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The Harris Presidency

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2020
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

If Joe Biden is elected president, count on a Harris presidency.  The prospect is a near certainty – and should scare Americans, especially moderate Democrats, Independents, and anti-Trump Republicans.  If voting for Trump troubles some, a Harris presidency should bring shudders.

Indicators of a planned midterm succession are growing.  Implications for America are serious. Consider the evidence for midterm succession.

Try as they might to distract, Biden’s physical health is frail.  Former President Obama’s physician, referring to Biden, said “He’s not a healthy guy.”  At 77, Biden carries damage from two aneurisms, non-valvular atrial fibrillation, suffers hyperlipidemia (abnormally high concentration of fats in his blood), and other disorders. He is at risk for stroke, just suffered an eye bleed from aneurism.  See, e.g.,;;

On the mental health side, most recognize Biden’s declining cognitive ability.  Examples are legion.  Biden regularly suffers major memory lapses, is not good with numbers, situational awareness, or facts.  He has fallen asleep on the set.  See, e.g.,;;;

These conditions presage a power hand-off.  Biden and Harris both referred to a “Harris Administration” in mid-September.  See, e.g.,;

Next, consider Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre creation of “a commission to allow Congress to intervene under the 25th Amendment” to remove a president for capacity.  While framing it as focused on Trump, which is absurd, the real mission is pre-loading the transition to Harris.

Even the way in which the commission was announced – targeting Trump with a way at Biden – was a chess, putting two at risk.  After pointing to Trump, Pelosi noted “this legislation applies to future presidents.” As if saying too much, Maryland Democrat James Raskin stressed it could apply to a president 50 years from now.  Well, hmmm, let us be prepared.  See,

Now comes the obedient press.  In an article entitled “Five Myths About the 25th Amendment,” the Washington Post offers that “physical incapacity” matters but “mental illness” would work, citing Lyndon Johnson’s reference to “senility.”

Then, they say: “Once a president tells congressional leaders that she’s again able to carry out her duties, she ‘gets to be president again.’”  Indeed.  Assumptions bound up there, a double fake to Harris as president, quietly tracking Pelosi’s plan.  Neatly supporting Biden’s removal, they say disability is unnecessary, as the Amendment works for “serious impairment.”

Have you noticed any leading Democrat jumping to defend Biden’s mind? No. Protestations are double-edged; they could undermine removal later.  If Biden-Harris is going to win, they do that on anti-Trump sentiment, not pro-Biden enthusiasm. So, no need to tout his mental skills.

One level deeper, polls – why? – show “one-third of Democrats are worried about Joe Biden’s mental health.”  If you believe in game theory, imagine Biden-Harris win by “not being Trump-Pence,” and transfer of power follows. The foundation pre-election would be a poll noting some think Biden is not all there.  Check that box. See,

Okay, put these dominos aside.  Look at what a Harris presidency would mean. Of 100 US Senators, she is furthest left.  A 2019 non-partisan “GovTrack” survey showed Harris “the most liberal compared to All Senators.”  See,

What does that mean?  Something between radical, centralizing, bankrupting leftist, and chaos.  Do not think for a moment those promoting lawlessness and enemies aboard miss the meaning.  Harris would be as weak as weak comes.

On policy, just envision carnage.  Harris would outlaw private health insurance, implement “Medicare-for-All” (at a cost of $32 trillion), push her socialist “New Green Deal,” put the federal government in charge of the economy. See, e.g.;,would%20cost%20about%20%2432%20trillion%20over%2010%20years.

Harris and Biden refuse to renounce “court-packing” – which means they favor it.  That would, if successful, make America a one-party state, stripping that third branch of independence.  Harris agrees with “defunding” police to “share the wealth.”  That would upend civil order and property ownership. See, e.g.,

Harris pledges deep cuts to the military, perhaps reimagining security in Chinese. She has systematically voted to cut defense budgets, including the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. See,

To this, add open borders for illegals, pushing sanctuary cities (where crime and taxes spike), eliminating bail (as in New York), and enfranchising felons. See, e.g.,

The future would darken fast with legalization of drugs, sellout to China and Iran, new taxes – totaling $3.2 trillion dollars before a combined $32 trillion to fund “Medicare-for-All” and another $30 trillion for her “New Green Deal.” See, e.g.,  By contrast, Venezuela and Cuba will look good.

Forget gun ownership, too.  Harris has deep antipathy for the 2nd Amendment.  See,  The stock market would likely crater with new regulations, taxes, anti-corporate litigation.  Liberal outlets admit, “Harris says she will prosecute oil companies and utilities” for their “role in the climate crisis,” criminalizing “misleading the public.” See, e.g.,  Then expect a return to criminalizing any academic debate around global warming.  See,

The final goal would be to wholly silence opposition.  Whether by prosecuting speech, religion, or economic activity, packing the Supreme Court, or extra-constitutional action, Harris has been clear.  She said, “After we impeach, we round up the Trump supporters.” See, e.g.

To most – of any stripe – that has an ominous ring.  Those of faith – as we are about to see – should be especially concerned. See,  Finally, expect indefensible spending – for things like reparations for slavery.

So, is the Harris’ shadow plain? Trump-Pence must win to stop the Harris Presidency. Such a shift would change America. Most Americans would be stunned. See the stakes?

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