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Travel the USA (Visit Pennsylvania)

Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

It is the unique goal of travel adventurers to visit all fifty states in America. To boost this objective, each week we shall explore one state. Alphabetically, the 38th to visit is none other than Pennsylvania, abbreviated PA. Regardless of the order in which you explore them, the Keystone State is calling your name.

Visit state # 38 – PA

State Motto Virtue, Liberty, and Independence
State Flower Mountain-laurel
State Bird Ruffed grouse
State Gem Amethyst
State Capital Harrisburg
Famous Foods Philly cheesesteak, Herr’s and Utz chips, Shoefly pie, Tastykake, Philly soft pretzel, Scrapple, Wawa hoagies, Tomato pie, Sausage sandwich, Heinz Ketchup, Pot pies, Stromboli, Funnel cake, and more.

PA, known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern, and Appalachian regions of the United States. It borders the state of Delaware to the southeast, Maryland to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio to the west, Lake Erie & the Canadian province of Ontario to the northwest, New York to the north, and the Delaware River and New Jersey eastward. The landlocked state is among the 13 original colonies. In 1682, William Penn obtained sovereign control of the area. Pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787, after Delaware. The city of Philadelphia has consistently played an important role in American government, most notably during the revolutionary and early national periods.

Pennsylvania is noted for its beauty and diverse landscapes. It is home of amazing national parks, including the top-rated Allegheny National Forest that was established in 1923. The park is in northwestern Pennsylvania and features over 500,000 acres of pristine land fit for recreation. It is situated on the Allegheny Plateau and offers plenty of exciting activities to include exploring, camping, paddling, and other water sports. Equally impressive is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, offering tranquil landscapes and striking scenery within the most densely populated region of the United States. Whether you hike, fish, boat, or simply want to explore nature, there is an abundance of things to do. Valley Forge National Historical Park, featuring 3,500 acres of monuments, meadows, and woodlands, is also not to be missed. The park’s goal is to commemorate the sacrifices and perseverance of the Revolutionary War generation and honor the power of those who overcame adversity during that time.

Another must-visit destination is Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park. The park is home to important historical sites to include Independence Hall, where both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. constitution were signed, and the Liberty Bell, a symbol of freedom and democracy. Visitors can tour both sites to absorb amazing US history. Not far away on Chestnut Street is the Benjamin Franklin Museum, with exhibits on the life and character of one of America’s most famous Founding Fathers. Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence and was also a signer. In addition, he represented the United States in France during the American Revolution and was a delegate to the Constitution.

While in Philadelphia, folks are encouraged to walk the cobblestone streets of the historic city and visit The Betsy Ross House. This notable landmark, located on Arch Street and several blocks from Independence Hall, is purported to be the site where the seamstress, contributor to the American Revolution, and flag-maker lived when she likely sewed the first American flag. The 18th century colonial style home was where she resided from 1776 to 1779, when it was run by widow Hannah Lithgow.

No trip to Pennsylvania is complete without a field trip to the Museum of the American Revolution, also located in historic Philadelphia. There, visitors can explore the dramatic and surprising stories of the American Revolution and its enduring legacy. Highlights include galleries and theatre experiences and exhibits such as The Road to Independence to learn how the American colonists became revolutionaries as the roots of the rebellion took hold. Folks can also watch a movie on American military officer, statesman, and Founding Father, George Washington, who became the nation’s first president. As a bonus, see his military tent on display.

A trip to Pennsylvania is a necessity for folks who love nature and history. Other notable places to visit include Bethlehem, a city along the Lehigh River in the Lehigh Valley region of Eastern Pennsylvania. There are local festivals to include an annual Musikfest and industrial sites that share the city’s important role in the steel industry. Christkindlmarkt Bethlehem celebrates the spirit of the holiday season with traditional artisans, Moravian crafts, vendors, music, and food. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is another great place to explore. This Amish country location offers warm hospitality amidst a peaceful environment. Hop aboard the Strasburg Railroad, featuring an authentic steam train ride that will transport you back in time. Pennsylvania’s exciting cities demonstrate that no matter where you go, there’s always an adventure waiting.

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David Millikan
David Millikan
1 year ago

Be sure to WATCH OUT for TERRORIST antifa in Philadelphia who yesterday were throwing BRICKS and GLASS at Police doing their Job.
FAKE News…Communist News Network (cnn) DIDN’T REPORT that.
Not surprised since TERRORIST antifa and TERRORIST blm are on DICTATOR Beijing biden’s Speed dial.
DICTATOR Beijing biden will be calling both to start INCREASING CRIME and RIOTS days before or day after Midterm Elections.
FAKE News won’t cover RIOTS and their CRIMINAL activity because according to their narrative…Everything is just fine in FANTASY WORLD.

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