Farm and Ranch Coverage


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Farm and Ranch Coverage   

It’s not just a business — it’s your livelihood

When your home, livelihood or lifestyle is tied to farming or ranch operations, you may need specialized insurance protection. AMAC’s Insurance Agency offers Farm and Ranch insurance, which can help you:

  • Protect your financial investment in your farm home and property.
  • Manage potential liability that could threaten your operations and income.

Find affordable solutions for your situation

From small family farms to medium-sized growers and ranches, we can help you secure the coverage to help meet your unique needs.

Farm and ranch policies can include coverage for:

  • Farm homes. Includes replacement cost of up to 125%.
  • Other farm structures. Offers protection for barns, silos, pens and even fences.
  • Machinery and equipment. Includes borrowed, rented or leased farm machinery.
  • Livestock. Reduces financial loss if animals are stolen or lost due to a collision.

Stables, Vineyards and More

Protect your horses and stables

Whether you’re in the business of breeding or boarding horses for profit or pleasure, the right insurance can help you protect that investment if an accident, injury or illness strikes a horse you own or care for. Coverage for stables, equipment, fences and corrals is also available.

Get coverage from vine to wine

Getting your product from vine to market means exposure to a variety of risks. We can help you reduce risks stemming from growers’ and vintners’ problems like:

  • Product recall expenses.
  • Wine leakage or contamination.

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