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Election integrity is of paramount concern for Americans. Which do you believe is most important to achieve in any bill that might pass Congress and/or state legislatures this year? Choose four.

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6 months ago

They also need to ban contributions from people/corporations/ 5013c/ foreign government from another state or country from funding ANY voting systems or processes!

9 months ago

You people are so scared of everything…snowflakes. You’re the ones who chest and lie.

9 months ago
Reply to  Rose


Cliff Noel
11 months ago

It seems as though that no matter how much we voice what should be done, the Government reps are not listening! I’m of the opinion that the Government representation feels they know better what we want, than we do. I also believe that our Government reps are out of control and a number of them are concerned about their own lives over and way above us Americans as a whole. They have had it so very easy all their political careers that America as a whole is unimportant to them. Very sad. This administration and some of the others I what they call power, should be tried in a court of law for treason and punished to the fullest extent! God bless America.

Margaret Bartley
1 year ago

Interesting that I cannot select the last option??

1 year ago

I think all the choices should be the requirements of all states. Thank you.

1 year ago
Reply to  JanE

I agree. We need to do everything possible to prevent voter fraud. We haven’t seen anything yet if the current democrat legislation is passed. They got in by cheating, and now they are working to institutionalize the same fraud that put them in office. If this goes through. It won’t matter how you vote. It didn’t really matter last time.

1 year ago

Viewing the corrupt results of the last stolen election makes one wonder if there is any use voting in the future. Money will buy the results. We the people have lost.

1 year ago

All of the above should have been an option…

Theresa Rodriguez
1 year ago

Frankly, it should have been 5 not 4 as there should ABSOLUTELY be NO disclosure of vote counts until the polls close too.

1 year ago

You left off getting rid of the machines. All of the choices are valid but removing the machines are just as important to improve election integrity. If you havent watched Mike Lindell’s videos on the evidence of machine fraud you can at frankspeech.com This is his new social media platform.

9 months ago
Reply to  Brenda

The crackhead pillow guy? LOLOLOLOLOOOO!

Daniel J. Dick
1 year ago

It bothers me that Twitter, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, Amazon, and others are so disingenuous and cowardly that they feel entitled to tell 330 million US Citizens that they have no right to hear other opinions outside their own, that they cannot even listen to their own elected president, that they cannot have a voice, and that if they dare to voice their opinion that this election was a complete fraud and a complete lie, that this opinion must not be allowed anywhere.

It disturbs me very, very deeply that President Trump, our real president, called for the people to fight and that they accused him of inciting a riot. If there were ever a time that a riot or civil war were appropriate and in order, one would be over the issue of slavery and the other would be this past election fraud and the violations of free speech. But Conservatives were not the violent ones. The cowards bringing violence and injustice were the leftists who seem to have no clue of the importance of telling the truth.

Like the hypocrites they are, they accuse Trump of lying 16,000 times. Did they think nobody would notice just how stupid of a lie that claim is? When someone lies, you take their lie, set it on the table, point to it, and say, “There”. When someone makes a mistake, it’s clear it could be a mistake. But when it is a lie, a willfully intended deception, before a person has the right to call someone a liar, they OWE their accused proof–not to their own lying and idiotic satisfaction which sets the bar really low regarding their quality of evidence. But it must be shown that so much benefit of the doubt must be given that one can no longer be honest and reasonable when concluding that the person might just be mistaken, that what they said could only be a known and willful deception.

Now, where is the proof that Trump lied 16,000 times? Obviously they had a motive to accuse him. Obviously they could not have known that he lied that many times. Did they walk around with a counter in their pockets clicking when each lie was told? Did they vet each one to make sure it was not a truth? That it was not taken out of context and represented dishonestly to mean something Trump was not intending to say? Did they vet each so-called lie to make sure he did not mistakenly believe it and that he must have known it was false while being willing to deceive people in order to get what he wanted?

And by that standard, would this make him a worse liar than any Democratic candidate running against him?

Yet these leftists seem to feel entitled to deprive 330,000,000 US Citizens of our liberty to hear any opposing view on Facebook, Twitter, MSNBC, CNN, and so many other sources of information including many of our universities who would riot and become violent if a different opinion than theirs were allowed. Like at Berkeley? Would a conservative be allowed to speak at UC Santa Cruz, my daughter’s school? Or University of Minnesota which was banned from submitting intentionally broken Linux fixes to the LInux source tree? Or any state university that uses the people’s money to fight against common sense, morality, or conservative values being heard within the boundaries of their campuses?

We need to stop seeking their approproval or permission and go for what’s ethical, moral, benevolent, truthful, and right. We need to stop accepting their stupid excuses and their noisy interruptions every time they are worried the truth will be heard. When they interrupt and talk over us, we need to keep talking and confronting them asking them why they keep interrupting like an out of control three year old who never learned from their parents to wait and take turns rather than constantly interrupting and talking over people–until they stop. Then continue to say what we intended to say, to the point. We need to stop accepting stupid excuses and stupid questions where they question endlessly what is obviously true and hate you for daring to question what is obviously false. We need to double down. And we need to support the police and private gun ownership. And we need to question every lie and push out into the open every truth that contradicts those lies.

George Floyd was not a good man. Stop calling him one. That does not justify killing him with a knee to his neck. But it does demand–morally, ethically require–that all exculpatory evidence in favor of the police be presented and not hidden from the court and its jury. If there was a video from a different angle and evidence showing that George was not really killed by that officer but that he died of heart problems related to his drug use, then let the truth be told. If the officer killed him in cold blood, let that truth be told, too.

But whatever side you are on, if you shape your “truth” based not on the evidence but based on the outcome you desire, then you are a liar willing to kill someone to get your way, and whoever you judge could not be a worse person than you. You don’t support a blood thirsty killer in uniform, and you don’t call a good man in uniform a blood thirsty killer dishonestly. You press for the truth and make sure it is told and that real justice is done–not savage ignorant revenge whether. you are racially bigoted in favor of white people or black. We’re all the same and all deserve the same truth and the same justice.

What bothers me is that people disallow truth. The hypocrisy, the cowardice of that is very disgusting. And it answers the question of how a loving God could send someone to hell. How could God NOT send someone so corrupt in value to hell? If you let just one of them into heaven, they would eventually ruin heaven and turn it into hell.

We need to stop feeling entitled to screw everyone else over without any consequences, and we need to choose for ourselves what truth we will give God to tell about us on Judgement Day, because God will most definitely tell the truth whether we like it or not.

1 year ago

I went with the 1st choice since requiring voter ID shows fundamentally common sense.
The socialist democrats turn it into a race issue, implying black people don’t have the capacity to show ID & when asked for it, they will be denied the right to vote, bullshit. Talk to the average person in America, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc., they have NO problem showing ID to buy alcohol & ciggs, but voter ID is the exception according to a Democrat.
We now have the AZ audit going on after ( 5 ) months of delays & I see other states getting on board here, i.e. NH is conducting their audit in Windham County because they too, experienced more voters voting than they had voters in a county of 14,000 people, imagine that. Wait till they get to PA, it is a whopper of more votes than they have voters, including all the dead people voting. Lest we forget MI & WI. The granddad of all is the state of Georgia in both elections, totally corrupt with ( ) RINO’s running the shit show, i.e. Gov. Kemp & SOS Raspenperger. Both these clowns need to go ASAP. God Bless America…

1 year ago

Having successfully stolen the last presidential election, , does anyone think that Socialist Democrats are going to stop there???
I am willing to bet bullets to blood that their cabal is working the strategy for the next elective cycle. The NSDAP did NOT let up when Hitler won the chancellery in 1933! They got stronger in propaganda and HATE! When Hitler was declared “Der Fuhrer” they were masters of human rights violations, cruelty and lies. NO ONE person could stop them once their agenda was in full play. Stopping them would cost over 40,000,000 dead!
Then look at the Communist USSR during the tenure of lies of Joe Stalin with over 80,000,000 of his own people dying for the STATE!

John Siebert
1 year ago

On voting question, you should have been able to pick more then one from the list.

Ricky Laine
1 year ago

Wish I could have voted for more!!

1 year ago

I agree with Alice, hard to pick only 4

1 year ago

It’s a shame you can only pick four given the grave situation of our entire country is in now because of the blatant cheating from 2020. What worked before was 1 day, voting day. Anything else the Dems will find a way to cheat but before they do that they will start up some trouble because that’s what they do, the start trouble then while we are reacting to that take away your freedoms and laugh all the way to the bank.

Kelly Bell
1 year ago

All of this is important – except maybe the national holiday thing. So tired of crooked politics. Our government representatives need to be held accountable for their actions – all of them – upholding their oaths and protecting the Constitution – if they can’t do that they should be immediately removed from office. Period. Term limits – no six-year terms – two maybe. Sick of these people getting rich off the backs of hard-working Americans. I could say a lot more – not enough time.

1 year ago

Term limits for Senators and Representative anyone??? The only reason the politicos caved in to allow the amendment that limits the Potus’ Term Limit was because very many DemocRATS were ticked off that because they didn’t want to have to deal with another Franklin Roosevelt stranglehold on the ambitions to be POTUS by other DemocRATS.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

Look into the Convention of States and go to their website. This is one of the proposels.

Randy Harris
1 year ago

All voting needs to be done on Block Change. They can’t break in to this Technology. ????????

Ronald Clark
1 year ago

All of the above choices have some importance. The whole registration and voting process needs security, transparency, and freedom for every legal citizen to participate or not participate.

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