In April the Hong Kong government, under pressure from Beijing, introduced legislation that would allow people accused of crimes against mainland China to be extradited. Massive protests have since ensued over fear the law will be used to target democracy activists and journalists. How should the U.S. respond?

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Emil Sheldon
2 years ago

Stop all trade with Communist countries immediately. Economic sanctions should be placed on China.

2 years ago

China let’s make a deal… California for Hong Kong.

Ed Bodell
2 years ago

What i would like to know is, why didn’t Great Britain allow the people of Hong Kong choose how and who they wanted to be governed ??? No one that I know of posed that question…

Raymond Devine
2 years ago

Our forefathers faught the British to gain independence . The French helped them . They have to carry the burden to enjoy the victory.

Tim S.
2 years ago

Hong Kong’s struggle for relative autonomy is first and foremost their fight. I support their efforts wholeheartedly, but for the US to intervene either politically or militarily at this stage would be a direct path to starting WWIII. I’m not saying that the US, or the rest of the free world for that matter, should ignore Hong Kong’s efforts…but if we do offer support, we should be fully prepared for exactly what that will entail, and be 100% sure that is the path we wish to follow.

2 years ago

We wouldn’t be dealing with this problem today if Truman and Congress had done the right thing and prevented the commies from taking over after WWII. What an incredible bad decision back then and look where we are today.

W. Anne Miller
2 years ago

Our sons and grandsons should not be sacrificed in the foreign entanglements. It’s time to stop being savior of the world and concentrate on savior of America

Robert J Schundler
2 years ago

With the Trade War that we have with the Mainland China ??, and the number of people that want better jobs coming in from the country, China cannot afford to have issues with Hong Kong ?? ….. I think Mainland China ?? will back down!

2 years ago

I would not be surprised to hear that the democrats are working this with China. The dems are trying to force our President’s hand to get involved in a fight, hence distracting him from the campaign. Anything other then verbal support for HK would become a dem talking point that our President was a bigot, unhinged, a war monger….. well, you know the script. Another reason I am not surprised that Britain is not getting involved with any of their own international issues. They too are trying to force our President’s hand to get further involved and distracted. We are resisting, voting against and fighting socialism on an international scale here.

2 years ago

I simply don’t have near enough information to make a thoughtful comment on this .

Frank Adamo
2 years ago

I’m for “The U.S. has historically stood up for democracy and should do so for Hong Kong in this case, too.”, but I didn’t vote because HOW will we stand up for Hong Kong. Militarily? No. Sanctions? Perhaps? Etc.

Edward Petru
2 years ago

Nuke China

2 years ago

We should not interfere in another country’s civil problems. We have our own problems and do not want China to step.

Jim Farrell
2 years ago

close, 11,00 to 9,000 vote. Prince Charles huh? We separated from Kings 243 years ago, didn’t we?

Morgan Wong
2 years ago

The wording of the poll is incorrect. The bill says that criminals who committed crimes in China, only such crimes that are also a crime in Hong Kong that is punishable with 7 plus years of imprisonment, could be extradited. Not just anyone who commits a crime against China. Thus your poll is not reflecting the true situation.

Frank Winter
2 years ago

Influence of British capitalism and manpower together with a natural Chinese business acumen led to the establishment of manufacturing and the birth of new business by the 1950s and 1960s. During the 1980s, Hong Kong’s free enterprize economy flourished on the world stage. The Communist regime took notice. Shortly afterward, China insisted on a series of joint projects that brought the two closer together. In 1984, Britain and China concluded that at the end of the 100 year agreenment Hong Kong would revert back to Chinese authority in 1997 and gradually relinquish full authority during a 50 year transition period from 1997 until 2047.

Hopefully the commercial, social and legal life of Hong Kong can remain intact until 2047 at which time Communist China will exercise its full authority. Hong Kong has had a colorful past, however, it is the future that looks to be the most troubling. Hong Kong not be able to continue growth under the socialistic management of new Communist owners. Will the population remain and take a chance on the inherently oppressive intentions of the Communist government? OR Will there be a mass exodus from Hong Kong as free people seek liberty elsewhere in an attempt to avoid the tyranny associated with all Communist regimes? All of this remains to be seen as Hong Kong approaches the 2047 deadline.

B. Kelly
2 years ago

The critical question is this. How long will that imbecile for Allstate sit in the recliner placed in the middle of the intersection? Where is a good 18 wheeler without brakes when you need one!

As for me, I saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to lizard.

Peter Kenjosian
2 years ago

Lincoln was a liberal. There are Americans who ate liberal. “Standing up against liberals”, is un American. Learning to work with all Americans is democracy.

Jolene Rule
2 years ago

The President should offer verbal encouragement to the Hong Cong people without threats to China.

John Wesley
2 years ago

Who didn’t see this happening when England gave up ownership of Hong Kong?

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