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Hobbies for Senior Men

Posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2023
by Matt Kane
hobbies for senior men

There are many hobbies for senior men to take part in for pleasure and fulfillment. Even as we age beyond our youthful years, everybody needs things that get them at least somewhat excited about day-to-day life. Hobbies may not change the world outside of one’s own daily life, but that doesn’t make them insignificant.

 #1 – Golf

This likely doesn’t come as a surprise, but Golf is one of the top hobbies for senior men. As we age, it becomes harder to partake in competition, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want it. Golf is the perfect balance between scratching the competitive itch and not overexerting oneself too much. It is also a versatile hobby. Not that great at it? Take lessons. Don’t take it as seriously as others? Go to the driving range to hit a few shots. Want to fully immerse yourself and become a quality golfer? Take lessons, hone your skills, and most importantly, play! The golf course is also a great place for social interaction.

#2 – Cooking in a Smoker

Less common than golf, yet still a known hobby of the 55 and older crowd, smoking foods seems to be something many now pursue. We have all flipped through late-night TV only to land on a food show featuring outrageous-looking smoked meat. Thanks to the many available options, you can now do it yourself at home. While it seems like a daunting task for a beginner, there are plenty of online resources that provide step-by-step guides not only on how to operate a smoker but also specific recipes to make sure your efforts are worthwhile.

#3 – Chess

Chess may not create the same energetic responses as playing golf or smoking meat, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth partaking in. Some days one may prefer a more mellow, thought-intensive, and laid-back hobby, and chess is the perfect hobby for that. You can play solo or against an opponent. You can take your time scheming the perfect attack or deploy the quickest moves possible just to learn the basics. Like golf, chess is a game where with the help of a patient partner (or solo), you can go at your own pace.

There is no shortage of hobbies for senior men, and these three are great ways to spend time during our senior years learning, improving, and enjoying.

For more tips for senior living, be sure to check out AMAC’s blog content here.

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9 months ago

How about trap shooting? Or is that a big, never to be mentioned activity that seems to be quite interesting to seniors, particularly in rural areas. Not as expensive as golf, well can be, but it depends on the person. It is a great sport that older seniors can enjoy if they are cable to still enjoy the outdoors.

9 months ago

Two out of three ain’t bad!!! I bought the Traeger Ironwood 650 (1st gen) and am becoming more serious about golf.

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