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Will ‘Dreamers’ See Their Dreams Come True?

Posted on Thursday, October 13, 2022
by AMAC, John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 10 — DACA is making headlines once again. The ten year old Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has been “kind of” shut down by a new appeals court decision. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Obama administration, in 2012, didn’t have the authority to create the controversial program in the first place. The appeals court agreed with Andrew Hanen, U.S. district court judge for the Southern District of Texas, who found that DACA was illegal because it bypassed judiciary requirements for a public notice and comment periods. 

However, the new ruling doesn’t mean the program has been entirely shut down. For the time being, the government will continue to accept renewal applications from immigrants currently enrolled in the program, known as “dreamers.” According to the Wall Street Journal, the “ruling is expected to add fresh urgency to sputtering bipartisan immigration talks in Congress. Democrats and many Republicans favor creating a permanent legal status for the dreamers, though they disagree about what other measures—such as creating additional penalties for migrants illegally crossing the southern border—should accompany such a proposal.”

Judge Hanen’s ruling bars new dreamers’ applications; those who already are in the program will remain in the program; they will be allowed to continue renewing their requests for DACA status. But it doesn’t mean they get permanent legal status or citizenship. In addition, they have to prove that they entered the U.S. before they were 16 years of age and before June of 2007. They are required to go to school or serve in the military and, in general, they must show that they are law abiding residents.

The libertarian Cato Institute has a history of supporting conservative initiatives and with regard to its view of dreamers, it has taken a positive approach. In a report on DACA, Cato noted that “opponents have argued that the rule in its current form hurts American‐​born workers by reducing their employment opportunities. This argument is wrong on two counts … First, the opponents often assume that if DACA were ended, its beneficiaries would leave the United States. Because nearly all DACA‐​eligibles have spent most of their lives in the country, and many do not even speak the language of their native country, voluntary self‐​deportation is extremely unlikely. Instead of leaving the United States, these people would disappear into the shadows of the gray and black economy.”

In addition, a group of 14 business leaders who call themselves “lifelong Republican” donors have sent a message to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging them to cut a bipartisan deal to make DACA permanent, according to Politico. It notes that “Taking hundreds of thousands out of the labor force will further fuel inflation, exacerbate supply chain challenges and tip the economy into recession … Our policies must allow us to compete for the workers we need to fuel our economy and retain the young talent that already exists here but lacks the security of permanent legal status.”

While the donors make a compelling plea for support of an ongoing DACA program, it appears that it won’t happen as long as Democrats control Congress. Perhaps, if Republicans wrest control of the Senate and the House, a rational, bipartisan solution might be achieved. “For now,” the National Immigration Law Center says, “those who currently have DACA or had it at any time in the past can file for renewals of their DACA and work permits. However, the federal government is currently not granting applications from first-time applicants and anyone whose DACA status expired more than one year ago. In fact, the government is not even processing these applications. Further, the government has chosen, without explanation, to treat renewal applications from DACA recipients whose previous DACA grant expired more than one year ago as first-time DACA applications, which it cannot decide on under the Texas court’s decision that has now been affirmed by the Fifth Circuit.”

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1 year ago

This one segment from the article highlights why nothing will meaningfully change with respect to correcting the massive problems we have in this country with respect to illegals in this country should the Republicans take back the House and Senate this November.

“In addition, a group of 14 business leaders who call themselves “lifelong Republican” donors have sent a message to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging them to cut a bipartisan deal to make DACA permanent, according to Politico.”

Democrats will continue to push for “comprehensive immigration reform” (translation immediate amnesty and a fast track to full citizenship) for all the 45 million illegals curently in this country. The 11 million number that most of the msm uses is the same erroneous number that has been used since 1995. Which they would have you believe means no new illegals have entered this country in the decades since then. All in spite of the annual inflows of illegals reported by Border Patrol each and every year since.

Anyway, back to the main topic of what “comprehensive immigration reform” will mean for this country. Not just for the so-called DACA individuals, which the courts have already ruled was a completely unconstitutional act by Obama. Most of the 45 million illegals in this country are on one or more federal and state welfare programs, that American taxpayers are supposed to happily continue to pay for. We are the only first world country on the planet that essentially doesn’t enforce its own borders or allows those here illegally to work. Thus providing a magnet for more illegals to follow. The costs associated with this stupidity will continue to mount as “comprehensive immigration reform” will only act as an even more powerful magnet to draw tens of millions more illterate illegals and future welfare recipients to our country with the hope of yet another amnesty and a quick path to full citizenship.

The only real question I have is will the American people be stupid enough to allow this to continue?

1 year ago

Well AMAC, what’s wong with what I just posted? Is it simply too honest for you? You folks are acting more and more like RINOs you seek to protect with each passing day. Either really stand up for constitutional values or end the pretense.

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