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OPINION: Democratic Party is the Party of Rich Elitists

Democrat flag democratic rich elitistsWASHINGTON, DC – With all the noise they make, you’d think the members of the liberal left have already taken over the country, but the fact is conservatives still outnumber liberals, according to the pollsters at Gallup.

Gallup reports that its latest survey showed that in 2018, 35% of Americans on average considered themselves to be Conservatives and 26% saw themselves as Liberal. Conservatives had the same 9-point lead in 2017.

However, don’t take the progress of the Socialist movement in America lightly.  As we reported not long ago,  a majority of citizens who call themselves Democrats favor a socialist society rather than a nation built on America’s Constitutional principles and values.  In fact, many Democratic Party leaders were concerned prior to the November elections that the liberal rantings of too many of the Party’s more outspoken members were too loud and putting their chances in those elections at risk.

Obviously, they had nothing to fear because the Democrats now control the House of Representatives.  And, that does not bode well for the nation because it encourages misguided progressive efforts to turn the U.S. into a socialist state, notwithstanding the fact that it has been proven time and again that socialism does not work.

Dr. James D. Veltmeyer was born in Ecuador.  He is a legal immigrant who recently published an Opinion Article in the Times of San Diego in which he pointed out that “Socialism does not uplift individuals; it impoverishes them. It does not raise living standards; it decimates them. It does not advance human potential but, as Franklin D. Roosevelt said, it subtly destroys the human spirit.”

Gee, Roosevelt was a Democrat, wasn’t he?

Veltmeyer makes the point that socialism is a system of government that helps only the elite ruling class of a nation “who see it not as a way to raise up the poor and working class but as a way to keep them down and under control, stifling their ambition and upward mobility.”

Interestingly, the Republican Party has long been accused of being the elitists despite the fact that it was formed in 1854 to support the Constitution as an anti-slavery, pro-education alternative to what was then the pro-slavery conservative-elitist Democratic Party.

Since President Trump was elected, the GOP, to a large extent, has rededicated itself to its roots representing the needs and desires of America’s middle-class.  The Democratic Party, on the other hand, has become the party of the rich and the elite, as The Hill put it.

In an analysis of the mid-term election results published in The Hill, Hoover Institution research fellow Jeremy Carl concluded that “the Democrats control the commanding heights of American society.”

And, they seek to increase their power and their control by trading benefits for votes.

Bill DeBlasio, the socialist mayor of New York City, announced last week that the City will provide no cost health care for anyone who needs it, including an estimated 600,000 illegal aliens.  DeBlasio also announced this week that he backs a new law that would require all private sector employers in the City to give all of their workers at least two weeks paid vacation annually.

And, when the newly elected progressive Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, took his Oath of Office last week, he made a variety of pie-in-the-sky promises without saying how and who would pay for his schemes.

In Washington, meanwhile, Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi seek to sway the hearts and minds of the legal and illegal immigrant population by promising to resist efforts for more and better border security.

To make the socialist game plan clearer, I once again quote Dr. Veltmeyer who said that Schumer, Pelosi and the others seek “not to help a suffering population or rescue those escaping poverty or persecution abroad, but to use these unfortunate people in a cynical political power play to solidify their electoral position through creating a permanently dependent underclass willing to trade its votes for the promise of cradle to grave security.”

The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] is the nation’s largest Conservative senior advocacy organization with more than 1.6 million members.

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The Freezing Senior

DEMOCRAT party is the party of the deeply psychologically disturbed. There, fixed it for ya.


How depressing to read this article and the statistics found at the links! Democrats win elections on the majority of the votes from both the wealthiest 10% and the poorest 10%. So, not only does the RNC need to get every single middle class vote, but we will also need to start cultivating the poor and the growing wealthy sector. Good luck with that! The poor “need” all those social services, and the wealthy want them to have those services and demand publicly funded amenities as well. Conservatives have a tenuous lead over Democrats, and they (we) are trending downward. I remember seeing statistics from years ago that claimed Conservatives composed 40% of the voters, and Liberals only 20%. Now there’s only a 9 point difference. The article at The Hill stated that population centers (cities and their suburbs) lean Democrat. As more people flock to the cities, this will… Read more »


When will the politicians look up the word ‘illegal’ and enforce its meaning. For the life of me I can not understand the constant rhetoric about what rights ‘illegals’ have or should be given. We, the people of this great nation, should demand that all entered this country the ‘legal’ way so that they can in turn earn the rights that others have fought for. If our politicians would enforce the laws we have on the books then the solution to many of these issues would be right in front of them.

Frank S.

I can’t for the life of me understand how an informed U.S. citizen can vote for anyone in the Democratic Party anymore. Here is a list I put together of what the Democratic Party is, or stands for, today (I didn’t include “Hypocrisy” because that is common to the Republican Part too). Democratic Party…Party of: 1. Leftists & “Progressives” 2. Judicial Activism 3. Moral Relativism 4. Historical Revisionism 5. “Democratic” Socialism 6. Humanism/Secularism (Anti-Judeo/Christian Values) 7. Misleading Euphemisms…“pro-choice” (abortion), “Planned Parenthood” (abortion), “undocumented workers” (illegal aliens), “democratic socialism” (socialism), “affirmative action” (reverse discrimination) 8. Emotional Manipulation 9. Ever-expanding Government 10. Increased Taxation 11. Increased Regulation 12. Political Correctness 13. Identity Politics 14. Planned Parenthood/Abortion on Demand 15. Promoting Victim Mentality 16. Uninformed Opinions (low-information) 17. Equality of Outcome (vs. Equality of Opportunity) 18. No Voter I.D. 19. Illegal Aliens 20. Anti-ICE 21. Sanctuary Cities 22. Optics over Substance/Facts 23. Situational… Read more »

jim Scofield

Yes the Democrat’s are throwing out the welcome mat for their new Slaves to come and join
their Plantation since the Blacks are starting to realize that they have been lied to for the last
60+ years. And that President Trump is doing everything He can to Keep His Promises that
He made and that alone Scares the Communist\Democrats the most because a Politician is
not supposed to keep his Promises.

Rosemary L

Greedy self-serving politician!. It’s like feeding a stray cat, keep putting food out and they will keep coming and then you have complete control. Democrats have been doing this for years, free programs for the most needy citizens. Obama brought this to a higher level! But the sad reality is they don’t really care about the citizens only the “vote”.

Annabelle Johnston

Unfortunately, today’s youth don’t know or understand what Socialism really means. My grandson thought everyone being equal was the right thing until I explained that he would have to give up his hard earned A in school work to share it with a D student who didn’t work hard at all. All of a sudden he stated “that’s not fair” and I said that’s Socialism in a nutshell!!


These are the groups that make up there constituents as well as there standards of democratic party now:
1- Anti Hating Christian BIGOT Satanist/Lucerferians.
2- All sorts of Terrorist Islamist’s, Cair, Muslim Brotherhood, Isis, Taliban and Including Pakistan’s Worse.
3-Chinese Communist Marxist.
4- Russian Communist Marxists.
5- Illegal aliens.
6- Mexican Drug Cartels as well as Central American drug Cartes.
7-Russian Uranium Conglomerate.
8-Antifa ( nazi communist subversive Group ).
9- Black Lives Matter ( Communist Marxist Subversives group ).
10- Felons ( Pardoned or Otherwise).
11-Welfare Recipients.
12- Government Workers. ( includes all Deep State workers in FBI, NSA, CIA, ATF, DOJ, DHS, Etc.)
13-Holloywood Pedophiles,
14-Hollywood Rapists.
15-Homosexual Perverts.
16-Lesbian Perverts.
17-Transgenderist Perverts.
18- George Soros
19-Saudi Prince Alweed.
20-The Clinton Family.
21-Seth Rich ( oops he was murdered ) by you know who.
22-The Obama Family.
23-The Bush Family.
24- John McCain and Family
25- Paul Ryan and Family
26- Mitch McConnell and Family.
27-Chamber of Commerce

Glenn rsmyr

Always has been the party of the richest but always in camouflage.

Dennis Durgan



Deathocrats win elections, because they rig the machines, which are owned by George Soros, they have illegal immigrants voting, they have dead people voting, they stuff ballot boxes when no one is there, they use Saul Alinsky strategies to make allegations against opposing conservatives (ex. Judge Moore, Kavanaugh, and others). They have no ethics or morals – they are strictly bullies and will do whatever they can get away with doing what they want- which is a lot because they are such liars and sneaks and maligners. They have no conscience. The devil is a murderer and the father of lies. The media and late night hosts, e.g. Colbert and the other guy of ill repute, are running right along with them spreading the lies: CNN, CBS, ABC – demeaning the conservatives and mocking our President. They win because they have been able to convince otherwise intelligent Americans that they… Read more »


The other existing problem is they are moving out of those states because of the tax burden placed upon them by these idiot governors and mayors. I just pray that they leave their idiotic beliefs in the state that they are leaving to come to a Red State.


Have the majority of conservatives moved out of NYC and California? How do these socialist keep getting elected? I am very thankful for our forefathers incite in establishing the Electoral College.

rusty jones

dems overall biggest problems are hostility toward the U.S. Constitution and truth.

patricia luther

Don’t understand why patriotism is being thrown over to the most unacceptable way of degraded impoverished life


If we are really honest with ourselves, we will recognize today’s Democrat Party as the Communist Party of Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot and Maduro. The Governor of NYS, Cuomo, talked about making NYS the most ‘progressive’. He talked about ‘social justice’ These two terms are another way of saying he is going full Communist. The Mayor of NYC is talking about taking over property. Gov Newsome of CA is for open borders/sanctuary – the Internationale. And then there is Hillary – she proposed enacting laws to change religious beliefs. Is Hillary a Democrat?. All three are not ‘liberals’. They are pure communist. Lets be honest and call the DNC the CPUSA…. It could save our lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness.


Lower income individuals and illegals need to wake up and realize that Trump is doing a lot of good for them and the Democrats are taking advantage of them. Blacks are beginning to see this, but there is a long way to go.

Andre Ashley

please work to reform government pensions.


Please , please distinguish between the idea of democratic, and the nasty party, democrat party. But, understanding the meaning of the article, yes, the democrats as a party are dealing with wealth, beyond legal measure, but look at Venezuela to see results of socialism!

Jacki SeiWell

work on more work programs for the poorer people.