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A U.S. Political Lesson From The “Phony War”

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2023
by Barry Casselman

AMAC Exclusive – By Barry Casselman


Critically valuable and timeless lessons can be learned from a variety of human activities, even ones that seem as opposite as violent war and peaceful political competition – like the 2024 electoral struggle that is currently underway.

Although on September 1, 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, and thereby provoked World War II, there followed an eight-month period during which few actual hostilities took place between the major warring powers.

War was declared by Britain and France on September 3, and from then until May 10, 1940, very little actual combat occurred other than what took place between the German forces attacking the small Polish army from the west, and their then-ally Soviet Russia attacking from the east. This period became known as “The Phony War.”

British troops did soon land in France to fight with the French army, but these democratic allies, feeling secure from the fabled fortified Maginot Line placed between the French and German borders — which was supposed to be impenetrable — procrastinated, taking no notable offensive land actions against the German Wehrmacht while it finished its offensive against a helpless Poland and divided it with Soviet Russia.

Germany then repositioned its troops and quietly prepared for the next phase of hostilities.

Allied overconfidence was shattered when a German blitzkrieg was suddenly launched on May 10, with the Nazi forces making an end run around the Maginot Line through Belgium and quickly advancing into France, employing speed, surprise, savagery, and military innovation.

In a matter of a few weeks, the much larger French army, along with its British allies, were totally defeated. Only a miraculous escape across the English Channel from Dunkirk saved much of the British army and some French soldiers from annihilation or being taken prisoner — which would have then probably ended the war and made Nazi Germany the permanent master of Europe.

It is difficult to imagine how the heroic Battle of Britain that soon followed could have been won if the escape from Dunkirk had not happened.

The lesson from “The Phony War” was only a recent example of the age-old consequences of hubris, passivity, delay, and overconfidence in competition and combat.

A monumental battle is about to take place in the U.S. In fact, it has already begun. It is not a battle between military soldiers and forces, but between two armies — the political armies of the Democrats and the Republicans as they wage a pivotal electoral war for the U.S. presidency and control of the U.S. Congress.

Curiously, both parties seem to be acting as if they are now protected by some invisible Maginot Line as they position themselves for a replay of the 2020 presidential and national election, with the same personalities and probably much the same strategies.

Foretastes of what can happen when political parties take anything for granted occurred in 2022 when Republicans, believing the opinion polls, assumed they would win back control of the U.S. Senate as well as win the U.S. House by a big margin. It also happened in 2016 when Democrats, believing the opinion polls, assumed they would easily win the presidential election. Each party used their campaign periods to compete as if it were politics as usual while their opposition used new strategies to surprise them.

I suggest we are now in a new “phony war” period at the outset of the 2024 presidential and national campaign — but with both sides assuming it will be politics as usual. The voters, however, seem to be signaling they do not want politics as usual.

If somehow that is so, the Democrats might well win in spite of fielding a weak and unpopular ticket in a difficult economic and social climate — especially if their Republican opponents fail to innovate and bring new constituencies to their side as well as inspire their base to show up to vote.

The lessons of war and political competition are timeless even if the weapons and strategies of combat are constantly changing. Much can still happen in the 2024 cycle. Its prizes, contrary to conventional media opinion, are still very much up for grabs.

The current “phony campaign” period will end at some now-unknown future point, and a winning side — the side that pays most attention to the timeless lessons — will once again prevail.

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Rob citizenship
Rob citizenship
9 months ago

Very important article, what you said about the outlook of some people assuming a politics as usual attitude — ” I suggest we are now in a new ” phony war ” period at the outset of the 2024 presidential and national campaign — but with both sides assuming it will be politics as usual.” If anyone really thinks of the situation in terms of politics as usual, they must be on the Moon — or some other place , certainly not looking realistically at what has been going on here for the past two years ! Your historical reference makes sense, good to compare things , especially when so much is in need of improvement, ideas from previous events can often provide solutions to current matters that need to be fixed. I believe that AMAC is a great organization, and respect the values of Faith, Family and Freedom — AMAC stands for the best of what the United States of America stands for. However, this new format is not an improvement, it looks as if it could detract from the good things that AMAC is all about. So, I am thinking this new format, new system is some important history developing right now. The previous format was fine, I am hoping that this new format, new system will eventually be very similar to the previous format . During the past two days I sent four messages to AMAC main office about the new format, and mentioned that comments being deleted from articles and the weekly newsletter poll , is not an improvement. I am not a complainer, I believe in identifying a problem and figuring out ways to fix what needs to be fixed, ways to make needed improvements. Well done ! with the article Barry — good message , historical reference appropriate I do believe the matter about the new format has much to do with the spirit of participating in the political process, ideas, opinions presented in the AMAC polls , I reckon that spirit is helped with people being able to express their views, and vote on how they feel about other comments ,so that is at the foundation of this issue. In the spirit of thinking of AMAC as a friend and in the interest of loyalty to a friend, the suggestions I made about going about this new format are made in that sense.

Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis
9 months ago

I receive emails from financial types telling me the Federal Reserve is going to do away with the dollar on July 26th this year and replace it with digital dollars. Whether the time frame is correct or not, a programmable digital dollar controlled by the government is incompatible with property rights and our Republic. Yet, I have not received replies from Senators Rubio or Scott, the National GOP or Congresswoman Laurel Lee as to their positions on a Central Bank Digital Currency or the Great Reset.
I am a life long Republican, but I cannot vote for a Republican Party that would allow acts or laws incompatible with Republican values.

9 months ago

If we don’t take effective steps to stop election fraud we will never have another honest election.

anna hubert
anna hubert
9 months ago

In Washington the villains and heroes alike stand under the sale umbrella

John Bass
John Bass
9 months ago

Phony war/campaign…There’s nothing more phony than the current administration occupying Washington DC. They stole the election, and there is nothing you or anyone else can say to change my mind or the minds of millions of other Americans.
You said the Republicans need to inspire their base to show up and to vote. I don’t think that will be a problem. The only thing stopping a red wave as with the last election, will be cheating. Most everyone I’ve talked to both Republicans and Democrats all say the same thing, diaper joe has to go. Only Illegal Immigrants, Socialist, Communist and those that drink the Kool-Aid believe otherwise.
AMAC I’m getting to the point that I don’t have any desire to read your articles. I don’t believe in Unicorns, Santa Claus or Fairy Dust…and I don’t need to get in touch with my feelings. I’m tired of you censoring my post, especially when I write things that are far less offensive than some crude comments others have been allowed to post. I want articles that are clear, precise, current and relevant to what’s going on in the world around me. I’m beginning to view AMAC as I view Fox News…you were once spot on with conservative viewpoints and values but somewhere along the way you began to drift off course…are you also going WOKE?

Alain Arnould
Alain Arnould
9 months ago

Phony Campaign… …phony ARTICLE! Okay, I agree the electorate is fed-up with politics as usual. Why phony article? What are the underlying factors, and what can a citizen actually “DO” to shake these politicians up? Why is the liberal “left” seemingly overtaking our education system, our politics, our economy, our police, and many obvious agendas such as “Gun Control” and Illegal foreigners crossing our sovereign borders and getting taxpayer benefits to boot far in excess of Average citizens or even our Veterans who served in our country’s defense? Write THAT article for how to proceed in the future instead of bemoaning our past and even how we got here by comparing WWII developments due to the Maginot line.

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