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Small Business Saturday

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Small Business Saturday next to snowman

Perhaps you’ve heard of Small Business Saturday. This yearly marketing initiative is designed to boost small businesses during the busy shopping season. The annual event spotlights small businesses that are the bedrock of our communities. Due to the significance of small businesses to the economy, Small Business Saturday was made official via a political resolution supporting small businesses across America. Note that small businesses are frequently overshadowed by large companies promoting mass production and internet sales. However, you can make a difference by giving them your business at this year’s event slated for November 25, 2023. Read on to learn why YOU and your family and friends should get in on the action!

Why small businesses count:

America’s small businesses, generally defined as privately-owned enterprises with fewer than 500 employees, are the backbone of our nation. Small businesses are vital to our country and local economies. They have a long and proud history of being main drivers of U.S. financial growth. Yet, today, they are being increasingly forgotten. Let’s rekindle the spirit of Small Businesses that make America great by giving them our support on November 25, 2023.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday is a nationwide annual event. It is aimed at encouraging public support for small businesses. Consumers are urged to shop at small and locally owned businesses such as hair salons, gift shops, grocery stores, and other goods and service-based businesses. Not only does this give small businesses a seasonal financial boost, but customers also benefit from great products and services and special promotions, discounts, and incentives. There’s no time like the present for consumers to “give back” by supporting small enterprises on Small Business Saturday and throughout the year.

How did it start?

Small Business Saturday is the brainchild of American Express credit card company. In 2010, American Express initiated this marketing incentive to encourage folks to “Shop Small” during the holidays. They believe, as we do, that small businesses are our neighborhood champions. Small business Saturday was officially established in 2011 with the Senate’s unanimous passing of a resolution to encourage folks to shop in person and online at small businesses. Officials and businesses in all 50 states participate in this annual event, aimed at providing exposure to small businesses within communities and encouraging public support of them.

Mass produced vs. hand-crafted:

When we think of commerce, minds may drift to large commercial retailers, shopping malls, and warehouses. Many of those products are not made in the USA. Because they are manufactured cheaply, large mass producers of products make it especially challenging for small businesses offering American made crafts to compete. However, unlike items that are mass produced quickly and cheaply, small businesses typically offer high quality and wonderful customer service. Hand crafted items are generally long-lasting and substantial – ultimately worth the price when compared with cheaper-made and mass-produced products.

A humble beginning

Most small businesses begin humbly. Some people even risk all their money to start a new business or take on heavy loans to support development, advancement, and expansion. And they put all their time and energy into making their business thrive. This is true of many brick- and-mortars that were modestly started along Main Streets nationwide. How did they grow? Old-time businesses, much like many small businesses in existence today, pride themselves on goods and service and put customers first. In pre-computer days, these traditional shops succeeded by good service and kind word of mouth. From handmade crafts and fresh baked donuts to barber shops and auto repairs, small business owners continually strive to offer locals steady employment. However, this is now tougher in the face of competition. On top of it all, small businesses often give back by sponsoring community sporting events, parades, tree lighting ceremonies and more. Owners frequently serve on local committees and deeply care about their communities, giving of themselves to help others.

The experience

One main draw of frequenting local businesses relates to experience. Many adults fondly reflect on their childhood experiences visiting family run businesses in town. A glance back shows us the tender boy who got his first haircut and lollipop at the barber shop, the wide-eyed teenager who bought her prom dress at the local dress shop, a loving family who gathered for a photograph at the neighborhood portrait studio, and the newly engaged couple who tasted wedding cake at the hometown bakery. These countless personal experiences demonstrate that local businesses are the heart of America and are a valuable part of who we are today.

Learn why your support is needed!

Now, more than ever, small businesses need you! These family-run enterprises are facing difficult challenges. This includes a tough Biden economy, high taxes and business costs, liberal laws which favor employees, increases in thefts and crime that they must deal with, online international and other competition, pandemic-related sales declines, and more. Now it’s our turn to give back. By endorsing Small Business Saturday, AMAC encourages folks to consider doing holiday shopping at small businesses. This serves to stimulate their economy so that they may continue to survive, provide employment locally, and feel optimistic about the future. We strongly encourage you to show your support, online or in-person, of family and small-run enterprises near you on November 25.

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