Congress and many state legislatures are considering legislation to change the “spring forward” and “fall back” Americans have been doing since daylight saving time was first introduced in 1918. Ideas to change it take different forms. Which would you MOST favor?

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1 month ago

u want to change something that has been tradition since 1918 u some fake conservatives

11 months ago

In the country where I live if you use DST you are 2 whole hours before the normal time the sun tells you, that’s just madness

Alvin Baldwin
1 year ago

Some of these didn’t give me a chance to vote….the results page came up instead.

Gene Mickser
1 year ago

Keep the Spring Forward all year! In fact, bump it up two hours. The longer it stays light at night, the better. I get up late so no need for daylight in the early AM.

1 year ago

Yes. End the seasonal time switch. Keep longer daylight hours.

1 year ago

I agree. END the seasonal time switch !!!!
Keep longer daylight hours.

1 year ago

Daylight savings or standard time – either one works for me – as long as it doesn’t flip from one to the other

Doug B
1 year ago

Pick one of them and leave it alone! It was there to help the agriculture industry, but with their computerized equipment today, they don’t need it. If you like the long bright evenings in the summer, pick that one. If you like getting up to daylight, pick that one. Just get one – please!

3 days ago
Reply to  Doug B

You can get out of bed whenever you want, no matter what the clock says.

Terry O'Neel
1 year ago

This not only aides in farming but childrens safety during school hours. Wouldn’t want my children walking to bus stops in the dark. Too many idiot drivers distracted by cell phones and other b.s..

Roy H
1 year ago

why not just at this point just move the clocks ahead 1/2 hour and call it a day?

Andrew W Meehan
1 year ago

Changing the clock forward in the spring and back in the fall made sense when there was approximately 6 months on standard time and 6 months on daylight time. Now, however, you are on standard time only about 4 months of the year, November, December, January and February. So does it make sense now to go through all of the aggravation to change your clocks twice a year for only four months?

Russell R
1 year ago

I think we should split the difference. 30 minutes is a good compromise for those Daylight savings folks like myself who don’t like sundown before 5 o’clock on standard time and those whose do. Make that permanent and quit jacking with it.

Ray Wagner
1 year ago

I can take it either way…
However, I lived in Phoenix a few years and it always seemed wrong that the sidewalks would fill up each morning with kids having to use flashlights to get to school because they do not observe the time change?????

Jim Lord
1 year ago

Without daylight savings time children would go to school in the dark resulting in motorist not being able to see them and can cause injury and maybe death to our youth.

1 year ago

Hmm, I think we had a poll question about this topic last March too.
Like many of you, I much prefer staying on the same time year round, and would prefer Std Time in particular. Businesses, schools, gov’t agencies, churches, organizations, individuals, farmers, groups, individuals, etc. etc., are already free to set their schedules (begin their day and end their day) earlier or later as it benefits each one to have more daylight at the beginning or at the end of their day. To my knowledge, everyone can do this now regardless of whether it is DS or Std time. Some groups may want to change their schedules twice a year (effectively having a period of daylight saving time), as some have suggested. As others have already mentioned, the actual amount of daylight in a given day is constant for everyone in a given locale regardless of what the clock says. Furthermore, in the USA your daylight will be longer up north in the summer and longer down south in the winter. For me in the winter time in WA state, as an individual, I simply begin my day and my mealtimes one hour earlier by the clock (same effect as staying on DLST) in order to have more daylight at the end of my day.

1 year ago

Not need to change the clocks. Just start an hour earlier or an our later depending on the time of year; if thats what you want/need. What’s so hard about that. I repeat, there is no need to change the clocks.

Mary Seres
1 year ago

Tired of having to change the clock in my stove, on the walls, my watches, etc. Its a nuisance all around. Never saved me an hour of sleep, another beurocratic lie out of the swamp. Time to grow up and stop livjng un fairyland.

Larry M
1 year ago

I live in the Los Angles Area. Iwould like our end of the state to go on Mountain Standard Time and stay on it for the entire year, just as Arizona does now. It would not work so well for northern California.

1 year ago

If daylight savings time means school children do not have to commute to school in the dark, a particularly dangerous condition for child pedestrians, I say endure the inconvenience of time changes; protect the children.

carol Trusky
1 year ago

I hate when we turn the clocks back in fall. 6 pm is plenty early enough for it to get dark. Getting dark at 5 p.m. just makes you feel like the day is shot already. You can’t even do chores outside after dinner because it’s too dark already!

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