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1 year ago

Really?? Sunflowers??

1 year ago

My granddaughter & my niece have loved sunflowers since childhood. We learned so much from this quiz. Thank you.

T Anderson
1 year ago

I thought it was fun….even though I new pretty much next to nothing about sunflowers. Only 5 right out of 13 and most were guesses.

David P. Minato
1 year ago

Sunflower quizzes. Who cares? And a measly five correct.

1 year ago

Let’s face it. I know absolutely nothing about sunflowers or sunflower seeds. I am embarrassed to say I only got 4/13.

Dave Duda
1 year ago

I was hoping for something Father’s Day. Sunflowers should have been saved for summer.

1 year ago

7 right

1 year ago

Nice escape from the serious issues of the day.

Peggy Brookshire
1 year ago

Thought I knew more about sunflowers.
Need to study more of my gardening skills.

1 year ago

Only 7 out of 13 correct. Don’t know much about sunflowers. Who would have thought Ukraine has the sunflower as its national flower? There were sunflowers in our backyard but I did not think they got as high as 8 to 12 feet. It was more 3-7 feet.

Lee E Glidewell
1 year ago

This quiz is not much above ‘click bait’. Yeah, I fell for it. The weird part is 6 out of 13…all lucky guesses! Who knows anything about sunflowers & why do they care?

1 year ago

Thought I was heading for my second lowest score, but pulled it out with a decent finish for 7 of 13.

1 year ago

7/13. Not too bad considering the subject. Glad I got better than half right.

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