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Pelosi, Immigration, Telemedicine

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First up, the bill to assist small businesses finally went through congress, but not before liberals did everything they could to hold it up. Find out what Nancy Pelosi was doing in the middle of all of this. Next, the President has made it clear always to put Americans first, and that is why he decided to halt immigration temporarily. Finally, we have Dr. Nicholas Lorenzo, the Chief Medical Officer from MeMD, to discuss an all-new amazing benefit that allows you to see a doctor in minutes.

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Norma Stanley

It’s too bad Pelosi and her puppets don’t care about the welfare of our country and it’s population. They appear to be trying to bring it down while they fight for power. But, Trump is strong and intelligent and they are no match for him.

Sara Bratt

As a conservative REPUBLIC ….how do we convience the Nation to vote Nancy, Shumer, and Dhiff out? And when do we get all the ones responsible for trying to get President out before he ever took office? Why isn’t something being done? Do not let them go unpunished!!!


The mask she wears looks pretty normal to me…..kind of like stick em up taxpayer, worker, retiree…….yep ole ice cream Nancy looks pretty natural with the mask.

Rich J

It’s so nice to see Nancy wearing her scarf over her face. Besides that, this despicable millionaire swamp rat is a blight on our American congress. I guess good ole’ Joe and Nancy are just common American folks despite their millions. I so hope that the American people that vote for her WAKE UP and see the truth before they vote one more time for her and people like her in the next election. Everything that makes America great is at stake in November. Let’s make our votes count!


The current Democratic Party is the most corrupt , communist leaning political party in the US and if we could get laws passed to stop them from taking money from China, the game would be up for them.

Mike Stevens

I am so glad I found AMC. For years I thought that AARP was the bee’s knee’s, not knowing that the support the liberal Democrat Party and all their cronies. Pelosi, Schummer, Warren, Biden, Nadler, Waters are useless people, And the thought that Biden will nominate Michelle O’Bama as his vice president is scary. That’s going to really piss off Hillary. I hope Sleepy Joe has his affairs in order.


There are 2 sides to things in this world. One is God’s, and the other is satan’s. Whether people know it or not, they are on one side or the other. Satan wants a 1 world government which he will temporally run for 7 years. Predictions from 2500 or more years ago make it sound like it is coming soon. People on his side don’t like God’s ways or laws. God loves everyone, and sent His son to atone for the sins of all. But if you haven’t accepted that gift by asking Him to save you, you will be left out. The tribulation could begin in 50 years, or in 50 seconds. Get ready. The hour of decision is now.

Michael A Sa.

Pelosi didn’t deserve that much of your broadcast time. If people don’t know by now that it’s Pelosi Agenda first, and the American citizen last, truly they must have their head in the sand. As much as I don’t care for her politics, and as much as I am a President Trump supporter, you were also off base in criticizing her asking for a $10.00 contribution amid the virus. I must get at least four requests daily to contribute in one form or another for Trump/Pence, The Wall, Melania’s Birthday, etc., etc., etc.. We don’t want to become as sleazy as the Dems. We look in the mirror first, then chastise them. Hopefully in 192 days, we can be rid of Nancy Pelosi along with some other disgusting Democrats, and get President Trump re-elected. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

Francis P Garrity

I think our President is doing a very good job, I just wish there werent so many republican legislators who are not backing or outright oposing him!!!



Rae B.

I agree with Amac on the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. We should have never allowed the U.S. to become dependent on China for something so vital.

Orville Figgs

Good ol’ Nasty Nancy Antoinette. Let them eat ice cream while millions of small businesses go out of business and US citizens loose their jobs.


Regarding Biden, if elected he will either resign or medical out of the Presidency, now with that his VP becomes the President AND appoints the VP which has to be approved by both houses of Congress!! 4 to 8 more years of an Obama White House is more than scary – assuming two things; Biden gets elected and Michelle Obama is the VP.

Get out, be vocal…Americans need to gain GOP/conservative seats in the Senate and regain the House of Representatives with a sufficient majority, as well as re-elect Trump!


Sally Duncan

I am always so impressed with AMAC & how you are looking to better your services for your members. MEMD is just another wonderful service you have brought on board.

I was so dorry to read about Mr. Weber. Our thoughts & prayers are with the aweber Family as well as, with the AMAC team who worked so clisely with him. Please accrpt our heartfelt condolences.


Art & Sally Duncan

Yvonne Norton

Poliaski may not know it but ice cream will not keep forever it gets a sandy texture after awhile but she has more money then she will ever use. she only cares about self. Why some people cannot see this and not vote for Dems. they are all the same way and will not keep there word if they get in office you will be paying through the nose.