Prompted by their spokesperson, Colin Kaepernick, Nike chose not to release their new Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July shoes because they featured the Betsy Ross flag. In response, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey cancelled all tax and financial incentives for Nike’s proposed manufacturing plant there. Do you agree with Governor Ducey’s actions?

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 Jul 3, 2019 482
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If Kaepernick is Nike’s “spokesperson”, the company needs to reconsider the benefit of caving to the childish whims of an overpaid ex-football “star”. I, for one, will NEVER buy another Nike product.


NIKE is Un-American

I stand for the our FLAG
I kneel for OUR CROSS
God Bless America

I have needed a doctor, plumber,etc but I have never needed, not even once, a pro athlete, a media person or a entertainer – as a matter of fact they need me more than I them

The Freezing Senior

When dealing with the ill educated low I.Q. among us who are easily manipulated by their
Marxist/Socialist masters through their Ministry Of Propaganda AKA the Fake News Media and groups such as Kapernick’s favorite, ANTIFA.
The putrid odor of Fascism is wafting through the air – can you smell it ?
Governor Ducey does, and he is fighting back.

GBA/#TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

Bridget H Shaw

If Nike allows allows the likes of Kaepernick to “BULLY” them into cancelling a potentially very lucrative shoe design, they deserve the bad things that come their way. So happy the Governor stood up against them!!! If I lived in Arizona, Ducey would certainly get my vote!


No Nike products for me anymore. If a huge company like Nike listens to a demented treasonous anti-American Jug head like Kaepernik, they deserve bankruptcy. All he does is belittle and condemn the very country and God that gave him his talent and opportunities for his wealth. To Hell with him and stupid Nike can go with him.


I will never, never, never buy any NIKE product again.

Christian Mary

Kaepernick loves the limelight and media. He’ll do anything to stay front page. His big mouth has the power to tear down our nation. Crap like this is example of how media gives him power, and until the media stops kissing the ground he walks on his onslaught against our nation will continue. The fact that Nike endorsed him in the first place is laughable. The fact that he has been allowed to have such influence over their marketing strategy is downright shameful and Nike will pay dearly for it.


Have you seen the automobile license plate that says, “Don’t tread on me.”? That statement applies to how I feel about Nike’s US Flag shoes, whether the Betsy Ross original colonies flag or our current Stars and Stripes…DON’t TREAD ON OUR COUNTRY’s FLAG. And while we are at it, leave our STATUES and our Constitution alone. And of upmost importance, let our crosses that symbolize Faith in God where we placed them.

Brian Kapnick

Nike is dead to me as a company. Poor choice listen to a hack ex football player


The fact that he is their spokesperson is enough reason to boycott that company.


its amazing that bowing before entertainers (since that is what pro football, basketball etc are) has become more important than patriotism. That our flag which has stood the test of time for decades is being desecrated not by burning but my dimwits who never opened their American history books. They see it not as it is but what they perceive it is; we as a nation need to stand up and say NO very loud all at the same time. The only reason they have power over us now is because they are the ones that get headlines and their headlines remind me of TASS propaganda. Isn’t anyone noticing this? Take the country inside said the communists reasoning (I remember this from the 50s) we can’t defeat them by military force.. but by internal politics and by all means take over the media. What we need is a Radio Free… Read more »


It seems that Nike loves loser Kaepernick and does not want a winner like the Betsy Ross shoes on their team. Personally, the only pair of Nike shoes I ever owned (more than15 years ago) did not wear well and were a waste of my money. It needs to be shouted from shore to shore that Nike’s shoes are made by children…child slave labor. If the loser kaepernick is so upset about slavery 150+ years ago, why is he not out in the media demanding that Nike stop participating in child slavery today?

Debbie B.

People need to STOP BUYING NIKE, PERIOD. Let’s help them go under.

Belmear William

I will not buy another Nike product because they were so stupid to hire an unamerican “spokesperson, and then buckled when he complained. I also will root for any team that does not show the Nike trademark.

Nancy Goebel

Kaepernick is a very lost individual. He needs psychiatric help & Nike needs to help him get it. Instead, he is allowed to tear the very fiber of our country apart with Nike’s help. They all should be tried as enemies of our great country.

Ellis C. Collom

This guy is an idiot. Nike can do better than this.


Finally someone has the backbone to stand up to all this nonsense. I will never buy another Niki product unless they do something to make this right – NOW

Part of me sees this as a poor marketing stunt on Nike’s part. Have you seen what the shoes are going for on the internet. Who’s getting those dollars.

Claire Barnes

Will never purchase another Product made by them.!!

Tom Turton

Nike had a great looking design there. Did they “Just Do It” when it counted? Nope. Nike’s new slogan choices: “Just Don’t Do It”, “Only Do It If CK Says It’s OK”; “Why Bother?”


I’m done with people like Kaperneck. If were suvh a terrible country they need to move on.