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Mississippi River

Mississippi River

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Judy Smith

Why don’t you give information about the correct answers? I have an inquiring mind, and inquiring minds like to know.


11 out of 12. I shouldn’t have switched my answer about Canada. I agree with Judy. Would it be too much trouble to include where in Canada the Mississippi River is? If I have to go looking up things, I’m probably not going to do it. But if more information about the correct answers was provided we’d all learn more and stay sharper.

Helen Corey

This 80year old got 10 of 12. Nuns taught US history & geography well back then.

Don Kiesler

No way that the Mississippi River is 2300 miles long. The Mississippi-Missouri system may be that long but that’s a different question.

Diana Erbio

Only 6 out of 12…but I learned some new facts 😊

Rick J.

8 out 12 ….. guess I didn’t know as much as I should about “old man river”

Lee E Glidewell

11 out of 12 sounds pretty good. Problem was, Google doesn’t recognize Europeans as the first settlers along the river. Therefore, Indians were the first ‘settlers’. It seems Native Americans were the first of everything. Go figure, Google! My mistake for assuming the definition of ‘settlers’ being synonomous with foreiners!

Truth Manhattan

12/12. Figuring the Canada reference was a trick question was the key. :)


Missed #2 and #8. Should have gotten both for a perfect score, but thought about them too long.


I hang my head in shame. Got 5 out of 12 right.


10/12. Mississippi River in Canada and guessed too many on number of states it runs through or borders


Got 8 out of 12. Did a poor job of guessing this time. Talked myself out of a right answer sometimes. I learned a lot but would like it if you could give us the right answer. For example the question about how many states border the Mississippi-I would appreciate you providing the info. I could think of 9– MN, IL, IA, MO, KY, TN, AR, MS, LA but don’t know the 10th off the top of my head. Did not know that there is a Mississippi River in Canada, and I have never heard of Lake Itasca which is the source of the MS River.


I feel humble that I only got 9 out of 12. My pride has taken a dent.

T Anderson

10 of 12.

PS: If you want more facts, you can always google or do some other type of research.

Dawn J.

11 out of 12! Mighty good guesser today!


I got 7 out of 12

Janice Major

I only did one better, and I, too, am ashamed.