After a busy news week, which of the following are the TWO most significant events from the past 7 days?

Thursday, February 6, 2020 Feb 6, 2020 67
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Brian B

President Trump’s achievements in America have emboldened conservatives around the world. That’s why he is considered a formidable threat to the goals of the Globalist Democrats here, and Communist Globalists world-wide. Once again many in the world see America as Reagan’s “Shining city on a hill,” and the object of their hopes for deliverance from tyranny. From Hong Kong and Taiwan, to Brazil, Australia, Italy, and Greece; from the UK’s Brexit, to the groundswell rebellions of the slaves of Islam in Iran and Iraq; from Jerusalem to virtually every EU Member Nation, there are clear-thinking conservatives who are again getting their footing and want to reclaim their sovereignty and their God-given liberties. This President’s passion for liberty around the world is unprecedented, and his accomplishments in three years nothing short of remarkable. That’s why the Democrat Party is so determined to undermine the President’s reelection. And that’s why we can’t… Read more »

Marie M

The State of the Union was brilliant, President Trump has achieved so much in only 3 years in spite of the Democrats and their lack of refusing to make this country great by cooperating with the Republicans. They chose another route, they chose to be partisan, to lie, make false accusations and to attack the president and his family and those of us (a deplorable) who voted for Trump. Watching the SOTU, as the TV cameras swept through the House there before us was the perfect picture of the Democratic Party, sitting on their hands, sour faces, angry, expressionless when the special guests were introduced, what a motley group they are! I include the media in that motley group.
God help us if the Republicans don’t win the House come November.


Pray for Rush. His event should have been on this list, too. One of the best SOTU addresses I’ve heard in my life. DJT knocked a real home run, right up and over the gallery. Of course, Speaker Nasty Pelosi was being pathetic again. She had a strange weird smile or smirk on her face as she scanned the House floor. As the camera panned across the Democrats in attendance, it was clear that she was the only smiling Democrat in a sea of Democratic scowls. Her smile must have been there because she was enjoying all of the scowls! Then, if there was something she thought worthy of accolades, she would stand and the rest of the minions would stand, too! When she sat, they sat! And Speaker Nasty would smile again. I’ll be dogged. They were all playing a game of Simon Says. Sorry, I mean, Nasty Says.… Read more »


Rush Limbaugh said it best: the democrats lack “Joy” in their lives. That was evident and on full display during the State of the Union address. They have such hatred for President Trump, that they will not acknowledge or appreciate America’s success stories. They are bitter, angry people. Keep on making America Great, Mr. President. I appreciate America’s resurgence.


Really sad to hear that Dan Weber passed, pray his legacy and work continue.

Loony Nancy is truly the face (??) of the libs. Her actions were a show for the base in addition to her childishness. I believe after this week there are many democrats who were on the line will now vote for Trump and other Republicans. I just hope his actions are tempered so as not to send them back.


Somebody at AMAC had a memory lapse and put the wrong Poll title in today’s email. It said:
“When Is a Memory Lapse a Reason To Get Medical Attention?”
underneath the picture of Trump and Pence.

Press ONE for English

Seems to me someone is missing something here. The most popular selections above are either obvious to anyone who cares to pay attention and largely a lookback (the state of the union), dead obvious from the outset (Trump’s acquittal) or just plain stupid (Pelosi). The real causes for concern and attention here are the events surrounding the democrat caucus in Iowa. Highly suspicious at the very least, they hint at nefarious actions to come in the general election. This MUST be our largest concern because all of the rest means little if the progressives win the election, by means fair or foul.


At what point will the left just let President Trump do his job. Just look at what he has accomplished while having to deal with petty baby Dems throwing their tamp trims ! Go TUMP!

Willie Ryan

I hope the American people have seen the truth about the democrats.All they want is to control this country and make all the people slaves.


No wonder the democrats are so exercised, they have nothing to offer voters – but access to the treasury by all the give-aways and other “free government stuff”. Their only real access to new voters is giving driver licenses to illegal immigrants and sliding them in with the Motor Voter system.

Larry Wilson

Enjoyed the Amac poll. As the “Above the Law” Democrats debated last night from the openly married Gay Pete, the shameful EX vice president (not vice president), the rich and all of them pro-abortionist why would anyone want to vote for any of them. But people will for any benefit called free. As the Democrats said they needed to pull together all votes especially the young voters we must rally our young, old and any race of voters who believe in our faith, beliefs and convictions of what is right is right and what’s wrong is still wrong. As it was once said “To do something wrong knowing it was wrong will never make it right.” Abe Lincoln Don’t get complacent because the numbers and polls look good, My prayer is may God continue to Bless Our President and our Great Nation, and that we at the polls don’t forget… Read more »


Only morons could argue that the economy isn’t so good… and they do! That’s the one thing that affects more people at any given time than any other, and most are rejoicing in their prospering 401K’s, recent raises, job security, prospects for moving to a better job, and the general confidence in the future of America. HOO-RAY and thank you, Mr. President!! I never do emojis, but :D As for Nancy the Ripper, that was an iconic moment. It perfectly sums up what the dems are all about–defeating an effective and successful president, yes, even an imperfect one. Who cares about the rest. He has given us something to be proud of. In fact, recalling Mrs. Obama’s horrible declaration that she finally was proud of America now that her husband had been elected, I am proud of all you voters who saw through the media crap-lies to elect a man… Read more »


When will the actions of the Dems toward President Trump be considered harassment and by law have to stop and they go to work FOR our great country for which they are being paid.

The Freezing Senior

If you come at the king, you best not miss.
Let the investigations begin !

GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 Deus Vult !


I voted number 2 as the second most important because I think Pelosi’s disrespectful and disgraceful behavior will get Trump more votes in November.


The left is a monster held at bay by our president. l hope that civil war can be prevented.

Peter H Dragonas, M D

A physical Civil War is in the making. Lincoln’s Era Civil War was ignited by the Southern DEMOCRATS who were Slave Holders Vs. the Antislavery Republican North. The Children of the Southern DEMOCRATS continue to IGNORE the fact that the Democrat Party Is Not equal to Democracy. They are akin to the Communist Globalist who plan to enslave all of us. Soviet Union style. Be careful!! . Read the Labels.

Tamara Tarbell

They were all significant events. It’s hard to choose


None of the above.
Rush Limbaugh receiving the Presidential Freedom Medal was the most significant event of the week. This single event embodies all of Trumps achievements.


Trump’s acquittal and his speech were the perfect climax for this week.
The Democrats seem to have lost their integrity and patriotism, esp Joe Manchin…he suggested Censuring the President would have been a preferable solution…he evidently didn’t feel there was an impeachable offense but, when the time came, he deserted his principles and caved along Party lineS. You can’t have it both ways…it isn’t but it is???
Mitt wants attention…he’s getting it and his revenge but at the cost of his honor….you can accept all the testimony the Dems presented but the reversals in later testimony bear no weight?
And Nancy….I’ll but she prays…and for Trump too (that’s why he won) but I don’t think that that is what she was praying would happen but God doesn’t always say YES, Nancy!