Prompted by their spokesperson, Colin Kaepernick, Nike chose not to release their new Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July shoes because they featured the Betsy Ross flag. In response, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey cancelled all tax and financial incentives for Nike’s proposed manufacturing plant there. Do you agree with Governor Ducey’s actions?

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Tom Fowler
2 years ago

It’s none of his (Ducey) business. I grow weary of our leaders trying to determine winners and losers in the business world. If hew really wants to hurt Nike, ban all Nike products from the state.

2 years ago

As a conservative, I don’t believe it is intellectually consistent for a governor, et al, to use their office to influence a private company’s political speech/decisions. I for one will refrain from buying any more Nike’s. But with that said, neither I nor the governor should be able to dictate another’s choice on the matter. If the subsidies were good for Arizona before, they are now. Pious grandstanding by an elected official never put anyone to work or increased GDP.

2 years ago

I agree with the Governors decision. You can be Anti-American if you like. But your efforts to destroy this country should not be supported by taxpayer’s dollars.

2 years ago

The only good thing about nike is their motto…just do it. Now we see they’re no different than all the other weak organizations who have bowed to the weak will of
idiots like” colon”. He’s just mad because he turned out to be a mediocre qb and no one wants him. I have and never will wear anything promoting any company and
nike products never have or will enter my realm. Too bad…those shoes would have been beautiful? Maybe nike should leave the country they don’t love.

Judy Rafanelli
2 years ago

I applaud the Governor. We ALL must take a stand against the blackmail and immature accusations of the left despite short term pain. If we don’t, we can say goodbye to any kind of a democratic future for this country. The left is smart. They’re very good at what they do. The squeaky wheel, right? We need to take a stand against them and start squeaking ourselves.

Donna McClure
2 years ago

Another anti-American company never liked there products anyway so there no great loss

Christopher R. Baker
2 years ago

Nike’s lost any chance of me buying any of their products with using an unpatriotic jerk like Colon Capernick as their spokesman. They deserve to lose their company’s perks with every state not just Arizona. I’m proud of our Governor Ducey. He did the right thing. He’s got my vote on any office he runs for.
Here’s a thought, They love money more than anything else. The makes money their god. The one true GOD said it best in Deuteronomy 5:7 “‘You shall have no other gods before me.” Money has become their god and they will surely spend eternity in Hell if they do not repent.

Katherine Fahrig
2 years ago

The governor cut off his nose to spite his face.
Capitalism is non-biased. The company will succeed or fail based on company decisions and product.

2 years ago

I will never buy another nike product; the Gov of AZ was correct in his decision; who wants to work for a godless/politically INcorrect company anyway?
Nike should NOT have an idiot/godless person like kaepernic as their spokesman to begin with… same goes for other companies who have these spoiled/overpaid/so-called ‘stars’ as their spokespersons! note: I ordered a ‘stand w/betsy ross’ t-shirt from rush limbaugh and got it within 5 days, and it’s beautiful! will be proud to wear it!

Donna Hardey
2 years ago

I view both Kapernick’s and Nike’s statement and actions as non-American.

2 years ago

Finally a Govenor with a backbone!!

Fran Helwig
2 years ago

I stopped buying and using Nike when they chose him as spokesman.

2 years ago

My extended family who lives nationwide have all decided to boycot any Nike priducts. Urge others to do the same.

Kimberly Gossard
2 years ago

I take a knee regarding any future purchases of Nike shoes .

2 years ago

As I was listening to the debate regarding Nike and the Betsy Ross shoes, I looked down and saw I had on pair of Nike shoes! I’d had them for a long time and didn’t realize until that moment they were Nike’s! As I was on my morning walk at the time, I felt like my feet became neon signs flashing NIKE. They went in recycling as soon as I got home. I’ll never own Nike again.

Mike Wukitsch
2 years ago

Except Ducey backed down!

Todd Taylor
2 years ago

Nike should not be able to take American dollars without having to acknowledge, support American’s patriotism; boycott Nike.

Todd Taylor
2 years ago

Boycott Nike.

leonard schaffer
2 years ago

Nike you made a BIG mistake going along with Kaepernick ,he just broke you.

2 years ago

I’m not buying any more Nike shoes that was just a put up deal to get the stupid people talking about the flag
Let’s deal with more important issues!
Like building the wall & making sure we are safe. Nike if you can’t get anybody smarter the an Ex football player with a grudge against the USA you need to close your doors.

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