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Best Healthy High Protein Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches

Posted on Friday, July 21, 2023
by Alexa Astuto
Healthy Fast food chicken sandwich

A healthy high protein fast food meal could be the difference between being satisfied and alert or ending up hungry and sluggish. As someone who lost a lot of weight several years ago, I smile when I write that: Yes! You can eat fast food (in moderation) while watching your sugar intake and looking to boost your protein!

Protein is our body’s main energy source, and sometimes we’re too tired to get out of the car or go home and cook and want to use the drive-through. And, if you’re a picky eater or allergic to beef (like me) or just a renowned chicken lover (also like me), this article will tell you where you can get the healthiest, low-sugar, high-protein fast-food chicken sandwiches. If you came here to look for foods to avoid, check out these least healthy fast food items everyone should avoid. 


The Chicken Sandwich

Chicken is often seen as one of the best protein sources.  One serving, or 100g of chicken, can provide up to 30g of protein!

When in doubt, choose something with wings! Birds have the highest protein with the lowest fat. But don’t be fooled by a bird battered in breading and smothered in oil.


Beware of the Batter

Deep-fried foods vs. going down the grilled route can be the difference between doubling your calorie intake. And even though you get double the calories with deep-fried food, you’re left with a bunch of empty calories. The kind that your body doesn’t register when trying to understand if you are full. However, the pesky fat sectors of our bodies are packing those calories on like a little forager preparing for winter.


Dropping the Buns Drops the Sugar

After looking into various nutritional charts from fast food menus, I found that removing the bread from most sandwiches cuts the sugar and calorie intake by more than half!

I often ask for fast food places to drop the bun and use a box instead (as opposed to wrapping it in parchment paper). A little shredded lettuce in your budget-friendly low-sugar protein box won’t hurt, either!


What If Grilled Chicken Isn’t an Option? 

Pick off that breading – we’re not judging! If grilled chicken isn’t an option at your fast-food place, or say, a carnival or fair, pick off the fried batter instead! I’ve spent several years picking the fried batter off my chicken wings at parties or my sandwich at the fair. Please don’t forget to wash your hands before and after if utensils are unavailable.


Chicken Sandwiches – In order of Highest Protein, Lowest Sugar


Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich:

Regular: Protein: 34 g Sugar: 8 Calories: 370

Without Bun: Protein: 29g Sugar: 3g Calories: 212

Bun (Protein: 5g Sugar: 5g Calories: 158


Wendy’s Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich:

Regular: Protein: 28g Sugar: 5g Calories: 490

Without Bun: Protein: 23g Sugar: 0g Calories: 332

Bun (Protein: 5g Sugar: 5g Calories: 158


Arby’s Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich:

Regular: Protein: 24 g Sugar: 7g Calories: 510

Without Bun:  Protein: 17g Sugar: 2g Calories: 300


Burger King Chicken Sandwich

Regular: Protein: 23.4g Sugar: 7.5g Calories: 680

Without Bun: Protein: 17g Sugar: 0g Calories: 430


McDonald’s’ Classic McChicken

Regular: Protein: 14g Sugar: 5g Calories: 400

Without Bun: Protein: 9g Sugar: 0g Calories: 250


McDonald’s’ Deluxe McCrispy – Beware of the high sugar!

Regular: Protein: 27g Sugar: 10g Calories: 530

Without Bun: Protein: 20g Sugar: 7g Calories: 350

While this chicken sandwich has the third highest grams of protein on our list, we placed it on the bottom for its spike in Sugar!

Now What?

No matter what you order, it’s important to be mindful of added factors like buns and mayo. Modifications usually can always be made to fit a healthier lifestyle that includes high protein and low sugar!

We care about your health; check out more Health and Wellness tips here!


Fast Food Nutritional Calculators:

Burger King

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11 months ago

I am pleased to see five alternates when Chic-fil-A isn’t an option, but why didn’t you include CfA in the review??

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