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History, Communism, and “Brain Warfare”

Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2024
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles
Mural of George Orwell; will history repeat itself?

Are we seeing history repeat itself? Beware of a political party that changes words. Democrat leaders – and sympathizers in the media and education – appear to be working with intent, insidiously, and effectively to change word meanings. The goal is no mystery: Culture conversion, a Marxist tenet and tactic.

Historically, George Orwell – in “1984” and “Animal Farm” – was terrified seeing words redefined, in modern parlance “repurposed” or “reimagined,” by the Soviets.

His writing is compelling, more so as fiction, describing a powerful government able to issue mandates and force conformity through fear, shaming, intimidation, surveillance, coercion, physical and psychological warfare – against their own.

What he described was communism, made possible by consolidation of power and redefinition of language to enforce conformity, gradually eliminating rights and thought of them, suppressing the idea that liberty, merit, individual opinions, faith, and even property control were legitimate, important, and should be desired.

What he foresaw was a time when those in power, even in liberal societies – that is, open, diverse, and right-respecting societies – would succumb. They would see opportunities for gain in false narratives and oppression, by changing words.

So, looking around, do you see any words changing, any efforts to reshape public thinking, force cultural conversion with fear, shaming, intimidation, surveillance, coercion, physical or psychological warfare, fostering power consolidation?

Do you discern any traditional words being “repurposed,” “reimagined,” given new meanings by those in power to consolidate power, promote one-party rule, marginalize those who believe in personal rights – free speech, worship, defense, no home invasion, unfair confiscation, captivity, abuse by prosecutors and courts?

Do you see any way in which those currently in power – government, media, and social media – are trying to shift cultural definitions, and put right-lovers off balance?

If not, think about how the Marxist push has infected us, and how right Orwell was about the invasion of freedom-loving societies by communist tenets and tactics.

Think about how intentional and insidious those in power are being, especially in the modern Democrat party shot through with socialist, Marxist, and communist ideology, redefining words like “illegal” (modifying aliens, drugs, personal and property crimes), blithely shrinking freedoms tied to speech, religion, family, defense, equal justice under the law, due process, electoral integrity, and tradition.

Attempted is a Lenin-line “fait accompli,” forcing new definitions for words like boy, girl, gender, biology, discrimination, Title 9, or “reimagined” definitions of the 14th Amendment, insurrection, impeachment, peaceful protest, felony bribery, foreign corrupt practices, RICO, telling you to abandon faith, accept their view on life, liberty, happiness, and triggered hysteria, morality, administration of the laws. Do you see it?

Here is the thing:  The list is long, could fill a book, and is not neutral. The Marxist forces at work, which China supports, seek an opening. This administration, and some in the Democrat Party, allow this opening, accept it, look away, are complicit.

Have you heard any apologies for a candidate who destroyed servers with 30,000 (likely incriminating) emails, mishandled classified information like Vice President Biden (also unindicted), and briefed President Obama and Vice President Biden with her corrupt strategy for winning in 2016? Any consequences or nods and claps?

From a “Russia collusion” story that was false – sapping a Republican president – to the January 6th hearings that now look themselves dark, to snap impeachments violating due process, to irregularities from COVID accommodations, have you heard any Democrats with integrity say, truth matters, life is not black and white?

Have you heard any leading Democrat say that “girls matter” – hundreds of millions in our lives, towns, and nations who are losing privacy, dignity, respect, safety, confidence, the chance for scholarships, the chance to fairly compete and win against other girls – or do they join the mania prioritizing gender dysphoria?

Have you heard anyone say “Wait, wait, I think biology, DNA, objectivity, diverse thought, robust debate, Judeo-Christian values, history, the exceptionalism of this nation – are worth defending!”  

No, and there is a reason. It goes back to the insidious creep of ideology through changing of words, weaponizing word change to clip individual liberty. As the non-profit JSTOR noted recently: “What we are beginning to see is that the more subtle the manipulation of language and the more unobtrusive the word-as-weapon becomes, the more insidious its effect on an unsuspecting public,” particularly in politics.

As Allan Dulles wrote in 1953, four years after Orwell’s book: “I wonder …whether we clearly perceive the magnitude of the problem, whether we realize how sinister the battle for men’s minds has become in Soviet hands,” adding the stakes are incalculably high in this battle with communism, what he called “brain warfare.”

We are there again, mark the date. We must again fight for truth, identify redefinition as untruth, and grasp how communism works, “brain warfare.”

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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2 months ago

RBC, great article and on the nose. There are those of us who had seen this situation taking place for some time and have not been listened to. like Peter crying wolf and being ignored. The biggest problem is that the sheep remain asleep to the situation and by the time they wake up, it will be too late.
Side note: for more on the eclipse coming up and its relationship to the eclipses of 2017 and 2023, go to for interesting information.

2 months ago

Yes, great article. Now illegal aliens have gone from undocumented to now being newcomers. Babies in the womb have now become fetuses. How many pregnant women would call their babies fetuses. Just a word to make abortion seem legitimate and that you are not intentionally killing a human being. Yes Mr. Charles, I read both of those books several years ago and am dismayed as to how the US has transpired into the reality of these fictional stories. Thanks for reminding us how the democrats are leading us into socialism.

David Millikan
David Millikan
2 months ago

Dictator Beijing biden is planning on Removing Terrorist Label from Terrorist. Said all along that he like obama support and finance Terrorist. Both have given Billions and I.S. Military equipment and Weapons to Terrorist. To this day, Dictator Beijing biden has not said the names of the 13 U.S. Marines he got killed with his Surrender to Terrorist in Afghanistan.
Dictator Beijing biden is clearly a TRAITOR as his actions have shown time and time again.
Just look at his Illegal Alien Terrorist Invasion alone. The U.S. is being INVADED and he supports TERRORISM against the U.S. American Legal Citizens.
That boys and girls is a clear case of intentional espionage and treason. Yet, the Communist DOJ won’t prosecute him but go after President Trump with Fake Indictment’s and Election Interference.

David Millikan
David Millikan
2 months ago

The democrats have been using Stalin’s and Hitler’s playbook ever since Carter federalized the Department of DUHMACATION. It started in the 60’s when college students started firebombing colleges and federal buildings with all their riots. Sound familiar with antifa and blm? Cause they follow the same Communist playbook.
Remember when they hooted and hollered about Free Speech and Constitutional Rights? They are the same ones trying to take all that away today.
You even know a few of them like SWAMP QUEEN pelosi and h. clinton.

Rob citizenship
Rob citizenship
2 months ago

Important comments from Allan Dulles – the observation he made in 1953 .And from JSTOR ( Journal Storage ). I do believe a counter strategy to this corruption would be for as many Conservatives as possible preserving books and documents- especially those published prior to about 1980 and with attention to , focus on various histories – the history of law ; history of medicine ; histories of politics, government, economics , etc. , History of mathematics, and various branches of engineering as well. Doing research on wood shipbuilding in the 1700’s (back in the 1970’s ) in particular the tools used in that period I discovered a great source of original documents published by the Navy Historical Department – it included excerpts from the various committees of correspondence , like letters between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This insidious anti – Truth anti- liberty, anti- America stuff can be and needs to be dealt with .You did right good with this article Robert. In the spirit of victory, liberty, courage , truth and accurate, honest language .A vital part of defending civilization . Praise for all involved in doing what is needed to see to it that the language is kept honest , and that intelligent, clear communication prevails .

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Achieved via: Media, Education, Indoc & peerpressure

John Bass
John Bass
2 months ago

My post is awaiting approval again…and you wonder why? I’ve read numerous vile comments from other people that you, AMAC have let post. More than I ever have, yet here we go again.

Talk about censorship, and so much for FREE speech.

2 months ago

Like the article indicates, their so-called “governance” is just a shell game played by transparent swindlers who can’t speak or write a coherent sentence on that topic.
Is it me, or does President Biden have something in common with that Wizard of Oz scarecrow who longs for his own brain? Of course, the more serious problem is that large piece of our electorate with the same issue….

Tim Toroian
Tim Toroian
2 months ago

I keep telling people that the Democratic Party hired ex-Soviet propagandists after the USSR collapsed. That’s when they went whole-hog into this 1984/Animal Farmish crap. I think international Islam did the same thing because that’s when it tried to change its image. As the comedian says, They yell, “WE COME IN PEACE!”

2 months ago

Thank you RBC, for this article bringing light to the tactics and destructive nature of communism in our nation.
I’ve wondered in the past how communism could possibly survive in USA with a large portion of the country professing some variation of Christianity. Then, I read in a book by Richard Wurmbrand named, “Karl Marx and the Satanic Roots of Communism” that seminary professors in the US were asked, “can an individual consistently be a good member of your denomination and adhere to Marxism?”
68% of Episcopalian, 53% of Lutheran, 49% of Presbyterian and Methodist, 47% of Church of Christ, 44% of American Baptist and 31% of Roman Catholic responded, “yes” to that question.
I was shocked. How can this be? But, with articles like this one, hopefully people will wake up. Also, for anyone interested, the book is a very important and revealing read. It might be an unmasking to some of the socialism curtain that communism hides behind. It can be found on The Voice of the Martyrs website.
Please continue your work.
Thanks again, Dan

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