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Democrats Must Stop Dividing Our Country

Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2022
by Outside Contributor

As Democrats see the likelihood of the House and the Senate shifting to Republican control, they have rolled out their biggest gun to try to minimize the damage.

Former President Barack Obama, the most popular Democrat in the country, has hit the campaign trail to try to salvage victories in close and critical races.

Obama’s headline message has been about the importance of voting. Meaning, turnout is critical for Democrats, and, in particular, high turnout among Black voters.

Certainly, in Georgia, where the Senate race between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker rides on a razor’s edge, the Black vote is critical.

Unfortunately, despite the charisma and charm of the former president, the message he is delivering is destructive for his party and for the country.

He is pitting Americans against Americans. Blacks against whites. The wealthy against the poor.

“In your gut, you should have a sense: Who cares about you?” asks Obama.

Obama emerged onto the national scene as a young Illinois state assemblyman when he addressed the Democratic National Convention in 2004. In that speech, he captured hearts and minds by reminding the nation that we are “E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many, One … There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America … a Black America and a White America … There’s the United States of America.”

The message of that young idealist, looking to pave a path for his own political ambition, has totally disappeared now that those ambitions have been achieved.

We would like to believe the battle between the two parties is about which carries the best message for all Americans.

But this is not what the Democratic Party is marketing to voters.

Their message is that the two parties represent different groups of Americans. The question is which interest group will prevail at the expense of the other.

Democrats pitch that they represent the interests of low-income, working-class, non-white Americans and Republicans represent rich, white Americans.

Let’s hope it does not resonate because it is for sure not true.

The Republican message is that limited government, respect for sanctity of life and Christian values that preserve the traditional family are beneficial for every single American of every economic and ethnic background.

But voters are hearing from our former president that these values, which capture the essence of freedom, undermine freedom.

“Who will fight for your freedom?” he asks. “Is it a bunch of Republican politicians and judges who think they should … decide when you start a family or how many children you have, who you marry or who you love?”

In 2019, 38% of all abortions were Black babies. In Georgia, it was 65%.

How much longer will Black Americans buy these horrible lies that are destroying their own lives and legacies?

Freedom is about parents controlling where their children go to school and what they learn. This Democrats oppose.

Freedom is about limiting government so the economy grows at a healthy pace, inflation-free. This Democrats oppose.

And freedom is about citizens getting accurate information from their leaders.

Obama attacked Wisconsin Senate incumbent Republican Ron Johnson for telling the truth that Social Security, which affects practically every working American, is broken.

This year, the trustees of Social Security reported that by 2034, just 12 years from now, there will only be sufficient funds to pay 77% of benefits. This is called bankruptcy.

The Congressional Budget Office now forecasts that by 2052, national debt will equal 185% of our GDP.

Debt, bankruptcy and lies do not hold a promising future for any American.

Let’s hope that Black Americans do turn out in record numbers and support Republicans in their efforts to deliver the united, free country that we all desperately need.

In the words of our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, we pray for a “new birth of freedom.”

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.” To find out more about Star Parker and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website.


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1 year ago

Even when Obama was in office, he always spoke in a divisive nature. As do most Democrats. Stoking division and hate is the primary message of the Democrat party, since their policies always yield horrible results. So Democrats have to rely on “divide and conquer” tactics to gain and hold onto political power. They need to stoke fear, division and hate to gain any traction politically, because they can’t campaign or defend the merits of any of their policies.

The only times Obama ever spoke of unity or a bright American future, in vague, generalized terms, was when he was first campaigning to be POTUS in 2008. That was the con job he and his staff used to fool enough ignorant voters to catapult him and his “transformational” agenda centered around socialistic policies into the Oval Office. After Obama was elected, almost every speech or comment Obama gave was riddled with divisive or condescending language. Designed to stoke as much division and hate as possible to keep the country fractured and off balance, while the Democrats went about “transforming” the country from within. So the fact that Obama is now out on the campaign trail using the same divisive tactics as he tries to salvage as many Democrat seats as possible shouldn’t come as a surprise. The problem is if you remember back when Obama was POTUS and he went around campaigning for other Democrats, most of the Democrats he campaigned for lost. In political terms, it’s called not having any coattails. No ability to transfer your personal support to any other politician you’re trying to assist based on your own popularity.

Obama is being wheeled out at the last minute, because Joe Biden is too enfeebled and unpopular to be of any value to any Democrat candidate or the Democrat party.

Michael J
Michael J
1 year ago

Obama is hoping Americans forget about all the damaging change dems have inflicted.
I believe Barry is still pulling Joe’s strings. Our nation’s dismal condition can no longer be smoothed over by this charlatan who started our nations woke movement.

1 year ago

Obama came out of nowhere, his run was planned, truth was sheltered and still is. He was and still is a fast-talking community organizer picked up by outside sources to market what we now have to live with day to day. Simple research fell victim to moneyed politicians, a crooked press, and a heavily-moneyed elite group hell bent on having it all. He was a talented climber and still is. How many people came into power with slightly over one million in assets and turned it into fame and fortune in eight short years out of nowhere without a single thing to show for other than bravado and charm. And we poor sheep fell for it hook line and sinker. He and his cohorts played everyone of us. Every citizen needs never to make this mistake again. When things don’t make sense, it’s a sure sign they never will. This is one cycle that begs to be broken fast!!

1 year ago

You say Obama is the most “popular’ Democrat in the country. I say he ties with Hillary as the second most despicably notorious Democrat since Biden now holds first place.

1 year ago

During the time BO was in the White House I did everything I could to avoid him or being reminded of his presence in this country. When he was first running for office two very close friends who were Dems asked me what I thought of him. I told them both my honest opinion was that if he was elected it would be a disaster for the country. Neither of them appreciated my appraisal and it nearly destroyed our friendships. Today one friend now knows why I said that. I think in hind sight his time in the WH ended up being even worse than I thought it would be. I cannot listen to more than a few moments of a speech from him. To me he is one of the closest approximations to evil in a body that I have ever seen, a thoroughly despicable man

1 year ago

DemocRats stop dividing the country???? That is at the heart of their overall strategy .. divide and Communize!

William Hodge
William Hodge
1 year ago

Democrats lie! That’s what they do as a planned tactic to change both short term and long term history. Then they divide the public against one another. They even divide the democrats against one another but never enough to quit lying. Then of course they never vote against the party mouthpiece. A demented, lying, old bastard and a fake, completely made up, lying, bastard can get elected but Hillary can’t. HahaHaha you b*tch! Donald J. Trump beat you for president and made you demented also! HahahaHahaha…

1 year ago

The socialist/democrats could care less about what is best for America. All they care about is gaining more power. As for the “rock star” Obama, he will one day find himself in the middle of the socialist/democrat quagmire when all the dominoes start falling on the democrat party. Then, watch the rats leaving the sinking ship. No one in the democrat party will be safe or idolized.

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