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The Transgender’ Epidemic’ May Not Really Be An Epidemic, But It Has Nonetheless Uncovered Some Dirty, Little Secrets

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2021
by AMAC, John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 30 — The transgender movement is gaining momentum in the media, spreading the word that it’s normal and natural for a boy wanting to be a girl or a girl wanting to be a boy. The effort to normalize gender dysphoria has been so successful that the parents of an 18-month-old baby girl in England decided that she was actually a boy, gave her a boy’s name and, now that the child is four years old, they’ve registered her at a sex change clinic for treatment when she reaches puberty.

Approximately four million children are born in the U.S. each year, and it is estimated that just 1.3% to 3.2% of the — 50,000 to 130,000 — wind up identifying themselves as transgender, according to studies.

And a goodly number of those who consider getting a sex change ultimately decide against it. It turns out that we are not in the midst of a so-called transgender epidemic.

So, why the media frenzy? The old saying tells us it is because it sells newspapers or, as they might say today, it increases the click-through rate at Websites. To paraphrase the renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who coined the term psychic epidemic, transgender news reports may have “disorder[ed] the brains of politicians and journalists who unwittingly let loose psychic epidemics on the world.”

But media coverage of transgender news has helped to uncover a few dirty little secrets. Among them, that the very people we trust to watch over our kids as they grow up — their teachers — may be clandestinely helping to spread this particular psychic epidemic.

Mental health counselor January Littlejohn in Tallahassee, FL, recently found out that her 13-year-old daughter was being secretly assisted and abetted by school officials in exploring her transgender notions. In an interview with The Epoch Times, she said, “these kids claiming transgender identities out of the blue have no idea of the scope or scale of what they are saying, things they are asking for in terms of hormones and surgery. It’s like they’re asking to get a nose ring or their hair dyed or a piece of clothing they know their parents are going to reject.”

In other words, she said, the school was affirming transgender students — including her daughter — who say they were born the wrong gender.”

The Epoch Times dug deeper and found that the Leon County School District had a formal transgender gender nonconforming student support plan. Under a section entitled, Parent/Guardian Involvement, “it was made clear that staff wouldn’t notify the parents of anything involved in ‘implementing this plan’ and wouldn’t ‘include gender-specific pronouns when speaking w/parents.'”

When the school district was caught in its deception, it apologized and updated their “support plan” protocol to include parents.

What the Leon County School District was doing is not an isolated incident. In Maryland, the Montgomery County Board of Education is under fire for ignoring parental rights by keeping secret the fact that a student is suffering from gender dysphoria. The Board claims it is doing so in order to “protect” the child, assuming that his or her mother, father, and/or sibling might use extreme measures to set the kid right. At least two families have taken legal action to set the School Board right.

They’re suing because, as the Heritage Foundation describes it, “educators are actively keeping information about something as critical as a student’s gender identity preference hidden from parents—an action in direct contravention of legally guaranteed parental rights, and in violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.”

The Foundation says that the Board overstepped its authority when it created a policy that allows students of any age to “transition socially” from being a girl to a boy and vice versa at school without telling parents about what is happening to their kids. The policy enables girls to use the boys’ bathrooms and allows the boys to relieve themselves in the girls’ bathrooms, for example. Their reasoning, according to the policy, is to “address their discomfort to foster understanding of gender identity.” It may sound to some that they are facilitating and, possibly, encouraging sex-change notions and that’s why they want to keep it secret.

The Board says that they are protecting the children from “unsupportive” parents who may do them harm. The fact is that if a student shows signs of abuse, teachers are required to report it because it is the right thing to do, and in some states, it is the law.

The transgender elite tells us it is not unusual these days that kids are craving to be something physically that they’re not.

Certainly, media coverage of the phenomenon has grown considerably in recent years, begging the question is it the result of a new wave fad.

Lisa Marchiano is a writer, licensed clinical social worker, and certified analyst in private practice in Philadelphia. She addressed the issue some time ago in a scholarly article in the publication Psychological Perspectives.

Dr. Marchiano says that “we appear to be experiencing a significant psychic epidemic that is manifesting as children and young people coming to believe that they are the opposite sex, and in some cases taking drastic measures to change their bodies. Of particular concern to the author is the number of teens and tweens suddenly coming out as transgender without a prior history of discomfort with their sex.”

Her conclusion: “Reports online indicate that a young person’s coming out as transgender is often preceded by increased social media use and/or having one or more peers also come out as transgender. These factors suggest that social contagion may be contributing to the significant rise in the number of young people seeking treatment for gender dysphoria.”

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2 years ago

Is this really some kind of mystery? Kids need to seek out support from their peers online about gender issues precisely because the kinds of people who read this site are not being supportive or understanding.

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