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Lt. Col. Allen West | Vulnerable Voters are the Key to Midterms |  EP 169

Lt. Col. Allen West knows vulnerable voters are the key to midterms. That is why he has joined forces with the ACRU and AMAC to ensure that seniors are not taken advantage of and that the truth behind voter abuse using the elderly is exposed. Rebecca Weber shines light on our woke military and gets West’s view on its newest recruiting tactics. West holds nothing back in his disapproval of the military prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion over readiness. They also discuss how the out-of-touch Biden Administration’s weak policies have not only affected American wallets but their security and safety. If you agree that leftism never works and that we need to get back to basics, you need to tune in!

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Center for Vulnerable Voters

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6 months ago

They tried to end Allen west life just to keep the borders of Obama fentanyl pouring in they even turned Disney into the magical king dumb of fentanyl. Who of ever fentanyl would be the most important energy source.

Beth Amy Clouse
6 months ago

I was in a NH for short term physical rehab over a year ago. One of my roommates was nearly 99 and her dementia worsened while I was there. My next roommate had a mental age of around 6. Please be aware that THERE ARE MANY, MANY HOMES WHOSE RESIDENTS ARE CHRONOLOGICALLY OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE BUT WHOSE MENTAP AGE IS ANYTHING BUT. This is another area of, not senior, but still vulerable people whose names can be used to cheat in elections. They pay so little money to these attendants who work in any sort of LTC (long term care) facility that they are easily tempted by the money to “decode” it’s OK to use these people to vote for the Democrats – and be aware, most healthcare workers ARE DEMOCRAT. Same with most teachers. Since I have a degree in both and have worked in both, and was harrassed if anyone discovered I was conservative. Even my work evals were affected inns9me cases. Being a Christian added to that. Please be aware of these other vulnerable populations and 9f the overwhelming majority of Democrats in their fields.

Don Tucker
6 months ago

Four elements of a nation’s power are called the DIME Theory = Diplomatic, Informational, Military, and Economic.

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