After a busy news week, which of the following are the TWO most significant events from the past 7 days?

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1 year ago

Award to Limbaugh during speech was a bad move & was not fair to at least 50% of the people listening. This was a political stunt & Rush is on radical side of Trump

Bill Hoff
1 year ago

Pelosi’s scripted tearing up of her notes was totally in line with the public persona she shares with Schumer, Shiff, etc.

John W.
1 year ago

I think we as Americans, Patriots, those who support and will try to reelect Pres. Trump are still missing it. Yes the SOTU address was awesome but we already knew it would be. Yes, the Impeachment outcome was great but we already knew the outcome. The most Important thing on that list was the votes not being counted. Why? We are heading toward the most important election and event in maybe modern History and we better get serious about this. The Dem. Socialist movement in this country are dead serious about taking you and POTUS down, at any cost in any and every way possible. They are going to do everything in there power to cheat and disrupt the system and stop votes for Pres.Trump being counted. As well as getting as many illegals, dead people, non-existing people, and people voting more than once, to vote. we need to be watching this and fighting against it in are local areas anyway we can to fight back. we need to be talking to are family members and neighbors and especially anyone we know or suspect doesn’t vote and get them in the discussion about how important this election is. Do not be like the Republicans that had Both Houses and did nothing with it but sat down and basked in there short lived victory and then lost there advantage and accomplished nothing. Pres. Trump will loose this election and are country will suffer for it maybe for ever if we sit back and bask in a victory we don’t have yet. You better get up now and get out and start fighting for your rights, your freedom, your democracy or your about to see it slip away.

Rebecca Kiperts
1 year ago

As a very well-educated woman in the field of psychology, your polls are biased in favor of the Republicans who already agree with you. The two most important events of the last week were President Trump’s interference in the supposedly independent judicial system, of a jury-convicted felon, to lighten his sentence because he is one of Trump’s cronies, bootlickers, fellow locker room buddies, substitute whatever phrase appeals to you. No president in the long history of our already great nation is above the law. The second most important event were the resignations of the prosecutors, disgusted by the bully in the white house, and President Trump’s mistaken belief that he has the oligarchic power of President Putin. The truth will come out eventually, and I can hardly wait for the report by the General Accounting Office, documenting President Trump’s misuse of taxpayer money to fund his countless trips on Air Force One, not only from golf course to golf course in this country, but around the world, complete with his entourages, to campaign endlessly. He is obviously not a conservative in the traditional sense of the word, as he could care less about our national debt.

Unhyphenated American
1 year ago

Call it what it is, Democrat Party is Communist. We are not the United Socialist States of America! Russia, we are not but Dems want it. USA!

1 year ago

I loved his sotu address, not only pelosi and her childish display of ripping, but what about the hissing on the side of the democrats that is absolutely evil! For us Christian folk it’s all about evil and good and the democrats are very evil! That was the best state of the union dress I have ever heard and I am 64 years old,God bless the president!!!

Dr. Scott
1 year ago

I really liked the two speeches the President gave the day after the final impeachment acquittal, Thursday. First, National Prayer Breakfast with the Speaker five seats away from him. Second, in the white house with many that helped him to get through the impeachment bullsh#t, I said it at the same time he did during the speech.
His achievements have only just begun to get started. I don’t trust the political parties anymore, because when we fought so much to get a majority in all three parts, they turned out to not have the ability to do what they promised.
Maybe with this President they will, but after several past experiences, my trust in these people are about over. Shame on them.

Peter H Dragonas, M D
1 year ago

A physical Civil War is in the making. Lincoln’s Era Civil War was ignited by the Southern DEMOCRATS who were Slave Holders Vs. the Antislavery Republican North. The Children of the Southern DEMOCRATS continue to IGNORE the fact that the Democrat Party Is Not equal to Democracy. They are akin to the Communist Globalist who plan to enslave all of us. Soviet Union style. Be careful!! . Read the Labels.

Joyce E. Berman
1 year ago

I agree. The young Socialist/Communists are not going to accept that their God Bernie will never be president. But the civil war was coming anyway because of all these liberals wanting to take away our Constitutional rights, especially the Second Amendment.

Dan W.
1 year ago

The Children of the Southern DEMOCRATS from the 1920s-1960s call themselves Republicans.

Peter H Dragonas, M D
1 year ago

When I see any connection to the Clintons, I shudder. Then there is a chain of connections with the Deepest & Darkest of Political Deviants in the West. God Help us!

B. Kelly
1 year ago

Peppermint Sam, who is suffering from rectal glaucoma, told me not to allow the desert hobos to drink the blue milk until they shower in the Jedi fountain.

1 year ago

Hard to believe that Pelosi would embarrass herself like that on national TV. Pray for your common sense
and “decency ” to come back to you, Nancy dear.
Keystone Ron is a 60 year old trucker who uses prior
journalism student experience to offer up provocative
views of current topics; tries to be fair and honest.
Follow on Twitter @Tbroadliner.

1 year ago

If Bernie chooses Hillary for his VP, he can unite his party and Hillary can become the potus after his demise following an unknown happenstance.

1 year ago

Brian, your comments are excellent and correct. Evil has found a residence in the Democrat Party and thrives there. The forces of good and evil are pitted against one another, but the difference now is that evil has been forced to don a uniform, is made visible because of the presence of President Trump. The evil husks are filled with fiery anger over having been drug out into the open, exposed to the light. These have been weakened by that light, unlearned it its ways–now is the time for Good to strike and persist until victory. As you have said, this yearning for freedom grows strong all around the world, and few have not heard of the exploits of the United States President and our G_d.

d patriotsidency
1 year ago

Pelosi is a walking buffoon. Most democrats in congress are. Common sense tells us that. Democrats don’t have this, they prove it every day. Republicans aren’t far behind.
President Trump’s Presidency was well overdue and hopefully in time to save this Republic.
State of the Union speech was quite possibly one of the greatest and inspiring I’ve heard in my 68 years.
Hopefully his second term will be enough to shut down this communist cancer we have eating at our society and help American’s see, truly understand and embrace this wonderful freedom and liberty we have been blessed with once again.
“two more terms”……….

Ruby H
1 year ago

When did the Demoncrats become so evil. I am an ex democrat and I never heard of abortions at full term. Maybe. The parents of Nancy should have made that decision! I think she is evil and should be removed from her peachy job. Impeach her please!

1 year ago

I chose 1 & 4, although I think all of them are important to Americans, especially Nancy Pelosi childishly tearing up the speech. According to those “in the know”, that is grounds for her being expelled from the House and never allowed to run for office again, and possibly being fined and jailed. If that were an “ordinary” American, ALL of the above would be applied; however, being a member of the “elite”, it’s doubtful ANY of it will be. Just shows the hypocrisy of our “justice” system.

Pete from St Pete
1 year ago

Speaking of memory lapses, how is Joe Biden doing? He can’t seem to remember anything about how he got his son cushy jobs with government influence and money in the Ukraine and China. He swears he never had any conversations about them with his son, Hunter, even when he accompanied him on a trip to China that induced the Chinese government to put one and a half billion dollars into an account that Hunter controlled. Poor Joe has enough trouble trying to remember what state he is in at any one time. He certainly would make a great President.

1 year ago

President Trump. If you need medication for a lapse of memory, PLEASE don’t use the same type of meds. that Nancy is on. Loved the speech. You have my vote!

1 year ago

Only morons could argue that the economy isn’t so good… and they do! That’s the one thing that affects more people at any given time than any other, and most are rejoicing in their prospering 401K’s, recent raises, job security, prospects for moving to a better job, and the general confidence in the future of America. HOO-RAY and thank you, Mr. President!! I never do emojis, but :D
As for Nancy the Ripper, that was an iconic moment. It perfectly sums up what the dems are all about–defeating an effective and successful president, yes, even an imperfect one. Who cares about the rest. He has given us something to be proud of. In fact, recalling Mrs. Obama’s horrible declaration that she finally was proud of America now that her husband had been elected, I am proud of all you voters who saw through the media crap-lies to elect a man who truly cares for all of us, including the least among us. Instead of cherry-picking, President Trump has enacted programs and policies that lift everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, or any other little box the dems like to cage us in.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kim

Very well said Kim. The greatest threat to President Trump being re-elected is too many people on our side being w-a-y too complacent. Thinking that obviously everyone will vote for President Trump, when in reality this nation is still equally divided and half the voting public is simply either too ignorant to make intelligent, well-informed decisions or just wants a free hand-cut. Remember, only 78,000 votes spread out in four key states gave the electoral college victory to President Trump. So every one of us should be out there trying to educate and enlighten as many of our misguided friends, neighbors and family members about how Trump and his policies have benefited this nation. Then explain the stark contrast with the economy killing proposals every one of the Democrats are advocating for. We should NOT be simply sitting back and thinking the 2020 election is a cake walk. The alternative to Trump, meaning any of the Democrat candidates winning in November, is literally the collapse of this country.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Hi PaulE-
Thanks. A statistic that recently appeared on Fox…66% (of voters? of randomly chosen cell-phone users?…) are confident that President Trump will be re-elected. That’s phenomenal! But it also could make a few voters complacent, which you warn against.


No excuses, no resting on our laurels. Put a bumper sticker on your car, put a Trump sign in your yard. Keep talking to those who are convinced the dems have a better “message” (Yeah, but what will they DO? President Trump promised, and HE DELIVERED!)
One of those CA liberals I’ve mentioned in the past is now a FORMER Bernie supporter! I wrote long and well-reasoned emails to her SEVERAL TIMES, and now she won’t vote for a democrat. We’re almost there; she supports Bill Weld, the Republican challenger to Trump. What did it for her is the dem promise to take lots of money from millionaires to give to other people for not working. (She’s been working at very good jobs since she was 16). She hates the idea of debt forgiveness and free college. We pay our own bills in this family. She’s very convincing, and will probably change a few other votes.

I agree with you that not voting for Trump will doom this magnificent country to a nation of hardship, increasing poverty, depression, and social malaise. I suffered through 8 years of Obama, and it nearly bankrupted me. Capitalism, low taxes, a vibrant free marketplace, Constitutional principals, and an attitude that believes that vast opportunities exist in a truly free society will come to an abrupt end if a democrat/socialist is elected.

1 year ago

After all the hoopla with the build up to the impeechment I would have liked to have heard the evidence and heard from the witnesses. This was so dlaphazard, you never would have seen this with a real trial. Especially when I heard this was not presented to the WHOLE House, unless I heard wrong.

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