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First, the mainstream media has come up with a lot of ways to attack the President, wait till you hear what they are doing this time. Next, many leaders throughout the country are not following their own rules to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Finally, AMAC’s very own Bobby Charles is here to talk about the latest from AMAC amid the coronavirus crisis.

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5 months ago

I’ll tell you something that’s even more sickening than the coronavirus. The national network news media! Totally off the charts when it comes to being dishonest! “Must have a financial tie” is what MSNBC said to plant suspicion in the minds of the American people about the president and a drug that simply shows promise! Despicable!

Edward Cunningham
5 months ago

It would be interesting to have a financial exert discuss an economic road to recovery. The shut down impact is huge. A peek at the ‘new’ normal could be interesting.
Tank you

Nancy Lipkins
5 months ago

I didn’t see an improvement on the mayor with the hair cut what a waste of time on both the girl who cut??????the hair and the mayor??????

5 months ago

Trump says I am not a doctor, but I have hunch this will work …what do you have to lose. One day, stated that government bought 29 million doses for stockpile & that is only on a hunch. The doctors must decide on this & Trump should be pushing the lab/clinic trials on this drug to come up with truth as soon as possible. Also, the claim that Trump will gain from use of this drug is ludicrous & uncalled for in this time of crisis

5 months ago

The Chicago mayor is not the only high profile politician to flout their stay at home orders. Note Michigan’s governor, as she doubled down on not letting older folks have someone mow their lawn, appeared to sport a fresh manicure and professionally applied makeup in her televised statement. Has the local media called her on it? Nope.

Wayne Gadow
5 months ago

Really strange that Wuhan is the only place you hear about having the virus in all of China…not Shanghai nor Beijing. Also, no reported cases in Russia or North Korea. Don’t suppose ole Pres. Xi had the virus and the antidote already….then unleashed the virus on the rest of the world to destroy economies? Remember when Pres. Xi went to Wuhan after several days, wearing a regular ole surgical mask, no N95, and no HazMat clothing? If he had already been injected with a vaccine, he would be able to do that without worrying about being infected. Why isn’t the… Read more »

Delwin Hyatt
5 months ago

always look forward to Ben’s weekly update,

concerned Grammy
5 months ago

There is no such thing as free money. Retirees, (myself) and those on any type of assistance (welfare, etc) have not had a cut in our income due to COVID-19. Why the money to people who have not been affected? My son, on the other hand, has not been paid for 2 weeks and can use the stimulus money. We are just adding to our national debt that will cripple our grandchildren by giving money to those who are not effected financially by this virus.

5 months ago

So many lies, so many deceptions, so little honesty or truth. Information is NOT knowledge. Hysterical, over-dramatized reports spew from media 24-7, much of it so wrong that one after another “model” and horror pitch is contradicted. Guessing games leave “experts” looking like idiots, political manipulations prevent good medical processes and a nation in which 90% of the people do not have COVID-19 Wuhan Virus but people are living for months under house arrest means people have a right to start questioning whether or not this is an “emergency.,” Have we been duped? 5 brave Governors whose States have few… Read more »

Raymond Conroy
5 months ago

Since the Democrats have taken over the Congress nothing has worked it must be rectified in November

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