It’s the time of year when many sense the “War on Christmas” is back. With which do you most agree?

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7 days ago

A lot of this really depends on where in the US you live. I live in Texas, and we have much bigger problems than whether or not to say Merry Christmas, which by the way, everyone everywhere says during the holidays. Texas is multicultural. Bigotry isn’t much in the news. But the problems on our border are real and devastating.

20 days ago

Leftists\democrats attack our guarantee of freedom of religion and twist that promise into baning religion outright. This offense as well as their constant seeding of discontent among the “races” and “economic classes”, clearly show the evil intent behind their grabbing of power over American citizens.

red green
1 month ago

America and Americans have been “sold out” by our government, state, local and federal. I would have hoped the last few decades, especially the last 2 years, would wake people up to the complete annihilation of our freedoms, liberties and our precious Republic.
Those very few who are fighting to save America have been betrayed by the overwhelming majority of “swamp creatures.”
Looking back over the years, it is now obvious to me that it has always been this way. Guess I was to busy working to notice. Our tax dollars have continually fed the ‘MONSTER” that will devour us.

14 days ago
Reply to  red green

I am an 89 year old woman. Been aware of the slow deterioring of our country. I remember when bread was 10 cents a loaf and probably less. Our wages have continually not kept up. Every business wants the same increase one might get in pay, therefore the people keep getting further behind and the monster in the Swamp gets fatter and fatter. I agree with Red. We have indeed been sold out. We were only on the right road when Donald J Trump was President..It didn’t take long after Biden got in for the Swamp to get fatter and fatter and the people to get hurt more and more. We all know that the 2020 and 2022 elections were fradulent. People must turn to God. He is the one who put Trump in to be President.

jim wood
1 month ago

I am 77 years old and served during vietnam. I have seen this country go through great times and bad but other than reading historical facts of our demise during the civil war era has there been such a lack of leadership and non caring for our fellow citizens. We have an administration with a joke for a president who cares nothing for the American people. He is in bed with the Chinese and cares nothing for anyone. We are so far in debt it would take 2 lifetimes to clean up what Biden has done and continues to do to this country. Our children and grand children will have to clean this mess up but that may never happen if they don’t get off tik tok and social media platforms. Good luck in the years to come, but right now it is not looking very promising. Republicans talk big, but don’t come through and Dems just cheat and lie. Happy new year America and good luck ====

Roger Wait
1 month ago
Reply to  jim wood

I am a Viet Nam vet and totally agree

1 month ago

As I was leaving the cash register from a grocery shopping trip the cashier wished me a “Happy Holidays” to which I responded “I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.” The cashier’s face lit up, she smiled and happily responded with her own “Merry Christmas!” It was really nice to see that.

1 month ago
Reply to  David

YAAAY ????‼️AGREE ????‼️

1 month ago

There seems to be two different factions. One for religions, and those because they dont believe, they want to end it for everyone.

Rob citizenship
1 month ago

Included in the teachings of Christ is the importance of kindness, fairness and understanding. Add those qualities together and it provides for peaceful relations between people. A great reason for observing Christmas . Thoughts and feelings of joyfulness , reverence and hope for peace , are all part of Christmas spirit.

1 month ago

Definitely worse than it used to be, but I will always say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Maurice D
1 month ago

Honestly, Myrtle, you hit the hot spot.
Insidious attacks on Christmas mirror disdain for religion, spiritual freedom and security. More broadly, it seems the president (brash “big guy” – CCP “old friend”), congress, co-opted DOJ-FBI; Intel, USCP; abominable heartbeat abortionists; phony celebrities; tech tyrants, and mendacious media (all hands in the gloves of the Democrat party) are derelict, reckless, or disloyal – ruining life, liberty, learning, and livelihood – inept, to mend ethical, fiscal, legal, and moral woes?

7 days ago
Reply to  Maurice D

So incredibly well said.

Martha Hurd
1 month ago

I live in a conservative area of Ohio, so saying “Merry Christmas” is not a problem. Lights and other decorations are on display. I will express my faith when and how I see fit. I see and hear about the increased discrimination towards Christians, but don’t be surprised if that causes a revitalization of the Christian faith.

7 days ago
Reply to  Martha Hurd

I totally agree.

S. Forkum
1 month ago

I very much embrace

1 month ago

My Southern California OC neighborhood is displaying more lights and lawn Christmas displays then previous years. More USA flags are waving throughout the year showing their support for Country not Ca.

1 month ago

I can feel the sadness this Christmas. Businesses do not decorate like they used too. Neighbors are not decorating. We drove around looking and nothing.

Praying for America in this dark time.

1 month ago

I’m not sure how it is going. About 15 months ago, my husband and I moved from a liberal area to a conservative state. God and Country are important here. People in our old area were upset that the Supreme Court reversed Roe, to the point of not wanting to celebrate 4th of July

1 month ago
Reply to  Joyce

Greetings, Joyce, and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours. As to your comment about the Supreme Court reversing Roe v. Wade, I’m glad the present court reversed the original decision. It’s not the business of the Supreme Court to amend the Constitution. As I see it, Roe v. Wade in a sense amended the Constitution by fiat when it illegally made abortion legal in every state.. In my opinion, the original decision by the court violated the 10th amendment to the Constitution. I wonder if those Justices who voted in favor of the original decision read the 10th amendment. I’s a plain and simple amendment that any 9-year child can understand, The original court that handed down that original decision had an ulterior motive in mind, methinks. The Constitution is the “supreme law of the land”, not Supreme Court decisions. The Court’s responsibility is to define whether laws passed by Congress violate or uphold the principles spelled out in the Constitution.

1 month ago
Reply to  Liam

I agree with Liam.

1 month ago
Reply to  Joyce

We moved from Leftist Democ rat New York state to Ohio 18 months ago. We feel much more at home here. “Let’s Go Brandon!”

1 month ago

I’m in a blue state, but in the country so everyone is fine with saying Merry Christmas – and I have never been afraid to say it – even when I worked in the metro. I recognize that if I still lived in a large blue metropolitan area that there is still a culture war raging there. Very sad.

1 month ago
Reply to  Doxielover

Hello fellow Doxie lover! Merry Christmas

1 month ago

Actually, I’m more worried about the war on Americans by their own government.

1 month ago

I am in a Red State…and it is amazingly Merry Christmas and lots of Christmas cheer.

ILona Cynthia Stafford
1 month ago

Things are worse now than they ever were. Open borders,. abortion after the baby has arms, legs and heart beat and gender changing in schools

Gail-Lee McDermott
1 month ago

I think it depends on the geographical area.

Myrtle Martinson
1 month ago

The “war on Christmas” is just a cog in the wheel of the “War on Christians”.

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