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Biden Administration Orders ICE, Border Patrol to Stop Using Term ‘Illegal Alien’

borderThe White House has ordered officials in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to stop using several terms, including “illegal alien,” “alien,” and “assimilation,” The Epoch Times confirmed.

Memos sent by Tae Johnson, acting director of ICE, and Troy Miller, acting head of CBP, were distributed to top leaders within the two agencies.

Terms that are to be changed include “alien,” which is now “noncitizen” or “migrant”; “unaccompanied alien children” is now “noncitizen unaccompanied children”; “undocumented alien” is now “undocumented noncitizen,” “undocumented individual,” or simply “migrant”; and “illegal alien” is now “undocumented noncitizen,” “undocumented individual,” or simply “migrant,” according to the memos obtained by The Epoch Times.

In addition, “assimilation” has been changed to “integration,” or “civic integration.”

“As the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, we set a tone and example for our country and partners across the world,” Miller said in the CBP memo. “We enforce our nation’s laws while also maintaining the dignity of every individual with whom we interact. The words we use matter and will serve to further confer that dignity to those in our custody.”

Johnson, meanwhile, issued a similar comment.

“This guidance,” he said, “applies to communications such as agency outreach efforts, internal documents, and overall communications with stakeholders, partners, and the general public.”

On social media and in statements, ICE and Border Patrol often use the term “illegal alien” to refer to individuals who have been taken into custody after illegally crossing into the United States. Previously, the agencies and other federal agencies used the term “illegal immigration” to refer to the phenomenon.

Immigration advocacy groups and Democrats typically favor terms such as “noncitizens,” “undocumented,” “unauthorized,” or “without status,” while eschewing terms with the “illegal” moniker. Previous proponents of the “illegal immigrant” term have said that “undocumented” doesn’t properly convey that such individuals have, in fact, crossed the border and remain in the United States illegally.

Immigration advocates also say the terms “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” are dehumanizing, while the latter evokes images of UFOs and space aliens.

The two memos appear to be part of a broader push by the Biden administration to scrap Trump-era immigration rules, including the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and halt construction of the U.S.–Mexico border wall. However, Republicans and some Democrats have argued that former President Donald Trump’s policies and messaging were effective, and rejecting them has led to a historic surge in illegal immigrants along the southern border.

Biden proposed removing the term “alien” from federal immigration laws in a citizenship bill he sent to Congress on Jan. 20, his first day as president, according to the White House. It would be replaced by “noncitizen.”

In March, meanwhile, Border Patrol agents apprehended 172,000 illegal immigrants, according to data provided by the agency. The head of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd, said it may have been “the biggest surge that we’ve ever seen in the history of the Border Patrol.”

The Washington Post first reported on the administration’s order over the weekend.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Jack Phillips

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Kathi f
1 year ago

Biden is our false idiot! No way in hell he won… I can not believe my fellow Americans would elect his dumbass. So shady! Wanted him out of Delaware…. just not this way!

Ed Umstot Jr
1 year ago

Always thought that it would be the OBama/Biden administration that would bring about the ruination of our country. I knew that given time the NEA would brainwash our kids and that is exactly what has happened. Biden under the guidance of Barach OBama, has in just a few short months eliminated, trounced, and altogether ignore many articles of the constitution, and the youth and young adults don’t see anything wrong with it. And, those of us that are in the soon to be forgotten generation are told we are crazy or worse, when we say anything.

1 year ago

EVERY person who crosses the border without proper documentation IS A CRIMINAL!
The proper term is “ILLEGAL ALIEN”, and we will continue to refer to them as such.
Dems are IDIOTS!

1 year ago
Reply to  David

I have written to my congress person and both senators regarding this. I told them not to patronize me. I have heard the melting pot speech 10 too many times. Our ancestors came LEGALLY. We Americans welcome LEGAL Aliens to citizenship. I want answers why the president is trying not to call criminals, criminals. Not one republican has responded. Cowards!

1 year ago

No matter how Biden who invited the illegals wants to make it seem legal, it’s not and never has been and never will. Unless Americans totally lost their minds, like Biden and his party of idiots.
We had immigration laws for hundreds of years and for good reason. Part of that law is that all new immigrants are quarantined to prevent spread of diseases as happened in the distant past. Another part was being financially solvent and they also had to have a sponsor. If they did not they had to return where they came from. America absolutely did not, would not give funds to immigrants.

John Rinck
1 year ago

Okay…illegal means unlawful; it always has and it always will (when normalcy rules). If they cross the border unlawfully, then they are illegal, plain and simple. Further and further, the Democrat Left takes us into the semantics of words as defined by their agenda to lead us into arbitrary law when nothing is illegal, including what they themselves do. They know not what spirit they are of, for the Prince of the underworld is himself the original lawless one and they are doing his work very well.

Nicki K
1 year ago

Uhm, I seriously doubt that the illegals coming in are feeling demoralized because of words. Most don’t even speak English and if you were to translate the words “illegal alien” you would get
“indocumentado” or undocumented and “extranjero ilegal” or illegal foreigner. These Democrats are pandering, once again. They are seriously the most disingenuous jerks around.

Allan Brem
1 year ago

I do not know why I keep thinking I saw a notice that the ICE was going to abandon another legit word a week before the media started “reporting” that it was a Biden directive. This government is not going to stop me from using legitimate well defined words in proper context.

1 year ago

Based on the current actions of the Biden Administration, including the President, it appears to me that those involved are acting as foreign agents, attempting to facilitate changes of the rules of America’s
immigration laws in their attempt to make America a SOCIALIST country.

Mike Hess
1 year ago

I guess this is because the present administration is preparing for Space aliens coming here an this worded change will now make it easier to differentiate between the two types of non-American citizens.

1 year ago

Are we still allowed to be called Law Abiding Americans or would that be too offensive to the left?

John Bennett
1 year ago

As Shakespeare said “A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.” So no matter what words Sleepy Joe makes up to obfuscate the term “An illegal alien is still an illegal alien.”

Last edited 1 year ago by John Bennett
Steve Goetz
1 year ago

People just love to play with words.

Ruth Sidow
1 year ago

What a fool Biden is making of himself. Sneaking across our borders is ILLEGAL, anyone not a citizen of the USA is an alien, put it all together and you have ILLEGAL ALIENS. It is not rocket science!! Calling a rose by any other name does not change the fact that it is a rose! Papers from around the world cannot believe Americans were so stupid as to “elect” this fool, they are right, we did not “elect” him!!

Rex Croson
1 year ago

You call a spade a spade and illegal is what it is. By changing a name you cannot change facts,so O’Bien quit trying to cover up your failures we all see it.

Heinz G Park
1 year ago

Uncle Biden or Grandpa is destroying the U.S.A. with being goody Smartian with the illegal Aliens coming over the boarder and nothing will stop them as long as Grandpa Biden leaves the boarder open. What is wrong with him ? My self I’m a legal immigrate and I had to do lots of paper work to get here and to get my citizenship I join the Military and had to pass a test to get it. Now the illegal’s
life of our tax dollar and there will be NO slow down.

1 year ago


1 year ago

ACTUALLY, THE illegals ARE NOW CALLED,”bidens.”

1 year ago

They are “aliens” to this nation and they ARE here illegally. Thus they will always be known as ILLEGAL ALIENS, who should not be entitled to any funds or services paid for by LEGAL Americans, with the exception of the cost to DEPORT THEM & tell them to RETURN LEGALLY OR NOT AT ALL. #JoeAndKomielalaDIDNOTWIN

1 year ago

Biden is an idiot who is hell bent on destroying our great country. He is truly the anti-American president.

1 year ago

When they become a citizen of the USA and get a job, pay taxes then an only then will they stop being illegal aliens, immigrants, aliens etc. Because as Americans we HAVE FREEDOM of speech, lol lol ????. Also, the border issue. Is NOT a crisis, its an invasion one of which NO ONE is doing
anything to stop it!

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