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First, liberals have a new plan they want you to get behind that would only cost you 3 trillion dollars of your tax money. Next, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared in a coronavirus briefing at the U.S Senate, and he did not exactly get a warm greeting. We have our own AMAC Action President, Bob Carlstrom, joining us to discuss the latest COVID-19 openings and much more.

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E. Fletcher
2 months ago

The virus hurts some people. The shutdown hurts ALL people. It will take years to repair the damage done by this shutdown. And Pelosi, why can’t we get rid of her? Where does she think this money is going to come from. You can see what she is doing. She is attempting to bail out the Democratic run states and cities that have been operating in the red for years. She’s not trying to compensate for the virus, she’s salvaging her democratic politicians who have mismanaged their states and run them into bankruptcy. That old woman needs to go home… Read more »

Robert Sackrider
2 months ago

The shutdown doesn’t cure or stop the virus. It just delays it. The virus will run its coarse, now or later. Those most vulnerable must take precautions like any other danger. END the SHUTDOWN NOW. It is doing unnecessary irreparable harm to people. Hospitals are half empty and in financial trouble. Nurses and doctors are idle and people are not getting the healthcare they need. EVERY dime the govt gives out it must take from you. $3 trillion is about $10,000 per person (not per taxpayer). Every elected official should not earn a dime until the shutdown ends and no… Read more »

2 months ago

I sincerely hope that President Trump veto’s this bill, if it gets by the Senate. We don’t need bailouts. We need FREEDOM!

Kathy Humble
2 months ago

We as Americans would be much better off if we could remove Pelosi and Schumer from the government altogether. They are the ones that cause all the headaches.

Larry Peterson
2 months ago

SOCIALISM pure and simple along with bankrupting America. Right out of Cloward–Piven playbook!

2 months ago

Pelosi is unworthy of leadership. What she proposes is ridiculous.
The mail-in ballots seem to me to be nothing more than to secure the demoncrats to steal the election.

T Taylor
2 months ago

Pelosi needs to go! It is not the rich Democrats are wanting to saddle this big tax burden with rather the middle class.

2 months ago

I’m glad to hear Mr. Fauci says he’s humble. I sure didn’t get that impression listening to him and his predictions. His models were all proven wrong! A humble man would admit to the flaws of these models. Rather than admitting to these flaws, he simply moves on to another model! Always the same doom and gloom! Also, I don’t understand why he’s brushing off the results of hydroxycloroquine. I question his motives? I question the motives of the pharmaceutical industry as well?

Lew Rigaud
2 months ago

Pelosi needs to be flogged in the town square along with Dr. Fake Ouches!!

Fred J Noel
2 months ago

Dr. Fauci has been in Washington D.C. for 36 years. I call him Dr. Deep State Fauci. You can’t live in the swamp for 36 years and no get that damp musty smell on you.

Three Point Paper
2 months ago

Hello One and All, 1. As is the status quo with Nancy Pelosi, and her co-hoard of ultra liberal, socialist minded individuals, who simply push forward on what the (Liberals) think is best for the American people, when in fact, the ultra liberal, socialist minded individuals who are now in office, and have been for the longest of times, are saddled up with Nancy Pelosi, and dear ole Nancy’s hair brained stunts; Which do “Not” now, Nor have they ever had the best interests of “ALL” of America’s population at heart, or in mind. If what Nancy Pelosi has gone… Read more »

aluminum head
2 months ago

The clips that you see / hear with Pelousy make you believe she is an escapee from an institution for the mentally challenged.

Karen Mitchell
2 months ago

I don’t know where you want to put this email but I have to vent! As I look all around me I wonder what country I am in? It looks like a third world country ran by dictators. It is hard to wear this mask another minute. It is hard to breath thru and it represent a tyrannical local government. I am seventy five years old and I am more afraid of democrats than coed 19.

Steven W. Anderson
2 months ago

We started with shutting down the country for a couple of weeks and then maybe open by Easter, then end of April, now some states sort of open, and snails pace opening by Blue states and May is half over. We don’t need more spending bills we need to seriously open our economy.

The OLD Warhorse
2 months ago

When comes to elections, I’m old fashioned. Election Day is the First Tuesday after the First Monday in November! IF, knowing that, you cannot adjust your schedule to allow you to vote at your local polling station, gee, I’m sorry, YOU DON’T GET TO VOTE! No early voting, no late voting, no mail in voting, no absentee voting. Only exception would be for American Citizens serving their country away from home, be it Military or Civil Service such as the State Department or Peace Corps. Sorry, working for Apple in China does NOT count. Yea, I know it might cause… Read more »

2 months ago

Liberty and freedom is what we need no more stimulus, especially this new move to give trillions of dollars to poorly run cities and states. NO MORE MONEY PERIOD. Illegals can go back to their home country for a handout no money to illegals who actually are breaking our laws. Time to move against sanctuary cities and states no more federal dollars for the lawbreakers who should be charged with treason.

aluminum head
2 months ago

About the little FRAUD “Mr.” Fahucci – he is an obama holdover, took federal grant money to develop an alleged cure for AIDS then held back on this medicine till he got it patented using our tax dollars. And all he does is speak in speculative terms about things even God would not dare guess. I hate this little man who has a Napoleon complex as much as I hate the former president. You the one who is a muslim marxist ?

W. Watson
2 months ago

The world should have never been shut down period. More harm has been done to peoples lives and the economy because of the shutdown. Yes, the sick only should have been quarantined. If you are well go to work. If you are sick stay home. Use common sense America. Wake up America. Do you really want Socialism??

Dr. Cissero
2 months ago

Pelosi is an obtuse, insensitive, crude, and stupid female, other than that she nothing going for her!

Stan d. Upnow
2 months ago

Wow, Nancy’s face looks like a mask. She must have Botox delivered to her house by tanker truck.
These Progressive-Socialists are trying every dirty trick their subversive minds can conceive of to steal this upcoming election.
How do you generate a detailed, 1000+ page bill in a matter of days?? How long would it take an author to write a 300-page novel or textbook? Years!

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