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Outdoor Project Tips

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Outdoor Project Tips

Read this before you get started…

Come springtime, as warm weather rolls in, attentions commonly turn to our outdoor spaces. Sometimes, yard and property projects can feel overwhelming. Here are some outdoor project tips that can ease the stress!

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s normal!

Yardwork and outdoor cleaning can be challenging, especially when it comes to handling sizable properties or those with extensive chore lists.

Does size matter?

Truth be told, larger properties generally require more time, energy, and money to maintain. Spring cleaning in a vast country-like setting may include hefty yard cleanup like removing thick overgrowth from walking paths, maintaining lawn and gardens, and pressure washing the house or deck. However, city properties also require time, energy, and money, too. Cleanups may involve scrubbing balcony areas, cleaning outdoor furniture, and garden maintenance, as examples.

What counts is the approach!

Regardless of whether a space is large or small, or if a setting is rural or urban, outdoor projects can be positively approached in a similar manner.

Here are smart things folks can do to make outdoor projects easier:

  • Create a to-do list – Identifying what needs to be done is the first major step in yard cleanup. Making a list and seeing things in writing is essential for preparation. It does the following:
  • One- it helps to create a timeline to tackle projects.
  • Two – it aids in the creation of a budget.
  • Three – it showcases what supplies are needed.
  • Four – it enables property managers to delegate tasks.
  • Do some preliminary research – To save time, money, and elbow grease, learn what cleaning methods are easiest and optimal. Here’s an example:


Per Real Simple, most outdoor furniture cushions can be easily cleaned with a formula of one-quart warm water, one teaspoon dishwashing detergent, and one tablespoon of borax in a bucket. Scrub all sides of the cushion with the formula and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, rinse with a hose and air dry. Stubborn mildew stains may also be removed by adding two tablespoons of bleach to one gallon of water. Then scrub it on using a soft brush. Before proceeding, folks are cautioned to read label care instructions, ensuring that the fabric can withstand bleach treatment. When in doubt, always defer to manufacturer directions.

  • Gather volunteers – Overwhelmed? Ask volunteers, such as family or friends, for help. Here are some things project managers can do to make operations go smoothly:
    1. Short on supplies? Ask helpers to bring along needed items such as a garden trowel or shovel.
    2. Let helpers choose what they feel comfortable doing, whether it be planting flowers, cleaning the grill, or power washing the home’s exterior.
    3. Offer your helpers hydrating liquids and food as common courtesy.
    4. Encourage volunteers to take breaks as needed.
    5. Leave the hard work to professionals.
    6. Provide monetary compensation or small gifts of appreciation if possible.
    7. Be sure to thank volunteers for their help and return the favor whenever possible.
  • Hire professionals – Always hire qualified pros for challenging work such as trimming limbs from trees or installing electricity. These types of jobs are daunting and dangerous; therefore, they should expressly be handled by experienced, capable, and insured professionals. Before hiring contractors, do some research. Consider the following: 
    1. Only do business with contractors with proper industry affiliations, certifications, and references.
    2. Carefully read and thoroughly understand written contracts.
    3. Be sure that the scope of the work and timelines are well-defined.
    4. Understand pricing and payment plan options.


Warm weather invites us to spruce up our outdoor zones. Whether you’re maintaining a lawn and garden, cleaning up the grill for that perfect BBQ, or are creating a unique space to picnic or read in the shade, our outdoor spaces can serve us well. Before delving into projects, consider the above universal outdoor project tips designed to turn overwhelming projects into winning ones.

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