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Stay Informed: CBDC News

Posted on Thursday, June 1, 2023
by The Association of Mature American Citizens

More News about Central Bank Digital Currency

A Central Bank Digital Currency Is A Threat, Not A Promise

AMAC Exclusive – By David P. Deavel

My seven-year-old daughter asked me an interesting question this week. “Dad, you know how when you die, your kids get your money. How much will I get?” After asking her if she had any plans to bump off the old man, I explained that it would depend on a number of factors—how much we manage to save, how long we live, our health, how the economy goes. Left unstated was a dark question I’ve been mulling over for some time now: will the money we are saving be vulnerable to governments adopting digital currencies that can be controlled through a social credit system?

The Imminent Danger Of Central Bank Digital Currencies

AMAC Exclusive – By Parker Bono

The world is rapidly approaching a dystopian state where societies embrace centralized digital economic systems. America is no exception to this disturbing fact. On the eve of a “digital dollar”, it is important to understand what the prospective system would look like, and it is even more important to ensure the system never comes to fruition.

Lately, one of the primary objectives of central banks around the globe has been to create their own version of a digital currency. These currencies are commonly referred to as central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs. A CBDC is issued directly by a nation’s central bank, meaning all citizen accounts are managed and monitored by a single institution. This poses obvious risks, with central banks having nearly boundless control over users of their CBDC.

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Jeremiah R. Parker
Jeremiah R. Parker
10 months ago

The Federal reserve and the Central Bank are no more federal than Federal Express. Congress must stop this progressive agenda if it makes it to the floor. If the potus tries executive order and is successful we are all going to be drowned in government propaganda.

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