated like we are ignorant, uniformed USA citizens.

Deploreable Sam
1 year ago
Reply to  Alicia Eckert

Ms Eckert, I fear, thanks to the demo media, WE THE PEOPLE are misinformed, some would say lied to.
All the more reason WE THE PEOPLE need and want PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Thomas Hesselink
1 year ago

The extensive election fraud schemes planned by Democrats
needed a deceptive showing of popular support,
hence the fake polls favoring Biden-Harris.

Tom Schafer
1 year ago

A respected radio host suggested that some who vote will just vote for whomever they think will be the winner so they can brag about it. Pollsters can sway their vote.

Timothy Buchanan
1 year ago

Polls were originally designed to measure public opinion, but USA Today and other fake news outlets increasingly use them to create, manage, and manipulate public opinion. This tactic is especially effective because of humans’ desire to “fit-in.” Only those who have strong personal integrity are able to resist the pressure of the herd-mentality, and Americans are becoming disturbingly subject to the lucid efforts to deceive them.

James Pittman
1 year ago

We were able to tell from the start it was going to be a crooked election

Patricia Fox
1 year ago

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and I feel completely robbed of that right. Now facebook is posting their views on every election challenging post, talk about censorship.

Richard R
1 year ago

I believe Donald Trump won the 2020 Presidential election and in time that will become clear.

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