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Nature Quiz

Nature Quiz

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6/12 tough questions not so hot.


Got 9 of 12: Tricky working on the questions, I was taught years ago the longest river is the Nile (4,100 miles), but the Largest, in volume of water and drainage area is the Amazon. Longest river system would be combo of Missouri & Mississippi (4,200+ miles). Question asked largest freshwater lake in the WORLD, which is Lake Baikal in Siberia, but for answers only lists North America’s Great Lakes. Question 7 is a trick question, can only use 1% of world’s water, guess desalinization doesn’t count; Israel waters their desert for crops from the Mediterranean Sea that way.

Sandra Humble

I missed 5. Out of 12


Oh my goodness. I did really bad. 5/12. I agree, this was a tough one.

Jim Emerich

I though Nile was longest river


Question 10 is trick question Lake Baikal Siberia is largest in water contained in a lake


Love the new format on this post. Is this going to be continued?

Bev in TX

Longest River is the Nile — not the Amazon. I didn’t answer any questions after that, because I don’t trust their quiz.

Not Trump

You care about animals and the environment but support Trump, so hypocritical.