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Your Wallet is a Weapon | Public Square CEO, Michael Seiffert | EP 245

Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023
by Rebecca Weber
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“What you spend your money on is what you’re empowering,” says Public Square Founder and CEO Michael Seifert. He joined AMAC CEO on the Better For America podcast to discuss a variety of issues that he, as a thought leader feels strongly about. He feels that so many in not just government, but in military and business at the top are so out of touch with their constituents. As a result, this prompted him to create Public Square in January of 2021, which is a marketplace of businesses that love the United States so that consumers could shift power structures of society back towards the people through the power of the wallet. Seifert believes this is a method of voting that you don’t have to wait for every two or four years, but instead every single day. Tune in to hear the entire episode, including Seifert’s take on why America’s military is in no way prepared for the dangers it faces.

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