As we head toward 2021, what issues facing our country are you most concerned with at this time? Please choose two.

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5 months ago

I think one if the biggestg threats to our country is the sad state of journalism in our country. Journalists, and we have to use that term loosely, is an embarrassment to professionalism and objectivity and responsibiltiy and a huge danger to the health of our country.

7 months ago

We have a “President “ that is behaving like a dictator without any checks and balances. He has undone all of the good our President did just because of a radical left agenda. Without a miracle, our country is on a slippery slope of destruction. This guy is so completely out of touch with the nation he will never bring unity. Plus I believe he has dementia and can’t even carry on an intelligent conversation.

Janice Oattis
7 months ago

I am terribly concerned About EVERYTHING listed on current conditions in our Country. Education, illegals coming in, power of Federal government, freedom of speech and thought, lack of energy independence again, SOCIALISM, economy, liberal education system, and who is actually telling the new President what to do, election fraud, trade restrictions, China, healthcare, and more. Very sad and scary times.

Eric Nagle
7 months ago

To the 53 people who said “Unsure”. How can you sit back and be unsure? This is your country. If you don’t care enough to voice your opinion, what good are you to America. Either you stand for something or not. It’s not an unsure thing.

Eric Nagle
7 months ago

I’ve been reading comments here. I share in many of them. I don’t want to be the proverbial raincloud, but as an historian, we understand that history repeats itself in 80 year cycles if we don’t learn from it. I have seen this coming since my college days 40 years ago. Here we are in 2021. Eighty years ago we were about to become fully involved in World War II and the rise of Nazism. At the very same time, China was going through the rise of communism under Mao Tse-tung. World-wide political upheaval. In 1997 we were going through a time 80 years back when the Bolsheviks were taking over Russia. So now we have children born in that time period, the mid and late 90s, who have been taught that communism in school and college is a wonderful thing with lots of unicorns and glitter – all lies. Communism has killed hundreds of millions. They and people of that generation along with some of their parent’s generation, are seizing control of our government just like the Nazis did in the Third Reich. So what is at the end of all this? Communist China in 1947, only six years away on the 80 years history repeat ruler. We either correct the repeat of history THIS time or we will ALL suffer the consequences of repeating it again like the movie “Ground Hog Day.”

7 months ago

We have now because of this election deception, more problems accruing than we ever imagined, the wrong man is in the WH and the loonies on the left are ruining a legacy of monumental success for the sake of their incredible love of historical failed socialism…..This is like a complete failure of education across the US and the belief in lies that cannot hold water due to the lack of logic….I hope this nation still has Providence and God’ ear…..

7 months ago

These are all concerns, however, not having our children in a classroom to learn is significantly hurting them and our country’s future. All of the other topics revolve around the left’s desire to move us to socialism. We are on a speeding train towards their end game. The left’s contempt for our constitution is only rivaled by their sickening use of it when they think they can twist it for their political use. Already the conservative voice is being censored, including at the local level. When you hear people on the left talk about reprogramming the right, that is exactly what they intend to do. We have to think their way, support their ideology, or perish. I have heard more than one person on the left express just that, think our way or you will be gone. Scary to think that we could be jailed, or worse, because we use the wrong word or question what we are told.

Eric Nagle
7 months ago
Reply to  Janis

Yes, Janis, you are quite right. Having children back in school is a great thing. But, they must be taught the history of our nation. As it is now, they are not and have not for a long time. They are being spoon-fed communist dogma and are falsely taught that communism is the great equalizer. They are taught nothing about the American Revolution at all nor the Constitution. I would venture to guess, zero of them have ever even read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That’s where parents come in. If they don’t inculcate traditional values in their children, they will allow strangers to do it for them. Shameful. This is called failed parenting.

Carl Salamone
7 months ago

What about the 300,000 plus Communist students in the US colleges? If only 1% were actually spies for the Chinese Military we are in big trouble.

Bruce Von Sprecken
7 months ago

The crooked Obama traitors regime was the worst in history and they are still doing the same! Biden is no more than a Obama clone performing insurrection and should be impeached from office! Our country is in grave danger now with the Commie Democrats!

8 months ago

Need term limits in Washington

8 months ago

The corruption in our state and federal government that allowing elections to be fixed using known problems with voting machines, ballot harvesting, illegal votes, misuse of permanent address, e.g., post office box numbers and homeless shelters, moving voter registration dates, etc. And, the state, federal, courts, DOJ, FBI, and Supreme Court not allowing the evidence to be exposed. This is just as bad as Chavez in Venezuela, perhaps this is why our elected officials chose to use the same voting machines?

Faith Yamakawa
8 months ago

My biggest fear is all of the Left agenda will be forced upon us to accept their ideology. If we are the baker we have to bake a gay wedding cake. If we say “sir” or “ma’am” we might get jailed for that. I think that the Stars Bangle Banner will no longer be our National Anthem. Already we are being censored. I am no longer able to comment on our local paper. What happened to our freedom of speech?

Rose Cashion
8 months ago

I’m concerned about the absolute corruption of our Congress, the blatant election fraud and out of control censorship of conservatives!

James Abernathy
8 months ago

Openly rigged election

8 months ago

They tried to stop Trump from winning in 2016, and for four years tried in vain to impeach him. I truly believe they had smiles on their faces in knowing they would surely win by stealing the 2020 election. I’m fearful for our democracy and freedom. How can those in office want to ruin the beautiful Country we live in. Are they not concerned for their children and the generations to come? I suspect Joe Biden is the Trojan Horse and Kamala will reign and ruin all that we hold so dearly, (I hope I’m wrong.). I feel badly for all our service personnel who fought for, and those who died fighting so that we would remain a free Country, the best on earth. Can someone please do something about the rigged election? Pray, pray and keep praying.

Anthony M. Radice
8 months ago

Agree – I no longer have any confidence of the honor or integrity of any officials at any department or any branch of this phony “government” – When an election is stolen with so little accountability there is no longer any obligation to respect it.

Lynn A Mueser
8 months ago

I’m very concerned about everything on the list. I’m particularly concerned that the President many of us supported has “quit” before his term is finished. Is this the man we supported from the very beginning? He’s quit us before his term is over. We need him to keep fighting.

Michael D Lind
8 months ago

America has a leadership problem and its on both sides. We the people need to vote all of the leaders that think we do not know what is best for us out of office. They are distroying our country at every level of govenment. We cannot continue to allow our elected officials undermine our laws and do whatever they want for the lobbyists.

stan r stowe
8 months ago

Surely one of the most pressing issues is our debt! Many things can not be fixed till we have national convention of the states to write some new bill of rights / amendments, #1 WOULD BE TERM LIMITS, # 2 WOULD BE A BALANCED BUDGET # 3 IS BUILD A BORDER WALL

Of course, I still hold China declared war on America and the rest of the world, and it is stupid to treat them as anything other than the same as Hitler and the Nazi’s in WW2 !

Thomas M Goff
8 months ago

The lying Media has painted Communism as glorious, yet I find it very difficult to almost impossible to find any one escaping from a Democracy and fleeing to a Communist Nation. Their are and will always be those seeking to Rule the World and Communism provides them that possibility. We in America went to sleep and ignored laws that took choice away from The People. It started with Federal Income Tax then Seat Belt laws( it is insurance responsibility to tell its customers” no seat belt- we do not pay” Not Governments then helmet law then anti smoking laws plus other mandates such as mask wearing and quarantine for The healthy now its whom you have and how many allowed in your home. Each law /mandate slowly taking our freedom to choose away and Nations such as China does not seem much different, What people do not understand is we are heading down the path to be a nation like North Korea. The lust of Power has no satisfaction until its gained all and the Citizens has no choice except do as told or be put to death. Media was at one time Freedoms Guard Dog, Todays The Main Media playing The Pied Piper has lured Americans into a trance and leading all into either a Dictatorship or Communism, soon it will be too late to turn back or is it too late already?

Eric Nagle
7 months ago
Reply to  Thomas M Goff

Thomas, you are so right. You said “We in America went to sleep and ignored laws that took choice away from The People.” Yes, we did. Most Americans failed to see that our rights as Citizens have been slowly whittled away at until, here we are, at the precipice leading into the abyss of totalitarianism with our rights permanently curtailed.

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