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Did you know that the liberal AARP is one of the driving forces behind Obamacare, Medicare for All, and Joe Biden’s Insane Inflation Reduction Act

What’s the difference between AMAC and AARP?


Stop the Liberal Madness

In 2007, AMAC founder Dan Weber recognized that AARP was not protecting the interests of mature Americans who held conservative values. In Dan’s view, America’s very foundation, rooted in Judeo-Christian values and the meaning of our Constitution, was being disregarded. The power of government continues to grow, all while individual freedoms are threatened. Excessive taxation, runaway government spending, and an increasing interference into the lives of our citizens continue to prove that our country is in a period of drastic change—change that is eroding our traditional values.  We can’t do it alone.  Join us.  Together we can stop the madness.

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Now is a critical time to be vigilant in the defense of our freedom. There’s no better way to do so than by joining AMAC. We are one of the fastest-growing Conservative organizations in America with well over two-million people carrying the AMAC membership card. AMAC was built by regular folks who feel the same way you do. You are not alone.

AMAC is now THE leading conservative alternative to AARP, providing insurance benefits (including Medicare Supplement, Major Medical), travel discounts and A VOICE THAT TRULY SPEAKS FOR YOU. AMAC membership has recently exploded with a groundswell of grassroots support. More and more Americans are realizing that the AARP does not represent their values – AMAC does. Come stand with us by joining AMAC!

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AMAC is the voice of conservative Americans who believe in the founding Fathers vision for our Constitutional Republic. Now more than ever we need our generation to make a stand for the preservation of this great Nation for our children and grandchildren, that is what AMAC stands for, and fights to do. I implore you to become a member of AMAC and make a difference for yourselves and the future of America.
-Allen West
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If you’re over 50 and think that the only place you can get all the benefits and discounts you’ve earned is AARP, think again - AMAC provides all the same and more and you don’t need to compromise your values
-Mark Levin
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If you’re anything at all like millions of other frustrated Americans looking for an alternative to AARP, then it's time to join conservatives at AMAC! We must stand together to defeat the left!
-Dana Loesch
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AMAC fights for our America…Faith, Family and Freedom.
-Glenn Beck

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