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Republican All-Stars Capitalize On MLB’s Decision In Georgia

Posted on Monday, April 12, 2021
by AMAC Newsline

AMAC Exclusive

republicanWhen Major League Baseball moved the sport’s All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver to protest Georgia’s recent election integrity law, another clash of all-stars immediately took its place. Nationally known politicians stepped up to the plate for the latest skirmish in the culture war.

On the left, there’s no bigger name in the lineup than President Joe Biden. He engaged on this issue from the beginning and encouraged MLB to move the midsummer classic as a statement against Georgia’s election law. He falsely declared that the law “ends voting hours early so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over.”  

But because the bill explicitly expands early voting rather than restricting it, even the fact-checkers at the Washington Post gave this critique four Pinocchios.

The team in the other dugout, the Republicans, clearly sees a unique political opportunity as well. Almost every Republican of national stature has stood up to speak out on this matter. Clearly, they believe it is a rare issue which both unites their entire coalition and fits their self-image as defenders of common-sense, Middle Class Americans against the “woke” virtue-signaling elites.  

So now, there’s a new all-star game in Georgia, and Republican players are trying out for national leadership.  

In addition to reigning MVP Donald Trump, up-and-comers Tom CottonNikki HaleyJosh HawleyMarco RubioTed CruzRand PaulMike Pompeo, and just about every other big name on the right or potential Republican presidential candidate have done more than defend the Georgia election law. They have attacked MLB’s response with rhetoric usually reserved for political opponents.

Ben Sasse might get credit for some early scouting. Even before MLB’s decision, he had set the background of his Twitter account to a photo of the NBA all-star team with Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, photoshopped into the team.

It serves as a simple reminder of his 2019 statement that sports leagues consistently prefer Chinese money to human rights. That statement came in the wake of China’s request that Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey be fired for his tweet supporting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. 

But, in this fight, Senator Rubio has been the most forceful. In a letter written to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, Rubio pointed to the same hypocrisy that many others have noted. MLB’s laissez-faire approach to “human rights” issues in China stands in stark contrast to its ill-informed political statements in the United States.

Rubio stated that moving “the All-Star game out of Georgia is an easy way to signal virtues without significant financial fallout. But speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party would involve a significant loss of revenue and being closed out of a lucrative market.” 

Then Rubio took an even more personal approach than others—going after Manfred himself. The purpose of the letter, Rubio explained, was to ask whether or not Manfred intends “to maintain your membership at Augusta National Golf Club” despite the Club’s presence in Georgia and its racially exclusive history. 

Rubio admitted he didn’t expect Manfred to leave the Club because doing “so would require a personal sacrifice, as opposed to the woke corporate virtue signaling.”

In front of a national audience, the Republican all-star team is experimenting with different approaches. They may wear the same uniform, but they are mixing messages of populism, free-market boycotting, localism, and traditional values in different degrees, seeing what works and what doesn’t work with the media and the public.

The MLB All-Star Game, of course, is just an exhibition game. It’s a fun chance to see all the sport’s best players compete against one another in the same place at the same time. 

This political all-star game is more serious, pitting left against right on MLB’s reaction to Georgia’s election law. Republicans obviously believe it will determine home-field advantage in the next stage of the culture war.

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3 years ago

I am proud to be a Republican and proud of the all-star team. Make America great again!!

David Spade
David Spade
3 years ago

MLB along with other hysterical corporations act like their hair is on fire. They want to race to the finish line with “woke” cancel culture ideas that just simply destroy their brand. What can they be thinking….are the progressives of the world buying their products or services? People can and will boycott you, and that cannot be good for your shareholders and stock prices. All of the CEO’s of the companies should be embarrassed by their own lack of knowledge of most of these stupid causes. To hitch your proverbial wagon to these leftist causes will ultimately be your demise.

Ed J
Ed J
3 years ago

The best way to put a “chill” on this MLB idiocy is for all fans who object to this nonsense to simply boycott the game by not watching it. If the normal size of the viewing audience contracts significantly, MLB will lose revenue from its advertisers. Smaller audience, less revenue – yup, let’s hit them in their pocketbook and they might just get the message.

3 years ago

You can call these Republicans an all-star team, but several on this list have stumbled badly since the Jan 6th riot on the hill. Half of this group is stoking the fires for divided country & not helping to unite people. How many on All Star list will accept results of 2020 election????

3 years ago


Eamonn Thomas Smyth
Eamonn Thomas Smyth
3 years ago

I don’t really care about MLB after all it is only a supped up version of English rounders which I played in school in the UK. I do care when idiots who are trying to jump on the Woke band waggon and don’t look at the facts.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
3 years ago

Wheres Jim Jordan?
& OK small donors vs Corporate donors
Grow the RNC or lose 2022

Allan Brem
Allan Brem
3 years ago

I align with Trump Conservatives. I trust the RNC and their establishment elite almost as much as I trust Democrats.

Kathleen Scherter
Kathleen Scherter
3 years ago

The best description I can give this is Democrats are banging the Coke machine to get the Coke out. Still Trump derangement syndrome.We managed to turn many of their voters to Trump and they are self destructing and trying to take the country with them!!!

3 years ago

This is the very reason I have stopped watching and going to any payed athlete game.I would rather go and watch a little league ball game anytime.Put your money where the ones that are playing the game love it not cry about it.

Roger Jockisch
Roger Jockisch
3 years ago

I doubt if this would ever happen, but it would be great if one or more of the all-stars boycotted the game. Even better if they spent the day in Atlanta shopping and eating at mom and pop stores and restaurants.

3 years ago

Great article—Just wish “we” could plan a Republican rally at the now open Atlanta stadium. Maybe Trump would be willing to attend???!!????

3 years ago

There’s a culture war, for sure!
This godless vulture,
In punishment shall endure!
But there’s more.

It does begin,
With sin! ! !
This Biblical absolute,
Communism does pollute.

All of this is no accident,
America, refused to repent!
Warnings from God’s prophets of old long before,
Sins one, two, three, four our judgment sure!

For their sins the LORD spoke,
Punishment He would not revoke!
Amos and the prophets of old,
For our warning have been told!

What is a Christian’s life?
Ridicule and strife.
Witness of the LORD,
Or maybe the sword?

But this is America,
Now is neo- swastika,
And tranquility’s great peace?
Now the godless increase.

The Christian God, must be replaced,
All remembrance must be defaced.
Exalting man as the substitute,
History’s men of ill repute.

With the gospel strengthen thy nerve,
Could there be another Great Purge?
Communists anti-God position,
Destroy any opposition.

You should remember or you should know,
First the Cheka, then the Gestapo!
EVOLUTION downhill does go,
Communism from this does grow!

Learn from Russia and the kulak,
Punish success is now more the talk!
Penalize the rich to the max,
Rob their possessions with the tax.

Don’t forget including F.D.R.,
Some then willing to go very far.
Ninety or higher of a per cent
Tax money for the government.

We like Russia, to the wealthy,
Steal from the rich, through tax stealthy!
Welfare and Social Security,
Semi-socialist State, we bleed.

The Communist Manifesto,
The state in power, not just to grow!
Total control will take some time,
Through every school, that child will be mine! ! !

Against you, the LORD GOD, a witness,
Punished with great pain and distress.
A modern day Assyria,
Terror and mass hysteria.

God, will open up your border,
Terrorists and every horder.
D. C. shall become your enemy,
Persecution nowhere to flee?

3 years ago

If that’s what mlb wants fine I won’t spend one nickel on anything related to baseball and I will let the spinners know I won’t be buying their products either.

3 years ago

I’m so grateful to those national leaders who are now standing up to this “woke” nonsense that is destroying lives. The irony is that it is destroying the lives, for the most part, of those it supposedly represents. All of those leaders and corporations that have had a hand in this nonsense should be ashamed. We should in turn abstain from buying their products, boycott them in turn.

3 years ago

MBL – more liberal bull____

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