Citing that he’s not backing down from determining the citizenship status of every US resident, President Trump is using an executive order to direct federal agencies to collect everything and anything they can on the number of non-citizens in the country and deliver this information to the Commerce Department. Do you support President Trump’s use of the executive order to gather this data?

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Gloria Faye Bans
2 years ago

PLEASE prevent the following in California! “New Voters! Improved Voting in California 1. Same Day Registration 2. New to California 3. No ID Needed 4. Felons 5. Voting in Fresno”
A flyer is available at our local library. This allows everyone to vote the day of the election. Someone could come from out of state and vote the same day!!! We must stop this voter FRAUD! “POLLING PLACES WILL BE OPEN BETWEEN 4-11 DAYS.” As one patriot remarked, HORRIBLE!!!! I am asking AMAC and citizens to save us from infestation and crime!!!

2 years ago

I absolutely unequivocally support our president Donald Trump- period!
What I think would work better than a Wall is to Fine heavily or shut down American Companies that are hiring these illegals (exploiting ) so they can pay lower wages & no benefits & screwing over the American worker!
NO JOBS, NO WELFARE, NO FREE HEALTHCARE, NO FREE NOTHIN’ would do more to stop the flow here!
And for the ones that are already here should be rounded up and dropped in the middle of Rodeo Drive or on the other side of the wall or fence from Pelosi, Whoopi and George Clooney, Cher and all the rest of Hollywood since they are so concerned about how they’re treated at the border! Let them climb over their walls!

2 years ago

FUNNY that the least amt of votes in this POLL are probably from ignorant and/or liberals, Democrats, and people who want to fundamentally change our REPUBLIC to a Chinese-type democracy.


IF YOU HATE AMERICA AND/OR OUR CONSTITUTION, please leave OR adjust to the MAJORITY of us who actually BELIEVE in Freedom and her liberties. Unless you are trying your best to gain power and control over PEOPLE, you deserve a slap from God. STOP IT. AMERICA IS A REPUBLIC, NOT A DEMOCRACY. The Democracy only comes into play in our VOTING SYSTEM, fools.


2 years ago

Who in the hell would “HOPE “illegals would assimilate!

2 years ago

Why not politely ask those who are in this country without proper approval to report to their nearest Post Office to fill out and submit a registration form to receive an identifying document, pending their day in court. If after 60 days, that person is caught without their identifying document, impose a mandatory minimum prison sentence for 5 years and then immediately deport.

Mark S
2 years ago

While you are at it You had better check if Barack Obama is in fact a legitimate Citizen of the United States

2 years ago

We must count all individuals who are in this country and we need to know how many are citizens and how many have come or stayed illegally.

The US budget is out of control and spending money on education, housing and healthcare for those who have come here or remained here on expired visas should not be costing US taxpayers! Our immigration system and laws must be tightened and enforced.

It is time we all tighten our belts and move our budget into balance and STOP adding to the national debt.
No more pet projects! Invest in what builds the economy and creates jobs for citizens of the US.

Furthermore, it is far too easy to register to vote. We are strict in our passport and travel policies, I do not see why we cannot have a voter ID system so that only those citizens who are entitle to vote are welcomed at the polls!

2 years ago

The question should have never been removed. Just one of the many things that Obama did to destroy our country.

B. Kelly
2 years ago

I feel certain that I hold the minority opinion here but this is a mixed bag. Giving the g yet more power does concern me greatly. As laws are not applied equally these days. (Ex. Smollett the homo black guy committed a felony and I dont think it is even behind bars at the moment, whereas we know that if the same crime were perpetrated by a heterosexual white guy, there would be calls for crucifixion. Dont hate me because I tell you the truth.) Anyway, as laws are not equally applied I worry about the far reaching hand of the “gubment” into the lives of its citizens. What precedent will this set for future administrations to use against its own. (Anyone recall when Osama Obama said it was okay for drones to shoot down US citizens?)

Secondly, I know that there are already enough laws on the books to address the illegal alien issue. Just use the ones that are already in place.

We dont need another (word omitted) Patriot Act.

fay Forlines
2 years ago

drop me from your list.

John Monty
2 years ago

The disagreement part of this poll was skewed as being “pro-illegal immigrants” and completely left out another valid reason for not agreeing with the President: the use of Executive orders is rule by fiat and should not be used. There should have been a fourth choice. This was a poorly written poll, designed to skew results in favor of agreement with the President.

D W Trucken
2 years ago

It is typical of the Libs to want to stick the nations head in the sand. Not wanting the people of this nation to know how many illegals are in the country eating up tax dollars and voting in our elections.

2 years ago

I think asking if you are a citizen, non citizen of legal status or non citizen of illegal status on the census is perfectly fine. If it simply asks if you are a citizen or not is so silly to oppose. You can be here legally and not be a citizen. That brings to mind some of the statements I have read here and other places about showing a driver’s license for voting. A drivers license does not mean you are a citizen. You can be here legally but not a citizen and get a driver’s license. I came as a legal immigrant and got a driver’s license. I did not get my citizenship until a few years later. That being said, I think there should be some way to mark on the drivers license that you are a citizen and reliable to vote. As for people, such as elderly, that can no longer drive, their ID card could have the same mark.

Allen B
2 years ago

This was so needed and appropriate! I’m so disappointed Trump backed down! But that is nothing compared to the betrayal of this deficit ballooning budget deal. The deficit is our biggest enemy and Trump is joining that enemy.

2 years ago

I really don’t understand what the problem is here? I was just asked the other day by Health and Human Services if I was an American citizen. So putting the question on the census is quite realistic in my opinion.

Linda S. mainello
2 years ago

We need to know who is in our country. Of course, they will lie and say they are citizens. At this point how are we to stop them?

2 years ago

Ptior to the 2010 census there was a citizen question
Canada has a citizen question. Who knows how many other nations do

Julie Lindholme
2 years ago

No country in the world allows their borders to be a sieve for the safety and security of it’s taxpaying citizens? We are more then generous to allow 1 million in yearly through legal measures , and that is not including importing workers to take our good paying jobs-or true refugees! ! I guess we have to wait till the Africans, Middle Eastern , Or Central America Gangs who come in as refugees , but, are part of a terrorist group bombs one of our cities in the US before the Democrats sitting on their hands , hating Trump, get held accountable for their absolute hypocrisy, and Malpractice of their duties!

Elaine Grout
2 years ago

I think we desperately need to change our Immigration laws. Take away the birthright law and the chain migration law. No welfare for immigrants just like in the old days when you had to have a sponsor in case you needed help but you also had to have a means to support yourself and family. They were also quarantined for at least 30 days before being released into the general population. Many of these immigrants carry diseases when they come here and most are not vaccinated for all the childhood diseases or TB. You are not supposed to be able to attend school if you are not vaccinated but I was exposed to TB by an immigrant child. I think Pres. Trump is right about stopping all immigration for awhile until we can get this situation under control.

James Howard
2 years ago

KAG please. Take America back from traitor CIA secret domestic operations & FBI domestic subversion.

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