It’s been several weeks of failures in Democrat-led cities in America. In your view, which of these is MOST deserving of the grade of 'F'?

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W Bullock
1 year ago

Let’s call this one All of the Above PLUS Portland. Not sure how that disaster got left off the list.
How can the democrats in charge of those cities not be held accountable? Billions in damages are their fault.
Now the mob is so out of control it may actually take military action to end this uprising. Where do I sign up?

1 year ago

My “F” goes to the majority of the media for such liberal slanted reporting and seeming to encourage the destruction – all the while calling everything “peaceful” and repeatedly blaming Trump and federal troops even when troops weren’t there.

1 year ago


1 year ago

It is time to end the democrats reign of terror on America, and it’s citizens. They all need to be indicted for Treason, and deemed terrorists. They promote this type of behavior at the cost of lives, property damage, and jobs. They are intent on hiding their corruption. Their actions tell me that we are getting close to uncovering more. Also it is time to seem George Soros a terrorist, cease ALL of his assets, and arrest him. There is enough room in GITMO for him, and his entire family. WE THE PEOPLE are sick of all their control tactics. This COVID crap is just one of many of their fear mongering ploys. OPEN AMERICA BACK UP AND THE SCHOOLS

1 year ago

Normal people just don’t understand the DEMOCRATs . In our eyes, the Democrat ‘leaders’ of the rioting cities get an ‘F’. But in the eyes of DEMOCRAT voters, those same ‘leaders’ get an “A” . So, the elections come down to normal vs crazy , and , which party turns out more voters. Simple as that . EVERY VOTE COUNTS .

Ernie Hiday
1 year ago

Whatever happened to Portland not paying attention to the news?

1 year ago

The fish rots from the head of Donald J. Trump.

1 year ago

The mayors and governors that do not live up to their oath are gangsters. Their minions the rioters are doing their bidding terrorizing the citizens. The citizens are helpless dealing with the gangsters. These mayors and governors should be removed by the police and put in prison.

1 year ago

I just can’t wrap my head around the behavior of these people and that they think it’s okay. How far has America fallen and in such need of God back in our schools, as the center of our Nation again. It is sad that our history is being defaced and destroyed. For what. . Because they don’t like the president. If you don’t like America. . Move the HELL OUT. Go to some dang socialist country and enjoy yourself. Idiots!!!!

Barbara Wyman
1 year ago

7/13/2020 —It is really something when so few maybe 2 % are causing all this MAYHEM– that is affecting say 98% of the population, the Far Left Liberals consisting of mostly Demarcates with some Republicans,& Srios —-going along with this (decoy plan)—
BUT who actually will gain IF/ or When– our Country is destroyed?
I am thinking it will be more like the Chines &/or Russians since both are the largest Red Countries– & are really the underlying causes of all this MAYHEM– that is so wanting President Trump out of office because he has put a clog into these other Countries Plots to take over America.
However– what I believe will be so funny — is all who show such hate for America — might in time have to deal with their own Karmas.
FIRST OFF- These rioters might somehow realize that is wasn’t the average person who is responsible for their mishaps — it isn’t even the police but it just might be the RICH POLITICIANS that have been F-ing ALL—- for years,
With so many angry young rioters I am so surprised they have not figure out how they are being used prior to this Nov. 2020 Presidential Election
they been targeting the wrong President — He was NOT a Politician before his election– I do hope he get another 4 years in office to be able to stir the BS we all have been subjected to for many many years from Politicians, News Media like –CNN– Western Post The NY times — & etc.
is also included in all this BS. Oh ya a Liberal bought FOX News —
Then they are also going after Radio stations –They don’t want us hearing opinions except their agenda.
They are also trying to get OAN News station..
We should have been more alert when this” Political Correct” — started creeping into the USA by Universities & etc. — that is strictly Communist ways!
– The ones driving these Rioters are DEEP POCKET POLITICIANS who have been around for flip- pen years!
.Bill Clinton had meetings with China early 2005 & his wife continues today– Obama– got China to invest Trillions$$$$$ here in America,
Biden’s son Hunter Biden visited China on our Air force planes on several occasions. Trump might have visit for his casino sake who knows(?).
All I am saying is –I wished I had studied a couple of other foreign languages
but I am old so won’t be here maybe for very long – so this in just my 2 cents worth, & pray I am wrong about the take over of America, in time.
– I just feel for all our Grand children –they will never know how much freedom we were able to enjoy but the saying goes—-
—- if you never had it you won’t miss it.
God Bless America and ALL who believe in GOD.

1 year ago

Why do we never hear anything about the fact that President Trump does not smoke, drink, and has not received a salary. He gives the
money to charities. He hasn’t taken his family on lavish vacations, with our tax dollars, as the past one did.. That is NEVER on the news. Sure he has used some bad language and has sinned in other ways, but he is a Christian and was saved as a teenager and God has forgiven him of those sins. GOD is the ONLY ONE that i s perfect. We all sin in some way. Those that are, and have been in government that have lied about their bad decisions should be prosecuted soon. If the average American commits a crime they are prosecuted heavily. Our President is working hard for us Americans because he loves America. God bless President Trump and God bless America. VOTE the right way or we’re in for disaster.

Calvin Wing
1 year ago

There’s no question that the nation’s law enforcement community is biased against black Americans. The reasons start with “Blue” mindset that pits law enforcement (the”Blue” race) against all races. They pray on blacks because they find a higher level of contraband among black citizens and thus have a higher level of success. As with most collective groups of humans they are prone to take the path of least resistance and as long as they get the necessary credit for the “collar” don’t really care about racial inequality.
I n my opinion the real work in law Enforcement needs to be the elimination of the us against them viewpoint.

1 year ago


1 year ago

During a time of crisis the partisan media should step up to reveal all political failures to their audiences. However since the mainstream news networks have turned into Democratic Party puppets we now have a non news propaganda stream feeding the public much like in China and North Korea. Through the education system and our media the Marxist movement has been playing “The Long Con” on the American public.We the people need to awaken our friends and neighbors if we don’t want the Government ruling every breath we take and move we make with an IRON FIST. The MSM always portrays corporations as evil, when the Government is larger, more powerful and more corrupt than any corporation. WE NEED TO WAKE UP AND PROTECT OUR FREEDOM!!!

1 year ago

Honestly, I can only shake my head and wonder what rock these idiots crawled out from under! Have they all just taken leave of their senses??

1 year ago

Total failure of leadership by the Democrat Party.

1 year ago

Certainly the issue of the attempted cancellation of our American History by the Socialist Party is quite important, Law and Order will be a deciding factor in the upcoming re-election of President Trump. The demented Socialist Party has publicly displayed their willingness to unleash/support Antifa and other violent mobs and unwillingness to protect the American Citizens, their property as well as public property. They actually sat back and watched as their violent hired muscle ascended upon neighborhoods around the country. The Socialist Party is attempting to retake the White House by force and we must not let that happen. Staying home and not participating in Local, State & Federal elections is just asking for more trouble because that allows Democrats the political positions needed to inflict Absolute Power upon Americans. Defunding Law Enforcement is absolute insanity. Lawlessness will affect everyone no matter what race they are. God Bless America.

1 year ago

I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid. All the above actions shouldn’t have happened. What incompetent people we have for leaders. As far as the Joe Biden question? He also displays his own incompetence, very well pandemic or not

1 year ago

The non-informed public depends on the fake news outlets. Why, because they are lazy , to venture into alternative trains of thought. And, l think they are also afraid to discover the truth behind their confusion.
Their non-common sense of the truth about the battling ideologies which steer and then govern our local, state, and federal governments falling way short of being a true free thinking individual . It is so much easier to shrug ones shoulders, keep your mouth shut and sheeple along , and fall off the cliff of reason.

Philip Papineau
1 year ago

If (big “if”) there is any real merit to these protests, the way they are being conducted doesn’t seem to promise any positive results.

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