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Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Spring cleaning

Part 1

The spring season is a refreshing one. It is filled with new life to include plants in bloom and birds singing in the trees. Nature signals that it’s the season of renewal. We can use this signal as momentum to get our homes in order. A clean home is uplifting and brings fresh air and sunshine into our lives. There is something deeply spiritual and joyful about inviting order, freshness, and purity in our homes.

Enjoy these spring cleaning tips part 1.


Cleaning is a group responsibility. So, it’s best to get all hands-on deck. Rather than assign chores, let each house member choose from a list of tasks and pick what they would like to do. Sharing the workload makes cleaning manageable. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Plus, you can all take pride in your accomplishments! For those who live alone, break up cleaning routines into doable sessions to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Your list

Making a list of chores not only makes it easy to divide them up, but it also clarifies what needs to be done. From the chore list, it’s easy to see what supplies are needed to effectively clean. For example, if the oven interior is on the list, and you do not have a self-cleaning oven, then oven cleaner is likely necessary.

Cleaning supplies

Ahead of your cleaning session, gather all the cleaning supplies you’ll need. Consider the tools you’ll require, such as a bucket, squeegee, mop, vacuum, and dust rags. Have them ready to use so chores can be started without delay.

Don’t get too fancy!

Note that simple cleaning solutions like dish soap and hot water can create an effective multipurpose cleaner. Click here to learn more from the CDC.

Homemade solutions can also serve folks well, as they are cheap and effective. To create a window cleaner, The Spruce suggests adding the following to a spray bottle: 2 cups of lukewarm water, ¼ cup distilled white vinegar, and 1/3 teaspoon of grease cutting liquid soap. Shake the liquid to mix and spray on windows. Use a squeegee or microfiber cloth for a streak-free shine.  

Tip: Always clearly label homemade cleaning products and keep them out of the reach of children.

Clearing clutter

Clutter, defined as untidy collections of things lying about, can easily build. For this reason, it’s important to assign items places to neatly be stored. Clutter is nearly impossible to clean around. Thus, clutter should always be addressed ahead of deep cleanings. Do ask family members to put away their personal belongings. For example, Jane should hang up her coat that’s on the chair, Dyllon should put his shoes on the floor in the shoe bin, and Marcus should store his media devices on a dedicated shelf.

Cleaning method

Always clean room by room from top to bottom. This is how the professionals do it. When it comes to dusting and wiping surfaces, work “high-to-low.” For example, clean high ceiling fans first, windows and tall furniture next, and work your way down. Floors are generally last. Should you do them first, you risk having dust and debris fall onto surfaces you already cleaned. So, clean in order.

Stay on task

It’s easy for family members to get distracted while cleaning. The key is to stay focused. When the kiddos are involved, it’s helpful to make tasks fun by setting timers and offering prizes for jobs well done. Adults, too, may become distracted. For example, one may get sidelined by an incoming email. It’s important to remain focused on cleaning tasks to effectively get them done. If a response to the email can wait, stay on task, and respond later. 

Staying on top of things

Once you get your space organized, it’s important to stay on top of things by regular decluttering and cleaning sessions. You can hold house cleaning Saturdays or encourage family members to clean up after themselves and put things away after use.

How often should household tasks be done?

Here’s a quick run-down of some common spaces of the home and the frequency with which they may be done: (Note that these recommendations are not set in stone.)


  • Basic decluttering (putting things away)
  • Make the bed
  • Do dishes & sanitize kitchen sink
  • Disinfect kitchen surfaces to include countertops & tables & chairs
  • Sanitize bathrooms
  • Clean the shower/tub (after use)
  • Sweep or vacuum high traffic areas such as kitchen floors or entryways
  • Clean coffee maker (after use)
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Clean pet dishes & pet areas
  • Clean range top (after use)
  • Clean microwave (after use)


Bi-weekly or weekly:

  • Do laundry/wash/dry/fold/iron as needed
  • Remove lint from dryer (after each use)
  • Sort and put away clean clothes
  • Dust furniture, knickknacks, and art
  • Vacuum whole house and steps
  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs/switches/remote controls
  • Clean microwave & appliances
  • Check fridge and toss expired food
  • Wipe down refrigerator inside and out
  • Sanitize or replace sponges
  • Mop hard surfaces floors throughout the house
  • Wash bath towels
  • Clean mirrors with glass cleaner
  • Vacuum under couch cushions
  • Change sheets/pillowcases on bed
  • Clean range hood/wipe down oven



  • Dust blinds/clean window treatments
  • Clean or wash baseboards/vents/wood trim
  • Vacuum under couches and moveable pieces of furniture
  • Wash throw blankets
  • Clean inside trash cans


Every three to six months:

  • Wash pillows/comforters/bedding duvets (or sooner if needed)
  • Vacuum and flip/rotate mattress
  • Descale coffee maker
  • Deep clean beneath and under furniture
  • Replace filters/lightbulbs as needed
  • Wash shower curtain and liner
  • Clean drains/freshen garbage disposal
  • Deep clean oven
  • Clean out the freezer
  • Clean dryer vent debris


Yearly (or sooner if needed)

  • Deep clean/wash carpet and furniture upholstery
  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Wash drapes and curtains
  • Clean chimney/fireplace

A flexible guideline

The above list is a general guideline for cleaning frequency. It can be fine-tuned to meet your cleaning needs and style.

Stay tuned for part II coming next week and featuring tips to cleaning basic items around the home.

Interested in some advice for spring cleaning outdoors? Check out our article on Outdoor project basics.

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