This week the NCAA cleared the way for college athletes “to begin profiting from their name, image and likeness” after several states announced they would overturn the current ban. Which comes closest to YOUR view?

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1 year ago

While I feel the current process should be left in place , colleges make large sums of money from the games. This should be shared with players to prevent the constant rules violations we here about.

1 year ago

If the athletes are compensated via cash payments directly it should be considered earned income and taxable. The educational facility should not reward the athlete with free education, room and board. Let the athlete make the decision whether they want income or a free education. Should they not earn sufficient income to pay for their education, then let them pay for the balance out of their own pocket. I would wager you would see a major switch of athletes moving to free education.

1 year ago

I might accept endorsement pay if limited to seniors with a good GPA. Allowing students to get paid to play when they can’t make grades without “help” would reinforce the recruiting at the larger schools. And what kind of competition for the starting positions would this generate. Given the recent admissions scandal, I see this with much more corruption potential.
IMO the NFL and NBA needs a minor league like baseball. Those kids don’t go to college. The minor leagues are their trade school. And they get paid a little to play.

1 year ago

The opening of this for graft at college level is huge, & will lead to the ruination of collegiate sports. These people are students & are getting economic help towards there education under current system. We do not want to let the big dollars buying athletes for the school of their choice. For the record, college basketball is my favorite sport to watch & Final Four is the top of the pyramid.

Benton Finch
1 year ago

It’s just more of our society crumbling. Personally l feel that the NCAA needs to go away. I think it’s a slippery slope to let these guys to profit from collegiate athletics. That being said these schools are making huge amounts of money and we have no idea how they use it.

1 year ago

IF the colleges allow these student athletics to reap the benefits then the rest of the college students’ tuition should be lowered as they should no longer be mandated to pay fees for their share of the athletic programs. Mandate real grades about a 3.0 not the measly 2.0 or D to qualify to play.

Linda owens
1 year ago

I don’t know what all a ncaa scholarship entails but don’t think athletes should be paid at this level. I do believe and hope that the athletes would be provided with an allowance for clothing, supplies and mad money (for pizza, outings with their friends, etc.) As many of the athletes come from impoverished situations. This allowance should be standard across the board for all schools and athletes. Does anyone know if this is supplied with their scholarship?

1 year ago

Why are people so afraid of capitalism? Coaches make millions of dollars a year and many of these athletes cant buy pizza on a Friday night. Its exploitation of a lesser class of people plain and simple. This is trending toward true pay for play which is what it should be. A computer science major or a music major has no restrictions on their pay in college. The only reason for these restrictions is the greed of the NCAA and the greed of the schools wanting all the money for themselves. Players have a right to sue and will win as these cases have shown!

Latheal Parish
1 year ago

I would add to “Keep the present system in Place the following: Give them a larger stipend than they are presently getting and any alumni that want to pay into a fund to provide this larger amount on top of the scholarships should be able to give all they want to the fund but anyone caught giving to an athlete or any athlete that takes money or other compensation should be kicked off the team and not be allowed to play college athletics at any school – ever! Some of these kids come from very dire situations and when thrown in with the more well-to-do students need to have enough money to go out and get pizza or take someone on a date, etc. But buying them cars and giving them money or compensating their families should never happen. The coaches know which kids need extra money and which kids come from families that have enough to support their student – leave it to the coaches to make the call as to who needs help and how much they need due to their specific circumstances. AND, there should be a maximum amount set as to how much any student could receive. As I stated earlier should any student or “friend of the university” be caught breaking these rules there should be swift and hard punishment meted out – no exceptions! The coaches should also be held to very high standards when giving out these monies. It should be need based, only to the student/athlete, not a family member and documented as to who, when and how much. Should a coach be found in violation a first offense would be a year ban from coaching and receiving any pay from the university. A second offense would be a 5 year ban and a third violation would mean a permanent ban from ever coaching at the college level – no exceptions. Any “Friend of the university” if caught breaking the rules should be disallowed from having any contact with the program, coaches or student athletes for 2 years on a first offence and for a second offense be permanently barred from the program.

1 year ago

IRS!! Are you paying attention??!! If payments to athletes is approved, all members of college extra-curricular clubs, etc. should be paid. Accordingly, all payments should be taxed as ordinary income. Additionally, the athletes should be required to pay tuition and fees, like everyone else. NO MORE SCHOLARSHIPS FOR ATHLETES. To really get control of this mess, the pros should with-hold drafting any college athlete until they complete 3 years of college, or non-college athletes should not be drafted until they are 21 years of age, or have completed 2 years of military service.
If the payment plan is allowed to proceed, soon the business, legal, or arts students will ask for payments for their brilliance and contributions to the schools, and it is a reasonable request.
The college scholarships are the best and most fair way of managing the investment each school wishes to make in a given student, regardless of their chosen discipline, extra-curricular pursuits, or likelihood of graduating.

1 year ago

Question is who is going to negotiate the endorsements? Think the barndoor has opened a bit wider with the next step allowing this student athletes the need for an agent………

1 year ago

Unfortunately many “students” get into college ONLY because of (a) their familial connections or (b) their outstanding performance as an athlete–not necessarily from an abundance of desire to improve their intellects. I have always thought physical prowess in a sport is wholly insufficient grounds to admit someone to college. Yet that is exactly what happens; it’s shameful. To add to the travesty, now they want to codify this farce by permitting the athlete to “go full Hollywood,” sell tennis shoes and have their own brands? I think not. Let the sports industry farm future stars from other places besides university.

Richard Kampa
1 year ago

on one hand they should be able to make as much as they can from their ability to play sports. On the other hand if they make pass a set amount then they should repay their scholarship money so the college can use those funds for those that aren’t making cash under this new program. They will not need the college’s money to make end meet .

Gayla Massey
1 year ago

We have become a society that worships athletes and no talent HOLLYWEIRDS!!! All while our education system fails the students and has been a complete failure for decade. No wonder china owns so much in America!!!

Nancy Gonsowski
1 year ago

I would agree with this IF and only if they didn’t get a scholarship! If they want to learn and earn, then that would make sense. If they get a scholarship and decide they don’t want the ‘income’ then that is their choice. Totally a free market and choice.

Phil L
1 year ago

Lets take a look at which athletes will make money from these marketing activities. Will it be the scholarship player who never plays in a varsity game. When I played for a major university there were a lot of players who did not see playing time or played on the scout squad. Will it be the top college players like quarterbacks? The All American players? Starters? Are we now talking about players hiring marketing people? Are we talking about players making their own U tube videos and marketing themselves? Lets face it, the players who will make the money are probably the same players who will get drafted. My instinct tells me this is a slippery slope with a lot of unknowns. Don’t rely upon the NCAA to regulate this. They are clueless. Develop rules to govern the process and let the universities govern. The universities have some cheats already. If you do not think the players will cheat just look at Ohio State players selling memorabilia which was illegal per NCAA rules. Am I old fashioned yes. Bottom line you are there to get a degree. I does not cost you the $50,000 to $80,000 that it would cost a regular student. You get great food. It is a job and you do get payment in the form of schooling, food, bowl games and personal acclaim. When you go in for interviews for jobs it gives you a leg up on other people. It is a advantage all of your life. How about this, let the players do it after the last game of their senior season…..

I can just see the locker room now, Hey Joe how much did you make this month…… well I made……. as the other players who never play and have no money coming in, listen on. Real team building exercise. Remember these are only kids, 18, 19, 20 year olds.

Just think about it.

1 year ago

Want to change my vote—-keep the ban in place or take away the scholarship. They shouldn’t have both as they are currently employees Of the school

Terrell Kerr
1 year ago

It will be interesting if the Boosters take the proposal as a license to give Athletes free perks without 1099’s and a bunch of athletes are charged with tax evasion.

Jed E
1 year ago

I would like to see ALL professional athletes have cap of one million dollars per year. They should be able to live comfortably on that. As for paying college students endorsements and money, then they can pay totally for their time in college and maintain a respectable GPA the entire time they are in school.

1 year ago

Most of these are kids and not ready for making such important decisions on how to manage a lot of new money. If allowed, some of the top athletes will go into the locker room as rich people do while the common linemen will be unpaid. Is this fair? College is for academic achievement first. Sports comes after this, including all forms such as tennis, golf, swimming, LaCross and Curling, to name a few. Yes, they are the draw to a lot of dollars flowing to the university and a few coaches, but this is no reason to allow wealth to flow to players unevenly so early in their formative years. But if the school feels it must pass along some of the newfound wealth, set up deferred compensation plans that holds some % of sports-generated cash flow to be passed to the player as a % per year after graduation, where it can come in handy when paying the costs of setting up their own household and looking for a job.

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