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Big Majority of Americans Reject Critical Race Theory And Favor Parents’ Rights

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After months of public outrage, raucous school board meetings, and a host of resignations from teachers and administrators, it looks clear that the push for Critical Race Theory-inspired curriculum and other radical ideology in schools may be backfiring on the Left.

The most recent evidence comes from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which conducted a recent poll showing that Americans of all backgrounds and political stripes are no fans of the latest wave of leftist extremism in public education, and instead most people want schools to focus on teaching traditional values and skills.

According to the survey, 81% of whites, 81% of blacks, and 87% of Hispanics believe that “the best place for kids to learn to take pride in their ethnic or racial identity is at home,” and the same percentage said that “school is where they should be learning about what it means to be an American” was very or somewhat close to their view

Similarly, 70% of whites, 69% of blacks, and 70% of Hispanics also said the following sentence was very or somewhat close to their view: “The schools these days pay too much attention to the differences between ethnic and racial groups and not enough to what they have in common.”

Not only do these figures support anecdotal evidence of widespread parent outrage with the woke curricula seen in viral videos of school board meetings, they also contradict the leftist narrative that minority groups want schools to focus on identity and racial essentialism over core curriculum. After all, if that were true, how could an overwhelming majority of whites, blacks, and other minorities say they believe that schools focus way too much on what divides, rather than what unites students? Such a sentiment is difficult to square with the belief of Critical Race Theorists that even subjects like math contain elements of “systemic racism.”

Not only do large majorities of parents from different ethnic backgrounds believe schools have become too focused on race and arbitrary divisions, they also believe schools need to teach the importance of national unity, regardless of race. The same AEI study also found that 85% of whites, 84% of blacks, and 78% of Hispanics believed it was “absolutely essential for public schools to teach kids… that whatever their ethnic or racial background, they are all part of one nation.”

Additionally, according to the study 69% of whites, 63% of blacks, and 61% of Hispanics believe children should be taught “that the US is a fundamentally good country,” while 89% of whites, 84% of blacks, and 88% of Hispanics “would be upset/be somewhat concerned if a teacher… constantly criticized America’s economy and political system.” Even more tellingly, and directly contrary to the Critical Race Theory narrative, 86% of whites, 81% of blacks, and 80% of Hispanics said they would be “upset” or “somewhat concerned” if a teacher “taught America was, and still is, a fundamentally racist country.” This is, of course, the core tenet of Critical Race Theory.

The AEI poll is hardly the only one in recent months to report such findings. According to a poll from The Economist earlier this year, more than half of those surveyed who said they understood Critical Race Theory said they had an unfavorable opinion of it. In May, Parents Defending Education found that 80% of respondents opposed using classrooms to promote political activism, 74% opposed teaching that white people are inherently privileged and people of color are inherently oppressed, and 69% opposed schools teaching that America was founded on racism and is structurally racist.

School board members who promote Critical Race Theory-inspired curriculum have also found themselves the subject of recall efforts throughout the country in places like Loudoun County, Virginia, which has become ground zero in the national fight against the ideology. Democrat candidate for Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has taken a beating on the issue recently after openly admitting that “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” As could be expected, Virginia taxpayers who fund those schools were none too happy with the remark. Moreover, McAuliffe’s comments were only one example of an alarming trend of Democrat politicians and activists arguing that parents should have no say in what their children are taught in school.

In short, all indicators suggest that Critical Race Theory may well be in critical condition. While teachers’ unions have begun to defend teaching the theory in K-12 classrooms after initially claiming for months that it was not being taught outside of law schools, public perception appears to be firmly opposed to Critical Race Theory and a host of other woke policies that the left attempted to sneak into school curriculum.

If this truly is the case, the next and most important step for those leading the charge against Critical Race Theory is to translate public opposition into concrete change at the ballot box. While the aforementioned school board recall efforts are a promising start, concerned parents and citizens must also organize to make their voices heard at the state and federal level as well, especially as the Biden Department of Education throws its weight behind the Critical Race Theory agenda.

Ultimately, it will likely take a massive, sustained grassroots effort over the course of several election cycles to defeat Critical Race Theory for good and fully restore honest and balanced education back into every American classroom. While reaching that end goal is undoubtedly a daunting task, the promising signs seen thus far, both through public polling and a tangible energy in local communities, provide hope that it is a goal that is both attainable and well worth the effort.

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1 year ago

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The courts and the political establishment have unjustly given academia almost absolute authority over students at all levels with regard to educational procedures, grading, and otherwise. This unchecked power has been abused for political purposes and should be addressed through rigorously enforced laws and the right of individuals to attend the private or public educational institution of their choice funded by the government in whole or part as appropriate.

1 year ago

So, why is it that almost 40% of Hispanics don’t want their children taught that the US is a fundamentally good country? That’s a big number. Why is that?

Norman Young
1 year ago

Doesn’t really matter in the end. I give you the Redskins as an example, an even greater percentage of Native Americans either liked, or didn’t think the name was an issue or racist. In fact it was the most popular team among that group, but in the end the 91% were ignored and those demanding the name change drove on and the name was changed. Same thing will happen in many communities over CRT based education, the 81% will be ignored and it will be taught.

Nick Peters
1 year ago

All this “outrage” at CRT is pure…and clever…political gamesmanship by the masters of misdirection, the right wing. The progressive’s big mistake…as usual…is calling it CRT, an unfortunate “woke” nomenclature which opens the door to manipulation and criticism. It’s just plain history, folks…real things that happened that we need to know about so they don’t take place. Just call it that, for crying out loud.

Ted Tedstone
1 year ago
Reply to  Nick Peters

It’s not history.
It’s lies about history.

lakewood dan
1 year ago

The fundamental problem with public schools is that they are effectively monopolies–most particularly in large urban districts. Like all monopolies, public schools tell their customers what the monopolies will supply and at what price. Much of Europe has pure or near pure choice and parents vote with their feet and the dollars they bring to alternative schools

George Kamburoff
1 year ago

Not one of you know what you are opposing. You are just letting yourself get riled up by those who lied you into Trickle-Down, SDI, and mass killings to get Saddam’s Nukes, which we knew he did not have.

Now, they will take your benefits.

Ted Tedstone
1 year ago

We know exactly.

Adler Pfingsten
1 year ago

Those parents can now insist God be reintroduced to classrooms as history given He has chosen to evidence His existence empirically:

An extant God of Sinai, Yeshua and 1776 does not bode well for CRT and LGBT/gender indoctrination is schools or libraries.

1 year ago

Excellent write up. The fact that Americans across arbitrary factors (shade of skin, country of historic origin) are unified in pushing back against this political indoctrination in school fills me with so much hope!

1 year ago

According to our constitution the federal government should have no say in any of our educational institutions. The teachers union needs to go too

1 year ago

Can’t just sit back now and expect this Critical Racism Theory will go away, the left and democrat politicians typically shove this garbage through even if Citizens object.
These self entitled, liars believe they know best and deliberately ignore the people they work for!
The goal must be to remove any/all if them who would even consider a policy as dishonest and harmful to America!
If not these traitors, and communists will try to destroy
Our Country some other way.
The solution is to THROW THEM OUT!

1 year ago

CRT – Crummy Radical Communism …. should be laughed out of any sound School system.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

I believe it is a no brainer that the vast majority of people in this nation would want this racist garbage called CRT taught in our children’s classrooms. One’s racial background matters not here as the recent polls clearly illustrate…Parents need to get involved with their children’s education & a good starting point would be to attend a PTA meeting on occasion or better still on a regular basis…
This shows the child as well as the teacher that the parent(s) are involved & not simply using the school as a day care center for the child…
Looking beyond this dangerous ideology currently being pushed real hard by the current faux administration in Washington, DC, the day of reckoning is reaching a critical mass by the people of America whom are sick & tired of being preached at by the senile installed potus making demands of mandatory vaccinations, i.e. emergency treatments not yet approved by the now questionable FDA…People have had enough of the nonsense & the Biden regime is now showing cracks in the foundation & is getting ever closer to collapsing all together…
In summary: F**K Joe Biden & his clueless idiot VP…
God bless America,
Bill on the Hill… :~)

George Kamburoff
1 year ago

You do not know what you are opposing. Please stop being FOOLED.

Ted Tedstone
1 year ago

Of course we do.
We are opposing a systemic Marxist misrepresentation of American and Western history

1 year ago

Tock, rock, around the clock……still testing.

Linda Gregory
1 year ago

In 1967, the curriculum changed to “Current Events.” I was furious, and told my teacher exactly how I felt. Although I did ultimately become a teacher in Elementary Ed, I was fortunate enough to retire before all this GARBAGE started.

Jane CA
1 year ago
Why will it take so long to get rid of crt? The Majority of Americans DO NOT want CRT !  Call your senators, Congressmen and your local Superintendent of schools !t's clear our elected representatives  do not represent the people. It has also ben suggested parents run for the local school 
board and vote to change things ASAP
Jane CA
1 year ago
Reply to  Jane CA

Something went wrong with my earlier comment so .. I said call your congress men, your senators, your governor, your teachers and your local school superintendent and put the pressure on before your kids get brain washed! Run for the school board! Things will return to normal if we all VOTE!

Alyssa Burke
1 year ago
Reply to  Jane CA

We regret that your comment was inadvertently held for moderation. We are experiencing technical difficulties and are working on resolve them as soon as possible. Thank You for your patience.

Linda Gregory
1 year ago

Growing up, I wanted to be a U.S. History teacher. In 1967 the curriculum c

1 year ago

Sickening, just sickening. I feel sorry any child that is in school today, regardless of their age. They have no idea what our country was made of before all this garbage started. Shame on NEA, government, parents (for not teaching their kids about our history), politicians who kowtow to one another for their own sake and to line their own pockets….

Joe M
1 year ago

Additionally, according to the study 69% of whites, 63% of blacks, and 61% of Hispanics believe children should be taught “that the US is a fundamentally good country,” while 89% of whites, 84% of blacks, and 88% of Hispanics “would be upset/be somewhat concerned if a teacher… constantly criticized America’s economy and political system.” Even more tellingly, and directly contrary to the Critical Race Theory narrative, 86% of whites, 81% of blacks, and 80% of Hispanics said they would be “upset” or “somewhat concerned” if a teacher “taught America was, and still is, a fundamentally racist country.” This is, of course, the core tenet of Critical Race Theory.

1 year ago

Good for you America. You’re doing the right thing. Keep it up.

1 year ago

Parents not doing their jobs is what got us into this mess in the first place. If parents demand CRT isn’t taught and they win, then they’ll have to start doing their jobs and STAY involved. They can’t just go back to being apathetic and let schools babysit their kids for them!

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