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OPINION: Instead of Reporting or Commenting, this Journalist Offers a Battle Plan for a Progressive Upending of our American Political System

Posted on Thursday, May 27, 2021
by AMAC, John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON, DC, May 27 — It used to be that reporters reported the news.  They told us the who, what, where, when, and how of timely newsworthy events and personalities.  But these days, so-called newsmen and women go above and beyond in an effort to influence their readers, listeners, and watchers politically.

Take Tom Rogers, editor-at-large at Newsweek.  He also helped establish MSNBC and CNBC.  He must be proud of those accomplishments, and rightly so.  But perhaps his pride has gotten the best of him, as evidenced by a recent column he wrote for Newsweek.  It blatantly showed that Rogers has lost the most important quality of being a good reporter: objectivity.  The column did not rationally discuss an issue of the day; it blatantly outlined a leftist battle plan for the progressive takeover of America.

In a nutshell, his idea is to create “a corporate initiative” in support of the Democratic Party that would pack red states with a new population of yuppie progressives.  As he put it: “If corporate America decided that it would support a new Corporate Great Migration to swing states of women, young and diverse employees—those most likely to vote against Big Lie candidates—especially when we are talking about the very thin voter margins for Biden we saw in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin (admittedly not a good weather state), this could reshape the voter demography of those states in a short period of time. Looking at history, the two Great Migrations of African Americans from the South to northern states certainly reshaped the demography of many states.”

Soon after his column appeared, he showed up on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, a decidedly liberal program, to discuss his unusual, if not “hair-brained” idea, as some would call it.  In fact, the show’s co-host Joe Scarborough, notwithstanding his leftist bent, was quick to see the grievous nature of Rogers’ call to arms that they called it “too radical,” logically noted that “things are tough enough out there without corporations moving their locations to affect a thousand or two votes in a swing state here or there.”

It was not an Opinion Article, by any means; rather, it was a call to arms for a partisan attack on America’s political future.  Instead of winning voters over by appealing to their wants and needs, Rogers was suggesting that the left send infiltrators into their midst in a ludicrous attempt to reshape the political makeup of Republican states.  Instead of sticking to his career as an objective journalist who pens an opinion article from time to time, he has become a political activist gone amok.  His agenda: the overthrow of America’s multi-party political system and replacing it with a homogeneous one-party nation-state, not unlike the Soviet states of yore.

First, you pack the Supreme Court.  Then you pack the voter registries and Congress.  Three deadly blows for American Democracy.  Gone are the days of the loyal opposition; there’s nothing loyal about the scam outlined by Rogers, an activist in the guise of a mild-mannered reporter.

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3 years ago

All Tom Rogers was doing was laying out exactly what the Democrats and mainstream media have been advocating for and actually openly doing for years. That someone at AMAC thinks this is some new, looming, potential threat just speaks to how behind the curve some appear to be in AMAC’s organization. I would have expected better from AMAC, given how much time you devote to political action in Washington. There was virtually nothing new or particularly informative in Rogers’ opinion piece. Several other so-called reporters over the years have laid out exactly the same “progressive agenda” (socialist take-over and transformation of the country) and methodologies, that has been employed nation-wide for years.

The Rogers’ op ed was simply another statement, from one of many, many leftist reporters and journalists, of what has been going on right under the noses of a largely sleeping public that has been frankly too apathetic to do anything about it. Now that it is almost too late to do anything of substance to correct the damage that has been done, those in the mainstream media will be coming out in droves championing the exact same successful battle plan that has been ongoing within this country for years.

Another case of a day late and dollar short.

3 years ago

I downloaded your app about a week ago and I receive your emails. I feel very confident that I am receiving true and good news from AMAC. I’ve been following you closely on FB, feeling I am more informed than I have been by any other source. Thank you.

3 years ago

I don’t think you can suggest AMAC is behind any curve if the interview was only recent. You may be correct they have not highlighted the plan and maybe should have been forward thinking, but the article focus was about recent interviews. Let’s not attack each other and focus our rage on liberal socialists and constitutional traitors.

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