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Deadly 4th, Cancelled, COVID-19

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Violence has raged through cities over the July 4th weekend resulting in the deaths of children and the reason leaders are giving to the uptick in violence. Next, history continues to get destroyed, find out why. Finally, Andrew Mangione, Senior Vice President of AMAC Action, to discuss the nursing home deaths that have taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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1 month ago

Please share the Dr. Bartlett interview in Dallas concerning his success treating COVID with established asthma drug (with nebulizer) in combo with antibiotic and zinc. 100% success rate — recommends EARLY use — directly attacks inflammation– works on all mutations of the virus — many say relief beginning with first treatment–those so treated have tested negative through 2 followup tests. NO NEEDED FOR low percentage effective vaccine! Interview was posted on Facebook Needs to be shared NATIONWIDE

1 month ago

If the cops get arrested for doing their job, the governors should be arrested for killing those people in the elderly homes

Art A
1 month ago

Geez – too bad Detroit,Baltimore,and St. Louis were so quiet. There really could have been a significant number of shootings and deaths. I apologize for my sense of humor but there have been more people shot and killed in several weeks than the police could possibly account for over a very long time. Defend the police and try to get the street trash cleaned up. GO BLUE.

Donald Myck
1 month ago

How many of those shootings involved those poor downtrodden black folks?

Bill Brown
1 month ago

Today, with few exceptions, the Humanists have achieved their goal (began in approximately 1825) of making Public Schools mandatory and the government brainwashing Children into believing the lies of Socialism and Communism.  The marxist/engelist lies have been crammed into our Children who no longer have the protections of Christian Principles.  IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, find an alternative to Public Education.  It destroys individual thinking!!  Charter and Parochial Schools can be OK but Home Education is best although it can be extremely difficult to afford.  EACH OF US MUST CHOOSE!  “IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN…”

1 month ago

These BLM/Antifa idiots are tearing down THEIR OWN HERO’S statues. LMAO

Bill Brown
1 month ago

Decide to be free!  Take our Country BACK: RED – Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Three Point Paper
1 month ago

Point-1. The joint efforts of the (BLM, and the ANTIFA) types, simply do not get the fact, “That their day(s) are fully numbered), with regard to their being fully reigned in, and their being fully charged as the “Home Grown Terrorist” that they truly are!.   Point-2. Just so everyone out there knows the following. That “Our United States Military Force Structure”, of which, does encompass all of Our Country’s Military Service Branches; “The ARMY, The NAVY, The MARINES, The AIR FORCE, The COAST GUARD, and the newest military service branch, The SPACE FORCE”; Are now, and have always been,… Read more »

John A. Fallon
1 month ago

The socialist/dems think they will force us to bend to thier scare tactics, but instead we will only take so much and if the cowardly politicians won’t do thier jobs, WE WILL VOTE THEM OUT AND REPLACE THEM AND PROSECUTE THEM FOR THIER CRIMINAL ACTIONS and take our country back and clean up the mess they have made of our justice system, so if you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime. KAG,MAHA,MAGA, VOTE!!!

Stan d. Upnow
1 month ago

Of Course they deliberately sent infected patients to the nursing homes. Do you not understand what is in play now?
We are in the midst of Phase II of a Communist take-over. Both the Nazis & Communists considered old people “useless eaters.”
Maybe now stupid voters who keep electing Progressive-Socialists to office will Wake Up. But, I doubt it.

Sharon Harrigan
1 month ago

As I have said before, Daniel 2:28 “There is a God in heaven….” He is in full control.

T. Anderson
1 month ago

Used to be a share button, which is no longer there. Have to go in and copy URL. Why was the share button removed? Much easier to share that way than to have to copy the URL.

larry malone
30 days ago


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