Atlas shrugged real life lessons learned

Which THREE of these five concerns are most likely to continue dominating the political landscape through the rest of 2020?

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Don’t know who writes your polls, but they need to be vetted better before going live. The biggest political issue will continue to be endless investigations and impeachment attempts to derail the Trump administration. Dimocrats have no winning agenda and will continue with the politics of resistance. Also 2020 may see indictments for some deep state criminals and political hacks. They will fight, but I believe AG Barr is ready to take them on.

Clete Randolph

What about the danger from within? Why are we allowing people who hate our country, won’t take
the oath of office on the bible, and have absolutely no intention of protecting and defending the Constitution of the United states from the start, to hold office in Congress? We are setting ourselves up to be destroyed from within just as President Ronald Reagan said. No nation needs to attack and attempt to destroy the United states. We are destroying ourselves making these kind of stupid decisions.


AMAC missed two political issues that surely won’t go away in 2020: confiscatory gun controls, and anthropogenic global warming. These two form the hyper-emotional backbone of the left’s drive to impose socialism on the American people. The first is designed to make Americans defenseless against the left’s draconian socialist measures to “fix” their imaginary climate crisis.
The left won’t let them fade away anytime soon, unless American voters turn the two issues into political poison.
Pray that President Trump doesn’t succumb to either of them, in this term or the next.

Marie M

The most concerning for me is voter fraud, especially in the coming election. I don’t trust the new voting machines and I worry that the election boards have not kept their records updated of residents that are deceased or residents that have moved out of state. It bugs me that we don’t have to show ID when we go to vote and yet we have to show ID at a Medical office, Airport, Pharmacy, Alcohol, Car Dealer to purchase or lease and the list goes on.

Charlot Ray

I think the overriding concern is the intense hate for Trump. The disinformation on social media is appalling. What I hear and read is extraordinary! These are the two things that I think will consume 2020.




the biggest problem we have is the Democrats wont except the election of the people


If a person is a leftist, the main concern will be attempting to discredit ANYTHING President Trump is attempting to accomplish. I have seen nothing productive from the Democrats in more than four years.


I find one thing missing, 2nd Amendment issues. Right now you have an entire state being embattled by Libeal Socialist Democrats seeking to infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of their citizens with the large majority of their counties rising against them.

Their governor and legislators attacking their rights and threatening armed conflict that will bring upon us all a 2nd American Revolution based upon the same principles of none-representation if it’s citizenry and the forcible confiscation of firearms to disable them so they can not fight back.


I don’t trust the Democrats, They are so vicious in the attacks to any one who loves our President, they will stop at nothing
They have lost a tremendous amount of power, they will do anything to get it back
They are here for them and care how low they have to go
It is sad but true their full colors are showing

Dan W.

The correct answer is “All of the Above” along with ISIS, healthcare, and the economy. The five listed concerns will continue to ebb and flow throughout the year but the risks posed by China might be the most troubling and the most complicated to resolve in 2020.

The Freezing Senior

The correct answer is:
The seditious DEMOCRATS in Congress who seek to overthrow a duly elected president
by coup de’- tat.

The AMAC pollsters have punked their membership once again.
How proud of themselves they must be.

GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 Deus Vult !

Dave Gorjup

I agree with others who say that the single largest concern will be liberal’s continuing attempts to discredit the Trump administration. The issues listed in the poll may arise occasionally as real issues but they will really only be ammunition in the never ending domestic espionage that has been going on for over 3 years. And now, those of us in Virginia have to deal with the distraction of a liberal state gov’t trying to take away our Constitutional rights. Make no mistake, we are at war. The shooting just hasn’t started. Yet.


Someone forget about removal of rights (2nd Amendment and Due Process ie.. Red Flag laws)? What about trying to eliminate the electoral college? There are so many other things important to the continued existence of America that maybe just this once we should concentrate on our domestic laws and policies instead of things outside our borders. Not saying ignore them but the focus needs to be brought back to the center.


I am afraid for President Trump. Libtards keep throwing jello on the wall and, so far, nothing sticks. They are desperate for power and they hate our President. I am simply afraid they will attempt to kill him. We pray for his safety daily. Thanks. h.


All of the above


While any three of these five may well dominate the political commentary this year, the one issue EVERYONE needs to be talking about is the national debt. Nobody, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian,or Independent seems to be at all concerned that our federal government is spending us off a cliff to complete financial collapse and the demise of our Republic. If you aren’t beating a path to your state legislators’ door demanding they support a Convention of States to rein in the federal bureaucracy, you aren’t doing enough to preserve the Republic.


The number one concern for me is, will the House of Representatives stArt doing what they have been elected to do. They worked with Obama with his junk, they worked with both Bush’s and their junk, why can’t they come together and work together to improve America. Just what have they done in the past three years that has actually helped anything or anybody except themselves?

John Meyer

All threats from within are far more concernihg. If we cannot unite as a country and be strong from within we will not be able to repell threats from other countries intent on our demise. Iran, China and North Korea.


I really believe all 5 of these issues will continue to be discussion points in this year’s campaigns. I believe there will be other issues such as Healthcare, Prescription drug prices, Education, Gun Control, Global warming and some others.