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Step Into Spring

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Spring is the season of sunny inspiration. From blooming flowers to sunshine and songbirds, the season overflows with newfound joy. Use the spirit of the season to ease you from winter’s harsh grip. Elevate your style and mood as you step into spring.

Use these inspiring tips to brighten up your style as you step into spring!

  • Dress in cheerful colors. Set aside deep and gloomy winter tones and channel lively colors of the season instead. Wearing colors like pink, purple, and yellow is proven to boost mood. In fact, scientists have found that brighter clothes make you happier. While basics such as black, brown, navy, white and grey tend to be staples of the wardrobe, adding warm and bright colors to our wardrobes positively affects the brain. Per Daily Mail, “Looking at warm, bright colours, such as red or pink, releases dopamine – known as ‘the feel-good hormone’ – which can improve our mood, heighten the attention span, and even boost our sex drive.” Not a fan of bright colors? Consider dressing in pastels, best described as soft and delicate shades of color that look wonderful on all skin tones.
  • Add flowers to your home. Springtime is the time of rebirth and regrowth. Thus, it is the ideal time to add flowers in and around the home. com explains that tons of flowers bloom in spring. They share, “…tulips famously begin to peek their round blooms out from the soil after the snow melts away and the sun shines again.” Similarly, sunflowers, roses, daisies, and poppies also bloom in spring. For those who may not love gardening, freshly cut spring bouquets are a great way to add color and instant cheer to a home environment. For high impact, these flower experts recommend yellow sunflowers paired with white daisies, pink roses with white carnations, red tulips, or yellow daisies with wildflowers.
  • Decorate with nature-inspired themes. Per HGTV, “One of the most classic ways to add a touch of spring to any room is with yellow and green. Instead of a pastel yellow, choose vibrant shades of lemon or canary, and mix them with a grassy green.” In addition to color, be playful with textures and patterns. And do incorporate symbols of spring into your décor as well, to include florals, birds and birdhouses, butterflies, and anything that sparks seasonal happiness within.

Spreading bliss

Spring is the ideal time to refresh one’s attitude by expressing seasonal cheer. Whether one chooses to do it through wardrobe, personal touches, or home décor – or just by thinking happy thoughts of spring – it’s up to everyone to figure out what’s best! The important thing is to step into spring with the abundance of positivity and joyfulness the season has to offer!

Interested in spring gardening? Enjoy reading tips for growing a vibrant garden.

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