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Candy Cane Place Cards

Posted on Tuesday, December 26, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

A fun 5-minute craft idea!

Place cards are special papers or plaques that indicate where people should sit when dining. Most often, homemade ones are made of paper. Our candy cane themed name holders provide a twist, for the stands that hold the name cards are mainly edible. As a bonus, they can quickly be made in 5 minutes or less per place card. Candy cane place cards can be used at festive events such as holiday weddings or banquets or informal events such as holiday family dinners. For large affairs, place cards are generally left on one main table and are in alphabetical order. People must find their name and seat themselves at the assigned table. For smaller affairs, place cards become part of the table setting. Thus, they are placed by the host to specifically indicate where each guest should sit.

How to make candy cane place card holders


  • Three wrapped candy canes per place card holder
  • Tape or hot glue gun (tape recommended if you plan to eat the candy canes)
  • Thick red ribbon or attractive silver or gold ribbon
  • Sturdy paper that you can write on
  • Calligraphy pen or markers (Red or green recommended for the Christmas holiday)
  • Embellishments (Stickers, ribbon, glitter, etc.)

Instructions to make each place card holder:

You’ll need three candy canes total for each place card holder. Begin with two wrapped candy canes. Hold both candy canes upside down with the curves facing toward you. The curved parts will become the stand for your actual place cards. Note that the curved ends must then be angled slightly away from each other so they can be positioned to hold the name card. They should also be level with one another. Attach the two properly positioned candy canes together at the midsection of the stem by hot gluing or taping them together in place. (Later, you will use ribbon to cover the glue or tape.) Similarly, attach a third wrapped candy cane behind the other two. The third one will go in the back and serve as the stand. This will make a triangular formation. Tie a thick piece of ribbon around the center of the three sticks to hide where the three candy canes are attached together. The holder should now be able to stand. Next, cut a rectangle shape out of paper to serve as the name plate part. For each one made, write or calligraphy the names of each guest onto the paper. Or print names onto labels and attach them to the paper. Use embellishments to decorate the name plates. Stick the name plates on the candy cane holder. Lastly, place the holder at each seat to indicate where guests should sit.

For samples of this easy project, and for more ideas, head to Pinterest and search Candy cane place card holders. Or click here for AMAC’s Christmas tablescape ideas.

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