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Senior Car Rental Discounts

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
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Let’s talk averages

The cost of rental cars has grown more expensive over time. Pandemic-related microchip shortages and supply chain issues are said to be some factors that escalated costs. Car rentals in the US now average $50 to  $80 per day for an economy-class car, according to Travellers Worldwide. Economy-class cars are defined as lower-cost vehicles and include brands such as Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, and Volkswagen Golf. Folks seeking more spacious vehicles such as SUVs, or luxury rentals like convertibles, will generally pay more. Unfortunately, the rising cost of car rentals makes it challenging for seniors on fixed incomes to afford them, thus it’s wise to seek senior car rental discounts.

Prices fluctuate for auto rentals. In fact, they can change daily. There are some important factors that may influence cost. Mainly, when demand is up, such as over a holiday period or event such as airline crises, prices can shoot up. When demand is lower, and more cars are available, prices are likely to become more affordable. That’s because rental car companies seek to book as many cars as they can to maximize profit.

Here are some other things which may affect what you pay:

  • The rental car company you choose
  • The type of vehicle you select
  • The season (Holidays, etc.)
  • How long you’re renting
  • Time of day
  • How far in advance you book
  • The location you choose
  • Add-on such as additional insurance or tank fill-up

Independent research demonstrates that cars which are rented from busy yet convenient locations, such as airports, may be as much as 40% higher. NerdWallet discovered that rental cars tend to be about 20% cheaper on average when booked off-site versus at the airport.

Monies expected upfront

Expect rental car companies to charge rental car deposits or upfront security deposits or request a credit card to cover the estimated cost of your rental. While there is no maximum age to rent a car, seniors may be impacted by senior driver fees. To learn about extra fees that may be charged to senior drivers over age 70, or younger drivers, visit our sister article.

Car rental costs can be challenging for those on a budget

Try employing some of the following tips to help keep vehicle rental costs down:

  • Obtain discounts. There are numerous ways in which to do so. They include utilizing membership benefits for savings. AMAC, for example, offers its members savings on rental cars as part of member benefits. For more information, visit here
  • Gain savings through credit card membership. Some credit card companies offer bonus points or other incentives applicable for automobile rentals.
  • Comparison shop for the best deal. Also check alternate locations from the same vendor such as renting a car in town versus at the airport or another busy hub.
  • Consider package deals that bundle airfare, hotel stays, and auto rentals together. In some cases, but not all, savings may be found.
  • Reserve early and be flexible in details such as vehicle type, rental date, times, and place, etc.
  • When all else fails, it doesn’t hurt to simply ask for a better price. Or call the rental company to see if they can beat any online price quotes.

AMAC Member Discount

Senior car rental discounts can help save money on trips. 

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Jamia N.
Jamia N.
8 months ago

So there is no car rental benefit with AMAC?

Lora Flinn
Lora Flinn
7 months ago

I renewed my membership. I haven’t received a card or anything in the mail yet. I need help with renting a car.

4 months ago

Not a dimes worth of car rental discount with AMAC- Pathetic.

6 months ago

saved money by going to expedia site direct

8 months ago

I’m with you Jamia, Am I missing something or are they not offering a discount here?

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