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Spokesman Robert Charles Joins Better for America for an Episode of the ‘Reb and Rob Show”

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2022
by AMAC, John Grimaldi
Robert Charles

AMAC’s National Spokesperson Robert ‘Bobby’ Charles has an amazing resume. He spent time in both the Reagan and Bush ‘41 White Houses and was chief counsel in the House Oversight Committee for five years. He served ten years in Naval Intelligence and was the Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, managing police training and stabilization efforts in dicey places from Iraq and Afghanistan to Colombia and Kosovo.

Bobby recently sat down with AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber on her Better for America podcast to provide insight into the pressing issues America is facing. On this edition of the podcast, what Rebecca likes to call the “Reb and Rob Show,” he opined on recent Supreme Court rulings that have helped us “turn a corner” in a positive way regarding a variety of issues, including abortion, religious discrimination, and gun control. 

As regards the U.S. Constitution, Bobby said “we live in a constitutional republic and sometimes we forget that it means there are three branches and there’s always an equipoise or a balancing or a rebalancing of things. And the Supreme Court, just for the record, corrects past errors, refines cases, and changes criminal procedures all the time. They do it all the time. And the fact that the left has sort of gone berserk in response to these cases is a misunderstanding of the normal process, which is that constitutional issues are constantly revisited in the context of new cases and controversies. The lawyers who have studied Roe, even those on the left, knew that it was always on weak turf. The Supreme Court decision for Dobbs [that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion] is going to have a big ripple effect. It’s likely to create a kind of new respect for life. As we often say, the conscience of the country, the conscience of the nation has been reawakened.”

On the issue of religious discrimination, he pointed out that the Supreme Court also recently ruled that excluding religious schools from state tuition programs was “discrimination against religion.” It comes at a time when many American families are opting to enroll their children in private schools, including religious schools, rather than public schools, many of which are adopting the “anti-American” CRT — Critical Race Theory. It’s a win for parents “who want to have their kids have a moral compass, who want their kids to get real training and are not interested in CRT.”

Bobby also spoke on the Supreme Court’s ruling that the New York law requiring a license to carry concealed weapons in public places is unconstitutional. As he said, “Gun violence does not have to do with guns. It has to do with the moral decay of society. You could use a car; you could use a knife [to kill]. The point is it is not about the weapon. It is about attitude. And the point here is you can make anything into a weapon. You can make a seashell into a weapon if you want. The bottom line is we have to preserve the rights and educate the young people that these rights [come with responsibility]. Civil rights and civic responsibility go hand in glove. They’re two sides of the same coin.”

In his closing remarks, Bobby reminded us that we the people have a responsibility. “We need to speak up and explain what this country is made of…if we don’t, then shame on us. If we don’t explain how we got here…we just allow kids to think that you wake up with an iPhone the day you’re born. That’s not how this works. This [America] was a product of an extraordinary effort. I think the Supreme Court cases will help us. We opened that door. But I also think every kid, every parent, and every teacher ought to find an excuse to walk kids through a cemetery and talk to them, about faith, but also about the veterans in that cemetery and why they are there. Or walk them through a virtual tour of Arlington National Cemetery and help kids understand that freedom and America are not an accident. They are the product of an act of tremendous courage.  And if there’s one attribute that really attaches to this country beyond generosity and love of freedom, it is courage. All the generations that preceded us in one form or another showed great courage. That’s our obligation.”

Mr. Charles is “one of a kind,” says Weber, a commentator with a history of real-world experience. His assessments are based on his experiences and understanding of the political machinations and goals of the progressive socialist movement. Just this small bit of his insight gives a great understanding of the controversy throughout America these days.

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Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas
1 year ago

Robert Charles as national spokesperson for AMAC has been a blessing to our organization and its membership. I met Mr. Charles at our National Conference in Orlando earlier this year. His insights and perspective on issues that affect America moving forward are invaluable.

Jane CA
Jane CA
1 year ago

If AMAC’s National Spokesperson, I would like to hear more from him. Post some more articles even old ones. He has a right and a duty to spread the word !

1 year ago

Mr.Charles is a true patriot and I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy reading his articles. He is a tremendous asset to AMAC and all of our members. Thank you Mr. Charles for your many years of dedication to our country.

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