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First, the majority of Americans have decided to hold China accountable for their actions regarding the coronavirus. Next, the President announces a new decision with regards to the fund of the World Health Organization. Finally, we are joined by an AMAC representative to update you on what the President is doing in response to China and W.H.O.

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5 months ago

Why? Why? Has it taken a pandemic to awaken America to the fact that we were relying on China for every thing under the sun!! GREED !! American Corporations should be made to produce their products in America with American workers First ,FIRST ! Before they Ever open a subsidiary branch in ANY foreign country ! USA ! First and Foremost !. Ridiculous! Maybe finally we see the Big Picture ? Maybe ?

Al smith
5 months ago

Never trust communist . Once an enemy alwAys an enemy . We buy from a country that suppresses or kills its citizens,??????

T Taylor
5 months ago

If indeed the truth comes out that China was either derelict or intentional on not reporting truthfully of the serious nature of the virus then immediately the US should send home all Chinese students and revoke all travel from China to the States, deduct the cost of this virus on our economy from what we owe to China and demand that the Chinese government compensate families who lost loved ones due to the virus and acknowledge publically their responsibility in all this. Finally, we need not do any more bussiness with China; bring home the jobs to the good old… Read more »

David Hosler
5 months ago

We know that the Democrates have done their best to get rid of Pres. Trump, while during the tenure of Pres. Obama allowing him to almost overthrow our REPUBLIC and allow socialism to further thrive. The Democrates have used coronaviris as a deterent againsr Pres
Trump who will revitilize our economy if allowed.

BJ Cassady
5 months ago

China may have done us a favor. This virus has shown us how our manufacturing state is underprepared our system is unable to respond to a critical crisis. We need to get our factories going again, build things that Americans will buy and not be so dependent upon China and other unfriendly countries. Buy USA! Or at least buy from countries that are friendly to us.

Rita S.
5 months ago

China, WHO, UN, and all external entities are using my tax dollars against my better judgement. I oppose China (the violent communist regime), the UN, and all of its branches, especially WHO. I want WHO defunded permanently, I want the UN out of the US, let some other country house it and be its main support, reduce drastically our monies for this destructive organization. It is destroying cultures for multiculturalism, an evil concept, pushing abortion on the world and perversion of all kinds. To note, I believe and trust in President Donald J. Trump to do what is best for… Read more »

A. Sutphen
5 months ago

As an American who has served my country and as a believer in Jesus Christ, we should not judge all the Chinese people, but the Communist Chinese Party must be held accountable for there actions. I am in full agreement that the communist party is and will be a threat that lays in wait for the moment of weakness to take advantage of anyone who wants true freedom from a tyrannical government. But I also know that Jesus said to pray for your enemies, and we should already be praying for our fellow christian brothers and sister who have to… Read more »

E. Fletcher
5 months ago

Boycott, boycott, boycott. If government or our corporations can’t do it WE THE PEOPLE can. Boycott whenever possible any and all Chinese produced products, especially medications. This country need not go through this again. The strongest, over reaching actions are implemented by democratic governors. Pa. , Va., and Michigan are examples. 50 governors cannot implement such restrictions of activity on 329 million people for very long. Virus or no virus, life must go on. First, confined people get bored, then rammy, then irritable and finally angry. What’s next?…..violence. Now we have a big wig female scientist/researcher making this a racial… Read more »

Larry Peterson
5 months ago

Do not be fooled America. China is focused on world domination. This Corona-virus is a biological attack on the world fostered and disseminated by the Chinese Communist government!

John E Schwingle
5 months ago

Please list all the companies the Chinese own all or part of in the US. Also list all the polititians who are on their payroll! Active and retired!

5 months ago

I don’t think a percentage of product should produced here, 100% should be. Anything that can be contaminated or made subpar should produced here.

The worms eye view
5 months ago

We should all be thankful for this Corona virus awakening exposing how irresponsible and dangerous China really is to the USA and the rest of the world. The reason I say thankful for the Corona virus, the lab in Wuhan is a biological development and testing laboratory. Two years ago this lab was audited and found alarmingly deficient in safety protocols regarding the storage and handling of very dangerous toxins. The release of the Corona virus on the world could have easily been a deadly slow acting biological toxin capable of killing millions across the world in a very short… Read more »

R Allen
5 months ago

After the first “big” Ebola outbreak it took WHO 6-weeks to agree with Dr.s without Borders there was an epidemic going on; BTW 4 additional weeks for CDC to agree. That is when i bought our box of N95’s and start donating to Medicines sans Frontiers for my own self protection. The fact is the commie-covid has done more damage to the good ‘ol US of A then any enemy since the Democrat land of the Confederacy.

J. L. Riley
5 months ago

I just want to put in a good word for Ben Ferguson. He is a real asset to the AMAC organization and I hope AMAC will do whatever it takes to keep him involved with the organization. He is smart and articulates the world and national issues that affect the members in a cogent and knowledgeable way. Yes, he seems extremely prejudicial in his political leanings but, they happen to match mine, so obviously I’m not offended. As FOX News continues to try to be the new CNN I encourage AMAC (and Ben) to stay the course.

aluminum head
5 months ago

NEVER trust a name with a ( D ) after it or a communist of ANY nation. If you do then you are a fool.

5 months ago

I have bee saying for years that we are our own worst enemy. Let’s all look in the mirror. From the goofball and beyond greedy politicians we elect, to the commie indoctrination our universities and schools put into the minds of our young people as we dutifully send them off at 18 or 19 to be filled with nonsense, to the benefit of the doubt we continually give foreign nations who act against our interests, to the laws our corrupt legislatures enact in favor of their friends and themselves, to embracing materialism and the latest worthless gadgets or wares we… Read more »

Glenn Scott
5 months ago

Americans First! The US should cut out ALL Foreign Aid -welfare, including the WHO and that cesspool in NY they call the UN. Most of these countries don’t even like the US and vote against us at the UN. If we have all this expendable funds how about paying 100% of all the seniors Medicare and include dental with it. Also take care of the Veterans. Off my soapbox now.

5 months ago

sanctions against China might fix this

Pat R
5 months ago

I agree 100% with Trey Gowdy’s suggestions. It’s past time the USA realized any relationship with China will eventually blow up because China, a communist country, will never be honest or have an even relationship with any other country. It’s all about world-wide control for China, and they are using the US dollars paid them for our industries having located there for cheap labor. China’s citizens work for pennies but their government has made trillions. They are bargaining with other nations to get inroads to eventually gain power over them as well.

Gregory Barber
5 months ago

Well done report! Buying Power! China has a record of using it’s socialist/slavery power to undercut a given commodity by price and volume and then taking over the market. You have to realize that they maintain control by keeping their millions busy so they will not revolt against the regime. Americans have become aware of this because of Chinese tactics in this virus attack. The fact that it appears to be an attack against the world [not the first Chinese virus pandemic], and that they even announced they would withhold medicines if reporting continued to be against them. THAT is… Read more »

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