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Online Shopping

Posted on Friday, December 1, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
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Online shopping

Black Friday is a colloquial term in the U.S. for the Friday following Thanksgiving. This day marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping rush. Stores offer sales, discounts, and specials on a wide array of products. While many people enjoy the excitement of holiday shopping, with some even attempting to be first in line for doorbuster deals, others find the traffic and commotion to be a little too stressful. For those seeking to avoid large crowds and commotions, online shopping is a solid option in the days leading up to Christmas. Here are some useful things to know about online shopping:

Online shopping tips:

  • While there are great online deals to be found on Black Friday, understand that sales are not exclusive to that single day! Lots more sales will pop up ahead of the holidays.
  • Cyber Monday, the marketing term for e-commerce transactions on the Monday following Thanksgiving, also jumpstarts many great online deals. So, there is ample opportunity for amazing deals to be had online.
  • Consider supporting local businesses on Small Business Saturday (November 25, 2023) where great LOCAL DEALS can be had. This can be done in person or online
  • Always make online purchases from reliable businesses. Make sure you are on the company’s legitimate website – type carefully and double check before entering personal or banking information.
  • Use safe and protected means of payments that do not directly tie into your checking and savings accounts. Additionally, do not use public internet networks to make purchases, as hackers can easily intercept your transactions.
  • Be a flexible and educated buyer to get a deal. Understand the general cost of the item(s) you wish to purchase. Then, swoop in when it goes on sale.
  • Be like Santa. Make a list and check it twice. Decide who you are buying for and what items fit your budget. Then stick to it. Because simple clicks of the keyboard can lead to easy spending, avoid unnecessary temptations.
  • Before shopping online, familiarize yourself with store policies – including return options and price-matching policies. For example, Best Buy and Target generally match competitors’ prices for the exact same item. Note that some retailers have rules. For example, Walmart will only price match discount one item per day per customer and it must be in stock. Online price matches are also exclusive to specific competitors.
  • In general, if you buy an item, and it goes on sale shortly after, most retailers are willing to honor the sales price and make a price adjustment in your favor. So, even after you buy something, keep watching to see if there is a price drop. If worse comes to worse, one may consider returning and repurchasing the item at the lower price.
  • Whenever possible use coupons, loyalty programs, rewards, online deals and more! One may wish to use a store’s special benefits. For example, Target’s RedCard allows people to pay for store shopping purchases which are directly deducted from their checking account. It is generally worthwhile for frequent shoppers at that retailer (in store and online), as it gives users 5% on every purchase at that retailer, free shipping options, special access to deals and more. Likewise, other stores may offer similar benefits.
  • To save on shipping costs, consider shopping online. Then, opt to pick up the items at the store. Curbside pickup is popular at many retail locations and can even totally wipe out shipping costs! Or swoop in for the deals on free or low-cost shipping days.
  • If you won’t be exchanging gifts until after the holiday and good sales are currently not to be found for the items you seek, simply wait to make purchases. Take advantage of the after-holiday sales when January price drops are commonplace and large discounts can be had!

Hate trying to find a place in the mall parking lot? Dislike pushy crowds and long-lines at checkout? Don’t feel pressured to shop in person. Understand that great deals can be found online. As a bonus, online deals occur frequently throughout the holiday season. Thus, it provides a viable alternative to in-store shopping with great deals leading up until the holidays and beyond.

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David Millikan
David Millikan
6 months ago

Go WOKE. Go BROKE. Check out the companies that are Loser WOKE supporters at your moneys expense so they can push their garbage agenda. Example: Target, Kohl’s, Disney, etc..

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